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By Frosty Wooldridge
July 6, 2006


Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota

Riding into Missouri reminded me of the movie, �Missouri Breaks� staring Jack Nicholson many years ago. We crossed several rivers while rolling into gentle mountains enough to make for spectacular scenery. Trees grow lush along the highway while small towns represent an earlier America much like �The Andy Griffith Show� with Sheriff Taylor, Barney and Opey. In Joplin, we stopped for an interview on the Mark Kingsley Radio Show. Even in the heartland of America, immigration penetrates our country like a serrated knife. It cuts a jagged edge into our schools, hospitals, prisons, language and culture. However, not enough illegal migration touches folks in that state. While paying for the increasing crime, school and medical costs, citizens go about their daily business oblivious to their growing consequences.

Like much of America�s heartland, for those not touched yet, it�s only a matter of time. Illegal immigration imitates cancer in that it uses its host for sustenance, but kills it in the long run. We stopped at the state capitol featuring one of the most beautiful domed structures thus far in our ride. Thomas Jefferson stood stately and proud in front of the capitol steps. He promoted the �Corps of Discovery� that launched Lewis and Clark on their epic journey that discovered the extent of the Louisiana Purchase. In 1803, they oared their way up river to one of the great moments in adventure and American history.

Again, only a newspaper reporter met us at the capitol with a dozen concerned citizens. With an unknown number of illegals in the �Show Me State,� I suspect, given enough time, they will wonder what hit them when their illegal population hits half a million on its way to a million. Soon enough, they will discover what California suffers. But then, it will be too late as the numbers manifest the consequences. I don�t think Americans realize it yet, but this immigration crisis is the greatest dilemma facing this nation since the Civil War. It will prove, if not stopped, more devastating to our nation than WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm and the Iraq War.

Back in the saddle, we rode out of the forests into the wheat fields, silos, pastures and dairy farms of Kansas. Every place we rode our bikes, tens of thousands of people honked, waved and gave �thumbs up� as they passed our Paul Revere Team. In Topeka, we presented our program to a lively crowd. Great thanks to Bob and his members for their gracious donation that keeps our gas tanks full and this crew fed. Great appreciation to Mary Coburn for her astoundingly fantastic cookies!

One man from Kansas said what trips off every citizen�s lips, �I called Senator Brownback�s office and told his aid, �I�m astounded at his gross ignorance and incompetence on illegal immigration and its terrible consequences to our nation.�� Millions of Americans wonder daily �why� our highest elected officials fail their sworn duties while they make excuses. As I�ve said, follow the money.

Heading into Nebraska, we flew past wind blown corn, wheat and hay fields. Kansas, flat as a pancake, continues into Nebraska, flatter than a pancake. Nonetheless, I love Nebraska for its country folks, fine values and apple pie. We reached the capitol in the heat of the day. After asking one reporter, �Name one advantage to adding 200 million people to the United States of America by mid century?� She remarked, �You make the most sense of any immigration groups I�ve covered.�

As big, deep and wide as America is, we cannot continue growing as if there is no tomorrow. I receive lots of email admonishing at me for advocating population stabilization. I ask, �Have you been to China or India?� They reply, �Well, no.� Folks, I have! It�s not a pretty picture for their citizens. In America, we already practice responsible birth control because American women stand at 2.03 fertility level, so we already maintain stasis. However, like USA Today came out with the headline on Wednesday, we�ve added 100,000,000 people in 40 years and we�ll add another 100,000,000 by 2040 with continued massive immigration. By that time, if allowed to immigrate ourselves into an early grave, the consequences of another one hundred million people transcends anyone�s� understanding of our impending crisis. For starters, we�ll create a water crisis for our country that we won�t be able to solve.

We hit pay dirt in the Heartland of Iowa. Congressman Steve King spoke to an enthusiastic audience along with many TV crews covering the event. He is one of the original members of the �Immigration Reform Caucus� along with Tom Tancredo. If either of these men ran for president, I would vote for them. Congressman King said, �We face our country�s greatest crisis. We lose $40 billion to Mexico and South America annually in money transfers. Mexico exports $65 billion worth of drugs to our kids each year. Their anchor babies destroy our hospitals. Worst of all, criminal illegal aliens kill 12 American citizens daily with guns, knives and other violent acts. Another 13 die from drunken illegals running them down on our nation�s highways.�

In the meantime, we�ve got an American president allowing unimpeded illegal migration into our country with comments like, �They�re doing the jobs Americans won�t do.� Bush makes me vomit with his rhetoric. If his two girls were raped, run into by a Mexican drunk or killed by a couple of illegals, he�d think twice about his asinine statements. But like all politicians, his family is protected while our families suffer enormous consequences. How enormous? With a mere 12 million illegals as pronounced by Bush�s administration, 630,000 illegal convicted felons inhabit our state and federal prisons. That�s 29 percent of our prisons filled with illegals that have killed, raped, run over, stabbed and committed horrible crimes against American citizens! They shouldn�t be here in the first place! Folks, with 25 Americans suffering death by the hands of illegals daily, that�s a death toll greater than our soldiers in Iraq! In other words, our own country suffers more death by illegal aliens than our soldiers. Think of the horrible suffering at the hands of our own president�s incompetence. It�s so sickening it makes my head hurt as I ride down the road.

As we headed north toward Pierre, South Dakota, treeless, rolling hills glowed golden in the setting sun. General Custer, Little Big Horn, Mount Rushmore, mountain men and wagon trains make up the history of the Dakotas. Terrible what happened in place like �Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.� If you read that book, it shows the slaughter of men, women and children by American soldiers after the Civil War. We did some terrible things to the Indians by killing around eight million of the nine million that originally inhabited the land. When the West was won, Indians paid a terrible price in death, disease and cultural destruction.

What do I think about while riding my bike, now at 9,000 miles, into this Paul Revere Ride? I�m sick, that at nearly 60 years of age, I have to fight for my own country inside my own country. I�ve got to stand tall against millions of Americans� apathy levels that equate with the Romans as they lost their country to the immigrating Goths. I�d like to slap George Bush upside the head for his allegiance to Vicente Fox over American citizens. Many times tears stream down my face at the loss of our Republic to corporations and money. I�d like to scream at Senator Frist, McCain, Kennedy, Specter, Hagel, and Martinez for their stupidity and cowardice. This past week, the voters of Utah enjoyed a clear choice to stop illegal immigration with Candidate Jacob, but instead, voted that intellectual moron Congressman Chris Cannon back into his House seat.

It�s sickening that the people of Utah suffer their schools being turned into Spanish nightmares, hospitals bankrupted with six hour waits for E.R. care by their own citizens, crime and drugs everywhere by illegals�yet they vote back into office the man responsible for aiding and abetting this invasion. He�s openly celebrated by La Raza, which, once they become a majority, they�ll send Cannon to the gutter. I yell inside my helmet at my fellow Americans who watch 500,000 illegals march in our streets for their illegality, but only a few dozen attend our rallies at the capitols. How completely stupid are my fellow Americans who think this invasion will go away by itself? Why do I see it so clearly and the danger so imminent? Why is Paris, France�s nightmare about to be our nightmare and why can�t Americans see it coming? What is so hard to understand that when the rate of immigration exceeds the rate of assimilation, it�s a recipe for the breakdown of any society? Then, I seethe inside myself when I think of the consequences of adding 300 million people to our country just past mid century. Why won�t our leaders talk about the nightmare of overpopulation? By the time California adds another 30 million by 2050, they won�t have enough water to flush a toilet let alone feed livestock or irrigate crops.

Paul Revere suffered his own challenges in his time, so I must step up in my time. No one ever said this would be a picnic. But Revere spurred his horse into the night and so must I turn the throttle on my iron steed to make my appointed rounds.

In Pierre, South Dakota, not one citizen or reporter showed up. We throttled our steeds into the wild country toward Bismarck, North Dakota. No one attended there, either. I could only guess that not enough illegal aliens penetrated their states. Yet, every time we stopped for gas, folks complained about Mexicans being everywhere.

We skirted a heavy rainstorm on our way to Minnesota. The land morphed from treeless, rolling hills to farmland, ponds, lakes and rivers. The Viking State enjoys 10,000 lakes along with deep, rich farmland. Talk about the breadbasket of America, they�ve been blessed. We traveled by sparkling ponds loaded with cattails, ducks and water lilies. Deer picked up their heads as we passed. We noticed cows packing themselves together even on a hot day. We discovered from a farmer that it�s so cold in winter, they huddle to stay alive. When summer comes, they can�t tell the difference and remain packed tight on the hottest days.

At the Minnesota capitol, nearly 200 illegal alien advocates chanted for �Immigrant�s Rights.� As Emerson said, �Youth; it�s wasted on the young.� We surprised the Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter by our stance against illegal immigration countering the �rule of law� and that those kids advocated for lawless anarchy. If they were in downtown Los Angeles, California, they�d have a whole new understanding of what they were advocating. After the illegal Mexicans had stomped on Old Glory, cursed America and shoved a Mexican flag into their hands, our kids would suffer a whole new perspective. It�s easy to be idealistic until reality sets upon your head. Those demonstrators drowned us out with screaming, yelling, drums and horns. Our 1st Amendment rights didn�t stand a chance that day.

Later, we reached a rally an hour south where Ruthie and Scott gave us a warm welcome. About 20 bikes escorted us into a parking lot. Gubernatorial candidate Sue Jeffers took the stand with a promise to stop illegal aliens. Dell Erickson spoke after the Paul Revere Riders. Erickson created a DVD showing how America stands at the brink of an energy crisis so severe we may not survive its consequences. It�s amazing how people ignore harsh realities as if they won�t be affected. Once our oil runs out in a few decades, we�re facing harsh realities on all fronts.

From that rally, we raced toward Stewartville 130 miles south--to be in a Shiner�s parade. Wow! What a parade! We stood 126 in a line of 180 different floats. We passed out the action letter to thousands of onlookers. Once they saw our big banner, they cheered like crazy.

Additionally, the next day, our pictures made big news in the Minneapolis Star Tribune with shown in big letters on our bikes. My bet is, 10,000 new members joined as soon as they saw the feature story.

As I write this travelogue of our journey, we�ve just crossed the Mississippi River. We�re heading into Wisconsin for a rally at the capitol on Friday. We�ve reached 19 states, 20 million people, 10,000 miles and enjoyed thousands of �Thank you� comments from Americans. We�ve waved to hundreds of thousands in passing cars. We�ve been on 53 TV interviews, 50 newspaper and 30 radio interviews. We�ve seen small town America with turn of the century homes, quiet streets, kids playing in parks, swinging on swings, old fashioned swimming holes and lots of old restaurants where the cooking is just like being at home. We�ve enjoyed a lot of laughs, too. At a small town grocery store, I walked through a bent screen door. On the corkboard, a poster read, �Reward for my dog: He�s spotted black and white, his tail is missing from a fight, one eye out, missing hind leg, has the mange, two front teeth missing and an ear that�s been chewed on in a fight. If you�ve seen him, please call this number. He goes by the name of, �Lucky.�

Can�t help myself, but Americans show they carry a positive attitude toward life! At the rallies, gray-haired ladies stand with us for pictures, bake us cookies, give us gifts and wish us well on our journey. Many come up to shake our hands. I�ve seen grown men cry as they shook my hand. One man, on the 4th of July at the rally, came up to shake my hand, �My name is Roy and I�m 65 years old. This is the best July 4th of my life. You Paul Revere Riders bring out the best in Americans. May God bless you on your appointed rounds.�

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One lady said she heard that I was pessimistic at our chances of regaining our country. I said, �Ma�am, my daddy was a U.S Marine. He used to put his arm around my shoulders saying, �Son, you can do this.�� I don�t do anything expecting defeat. We�re winning this issue each day we stand up, ride, speak and pass out our action letters. We win each day we hit the media square in the eyes with our message. We expect the �multiplier affect� to reach millions to create counter critical mass of active Americans that bring the �tipping point� toward stopping this invasion. The H.R. 4437 House bill is our goal. Senate Bill 2611 is dead on arrival. We rider harder, we speak louder, we maintain a positive attitude, we don�t stand down and we never, ever give up. I�m sure Paul Revere�s spirit smiles from the grave because he knows we ride for his country, our country and future generations. Good night and God�s speed.

You�re invited to support with an order on line for our T-shirt. It is a neat personal statement and supports the ride. You will be excited to wear it. For those who want to donate, write checks out to �21st Century Paul Revere Ride� c/o Wooldridge, POB 207, Louisville, CO 80027. Everyone who rides a bike, tell your friends to ride with us in Washington, DC on Saturday, August 12, 2006. We expect 100,000 bikes to make a statement. We�ll circle the Capitol Building and park in the Pentagon parking lot for speeches. Every bike club on the East Coast is invited. Every bike shop is invited to tell customers about the final episode of the Paul Revere Ride. Please contact Howard Wooldridge, phone 817-975-1110 or write him at to give him an exact number of bikers you intend to present at the final rally in DC. This is a great moment in history you can tell your kids about. Let�s make it the �Woodstock� of motorcycle events of the 21st century. Finally, we expect to feature Paul Revere riding his horse with a period costume to lead the riders on the last day. For anyone with a horse and anyone who can sew a Paul Revere period costume, please contact Howard.

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Like much of America�s heartland, for those not touched yet, it�s only a matter of time. Illegal immigration imitates cancer in that it uses its host for sustenance, but kills it in the long run.