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By Frosty Wooldridge
June 29, 2006


New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma

Awesome canyons housing wild rivers tumble through southern New Mexico. Aptly named, �Land of Enchantment�, a bike rider�s heart races with unending curves slipping through astounding scenery that grows more beautiful with every passing mile. Layered cliffs beckoned our eyes while tight curves demanded our attention. Riding across America, state by state, brings unending beauty along with amazing history, and visual excitement. We count our lucky stars for seeing this grand landscape up close and personal.

As we rode I-25 through Albuquerque toward, Santa Fe, we experienced thousands of Americans honking and waving with thumbs up as they supported our efforts. If you see us riding along the highway, you will notice a traveling Burma Shave-type commercial on the backs of our bikes. At the same time, when we pass through major illegal alien areas, we have been flipped the finger and suffered cans being thrown at us at 70 miles per hour. For those illegals who don�t like our signs or our American flags because of our stance supporting the rule of law, they can kiss my hard riding, no nonsense, red-white-and blue, biker�s donkey.

Last year, New Mexico Governor Richardson declared a state of emergency concerning illegal aliens invading his state. Governor Janet Napolitano repeated that emergency in Arizona. It�s interesting that New Mexico practices a $50 million cock fighting industry, massive employment of illegal aliens and horrific crime rates. Both states suffer growing consequences, but citizens sit by and keep electing such horrible senators as John McCain or men like Richardson. Why would anyone vote for McCain? He stood by twiddling his thumbs for twenty years after he supported the 1986 amnesty which gave citizenship to 3.4 million illegal aliens�but said and did nothing to guard our borders that now gave us 20 million illegals. He could have been the Tom Tancredo of the Senate, but, instead, he�s given us a death sentence with his support of S.B. 2611. You might call voters who keep sending McCain and other traitors back into office a new term, �Boobus Americanus�.

In Santa Fe, two supporters showed up for our rally. With all the problems in their schools, drunk illegal drivers, language problems, diseases, crime and people smuggling--two people showed up supporting the Paul Revere Riders. With every media source contacted multiple times in advance, none reported on our event at the state capital. Thankfully, one lady named Elinor Martinez said, �If I was younger I would have to be a part of your trip across America.... but this 75 year old grandmother would probably freak out if ever put on a motorcycle...and I am just as freaked out over the apathy of my country's citizens�I�m scared of Kerry and Murtha! I would run out of adrenaline in a very short they can live as long as they have and be this stupid is beyond my understanding... the eight year old I am helping raise has more common sense than either of them... they are even beyond GOD'S help because they choose to walk in the deceptions they so diligently work to acquire...the lies just come natural to them but they really have to get down and dirty in the muck and mire to come up with some of the stuff they spout..! My hats off to you and your crew! You may never be called a patriot by the libbies but you guys are all patriots in my eyes...AND I BELIEVE GOD WILL BLESS ALL YOUR ENDEAVORS...... AND GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU EACH AND EVERY DAY! Yes, I�m an Anglo that married a Mexican almost 50 years ago and he has the same attitude you have about the ones coming over here illegally and making idiot demands....keep up your good work.�

We pushed the bikes into a stiff wind as we descended from 7,000 feet on our way into Texas. In Fort Sumner, we stopped at the �Billy the Kid� museum. Wow! This is one of the best all around museums in the United States. It�s not only a fantastic story, pictures and Billy�s chaps and guns, the museum offers glimpses into the past. We marveled at 1917 motor cars, penny farthings, tractors, wagons and sod homes where pioneers lived. I felt like Billy�s spirit walked with us through the museum. His troubled youth left a nasty legacy! Tim and Don Sweet may take a bow for giving Americans a profound glimpse into the past. Later, we stood over Billy�s grave at Fort Sumner. Moments later, we saddled up our iron steeds, and like rode out of town.

The Lone Star State defines big! It is the state of Sam Houston, �Remember the Alamo�, hit TV show �Dallas�, True Grit, Lance Armstrong and the Cowboys. In west Texas, farmland covers the landscape on both sides of the road. Tractors start plowing a line in the morning and return in the afternoon. It�s big, wide and beautiful. My brother lives in Fort Worth. He�s the first man in the 21st century to ride a horse coast to coast across America. When you think of Texas, you think of John Wayne, men being men, Rowdy Yates of Rawhide, Gunsmoke and horses.

We rolled the bikes from flat land into Texas hill country. We headed toward Austin for a rally at the capital. A heavy side wind kept us wrestling the bikes as it blew us sideways across the road. We looked like sheets flapping in the wind as it blew the bikes sideways. Nonetheless, we pushed through some pretty country.

But today, Texas suffers 1.4 million illegal aliens. In Dallas, 90 percent of births stem from illegal alien mothers. Texans shell out $4.1 billion for educating illegals� kids. Schools suffer degradation of academic standards while English fades in the rear view mirrors as illegal aliens ignore our efforts to teach their children our language. Crime invades streets in the big cities like hot tar and shoot-outs occur in Laredo on the border as drug cartels fight for dominance. Citizens become collateral damage.

We held a rally at the magnificent capitol dome building in Austin. Where 100,000 marched for their illegality a few months earlier, we enjoyed 100 cheering Texans with signs, bikes and great enthusiasm. Top radio talk show host, Lynn Wooley introduced the Paul Revere Team to the audience. Cameras rolled and journalists scribbled their notes. Twenty bikes took off with us to pay a visit to George W. Bush�s ranch in Crawford, Texas.

We rode through beautiful Texas forests and prairie land. In an hour, we reached population 708, Crawford, Texas. For a man masquerading as president of the United States, he pretends humble beginnings. We ate at the only restaurant in Crawford. It featured pictures of George Bush wearing a flight suit on the carrier deck while declaring, �Mission Accomplished.� Since he �won� the Iraq War, another 2,500 US soldiers suffered death and 17,000 horrible crippling war wounds. Much like Lyndon Baines Johnson�s lack of integrity concerning the Vietnam War that left him a broken and sad man at the end of his life, George W. Bush will look back at his personal carnage of our soldiers and country, and weep himself into his own personal hell. No one can survive lack of integrity in the long run. LBJ didn�t and neither will GWB.

One mother in the restaurant said, �How can I tell my children to follow the law when our own president allows illegal aliens to trample all our laws?� Another talked about sanctuary cities in Texas, �Yes, Officer Brian Jackson was killed in Dallas last year by an illegal�all because of the sanctuary policy that protects illegals.� Another said, �You don�t know consequences when you buy a house in a sanctuary city because rapists, child molesters, drug runners and smugglers are protected from arrest.� Another said, �Senators and House reps stuff their freezers full of money like Congressman William Jefferson in Louisiana�or Duke Cunningham in California�you can�t trust any of them�McCain may have served his country in Nam, but he�s serving Mexicans now.�

You can�t get near Bush�s ranch today after Cindy Sheehan set up camp. However, I�m willing to bet, that, if Bush�s ranch was overrun with illegals nightly as they cut his fences, killed his livestock, broke into his house, left tons of trash and left hundreds of piles of human waste nightly, he�d shut the borders tomorrow. Instead, he allows all those nightmares for the rest of us citizens.

We rolled north to Denton, Texas for a rally with a great group of bikers. We rolled over to the Mexican Consulate where we recited the Pledge of Allegiance to Old Glory. As it was Sunday, no one responded to our signs. We thank all those who attended the rally. Honest to gosh, we felt like all our friends and neighbors stood up to greet us. That�s the wonder of America�we speak the same language, appreciate each others as neighbors and care about our communities. If you moved from South Carolina to Montana, your children would be welcomed at their new school and vice versa. That�s the magic of one country, one language, one code of law, one unified citizenry, one medical system and one standard for everyone. If we allow illegals to keep invading and colonizing us with their different language, different customs, different culture, arrogant disregard for our laws--they will suffer estrangement, separation and non-participation in the American Dream. They may well destroy the Dream with their own brand of lawless nightmare. They will remain a disenfranchised sub-class of 21st century slaves. They may create a whole new country within our country, which will destroy this nation�s foundation. If you don�t think it�s happening, one week in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta and other major cities will sober your concepts. You know who is doing it? Americans employers who deliberately subvert our laws by hiring illegal aliens. I can�t think of a greater disregard for one�s country and children than an employer of illegal aliens. And, all for what? Sheer greed and ill-gotten gain for money!

A high speed run into Oklahoma carried us through rolling hills and deep, luscious forests. Our bikes raced into deep valleys while cresting the skyline on the other side. Also, Oklahoma means prairie grass, buffalo and wide open spaces. We�re talking beautiful places and fabulous people. In Norman, Steve, Greg, Jim, Rick, Sean, Norma, Bernadette and a host of Oklahoma Minutemen organized a tremendous rally at the capitol building. Harley-Davidson riders formed a long line for the trek to the capital. Four TV stations representing ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox News reported the rally. Several top candidates spoke before the Paul Revere Team gave speeches. We showed everyone �How to� make an impact.

What is that impact? Traitor Congressman Chris Cannon in Utah suffers his past support for La Raza and illegal aliens by being soundly beaten or about to be beaten by House Representative Candidate Jacob. Mayor Barletta in Hazeltown, Pennsylvania attacks illegals in his town by revoking business licenses from those who hire illegals. Governor Sonny Perdue of Georgia signed a bill that�s making immediate impact on illegals in the Peach State. Lou Dobbs attacks and intellectually humiliates anyone advocating illegal aliens because, whomever they are, they advocate for illegality and lawlessness. It is reprehensible to advocate against the U.S. Constitution. To do so places anyone on the same level of the corruption of such men as Vicente Fox or Saddam Hussein and other thugs in their respective countries. Colorado continues with their own �Prop 200� to stop services for illegals while community after community gains greater numbers fighting against this invasion. Citizens in every state continue relentless enthusiasm for their country. They may not march in the streets, but they prepare for the voting booth. Every candidate this November WILL address immigration on the side of America or suffer unemployment from Congress. Boobus Americanus awakes to become forthright American citizen in November.

A second rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma added to the day�s drama. Wendell and his Minutemen presented us with signs, horns, TV coverage and more Oklahoman congressional candidates.

Later, we headed the bikes down the Will Rogers Highway. Up ahead, the �Show Me State� of Missouri. Years ago, in St. Louis, a famous river boat captain named Mark Twain said, �Suppose you were an idiot; and suppose you were a member of Congress; but then, I repeat myself.� Dear friends across America, Senate Bill 2611 stands as the MOST idiotic, spineless and perverted immigration bill since Teddy Kennedy gave us the 1965 Immigration Reform Act. Sixty eight men in the Senate that lack integrity passed it against 85 percent of the wishes of Americans. It represents the power of greed, money and power. Please stand, speak and act against its final passage. Join and invite all your friends. Join Minutemen organizations in your state. Organize everyone you know to stop this idiocy of our president and leaders. No amnesty, no citizenship for illegals, build a fence, troops on our borders, prosecute and jail employers of illegals, no anchor babies, English in our schools and all documents and media, and reduce legal immigration to less than 200,000 annually. Name one advantage to adding 200,000,000 people to the USA by mid century? No sane person can answer that question with one single advantage.

Side notes of our ride: I keep seeing tens of thousands of junk cars and farm machinery tossed at random in fields, forests and pastures. Americans in the past 14 states seem to think that these eyesores are no one�s responsibility. Thousands of abandoned gas stations, trailers and junk litter the land. I�ve heard the excuse, �It�s on private property.� How about private responsibility? We need a state by state incentive to recycle the metal or at least, show honor to our sacred responsibility to this land. Unfortunately, millions of bottles, cans and plastic containers float in lakes, rivers and ponds. Discarded containers of every description line our nation�s highways like ugly glitter while plastic bags flutter from trees like some alien species. Recycling newspapers needs some consistency in every state as I�ve seen millions tons of papers discarded in dumpsters. Some people recycle and many don�t. We need a national consciousness that preserves this planet for future generations. We�re all in this together and our children inherit what we teach them and leave them.

People still keep dumping used oil on the ground as if it will vanish like water. It won�t. We�re facing huge consequences as to drought and lack of water in the west. We cannot keep adding millions of people annually as immigrants, either legal or illegal, from a line that grows more desperate each year by 80 million around the planet, and hope our children survive the future. Other countries� leaders must take responsibility for birth rates and churches must move out of the 1st century into the 21st century as to birth control. To continue on this path equals population overload and misery for all. If you don�t think so, see Al Gore�s movie, �An Inconvenient Truth�. Why do I know it hits the mark? I wrote about it in my own book from my experiences in Antarctica. �An Extreme Encounter: Antarctica� illustrates my first hand knowledge of life and consequences at the bottom of the world. Fellow Americans, we stand at a juncture so severe, its solution will take all our efforts. Everything you do, counts! Good night and God�s speed.

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Side notes of our ride: I keep seeing tens of thousands of junk cars and farm machinery tossed at random in fields, forests and pastures. Americans in the past 14 states seem to think that these eyesores are no one�s responsibility. Thousands of abandoned gas stations, trailers and junk litter the land.