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By Frosty Wooldridge
July 27, 2006


Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina

�Them illegals take every job in this here town,� an African-American man yelled to me after he saw the sign on the back of my bike. �After Katrina hit, we got flooded with Mexicans. Why is our president siding with them but won�t help us with jobs and housing?�

Another black man at an Auto-Zone shop in Jackson, Mississippi said, �The reason many of us won�t speak up comes from long term discrimination against us by our own government�why is it that Indian immigrants get hundreds of thousands of dollars for loans to buy motels and other businesses, but we can�t get a single loan for anything?�

I couldn�t answer their questions, but I witnessed their complaints. Immigrants from India enjoy millions of taxpayer dollars and have taken over most motels around America. Why did our government not loan American black and Hispanics money to buy and run motels across this country? Why special treatment for Indians, especially in the motel business? Why discrimination against our own citizens in favor of immigrants from a continent 12,000 miles away? Why flood ourselves with immigrants when we don�t assist of our own citizens? More important, why don�t our citizens come first?

What I�m seeing on this motorcycle journey across America is a complete disregard for our citizens in favor of millions of immigrants flooding into the USA and millions of illegal aliens. Somebody in high places floods us with people we don�t need, don�t want, and don�t have the room or resources for. We�ve being flooded with people from a bankrupt immigration law created by Teddy Kennedy in 1965 that added 106 million people in 40 years. Even more sobering, USA Today reported last week, that we shall add another 100 million by 2040. Pray tell, give one reason or advantage to adding 100 million people to the United States in 34 years?

That number grows even as we face rolling blackouts in California this past week because of the unrelenting heat causing millions to use their air conditioners, rolling blackouts in Denver last winter because there wasn�t enough fuel to create energy, and drought in Georgia, Arizona, Colorado and Alabama. Did you see on TV this week that fertilizers have caused a 6,000 square mile dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico? Nothing can live in that area because no oxygen can survive the algae blooms. Can you imagine growing consequences in polluted air that creates more acid rain and numerous other consequences affecting us as our population explodes? Who and why are our leaders flooding us with more and more people when we have millions of poor already here?

Many blacks in Mississippi and all over America struggle with poverty as a way of life. An unacceptably huge number of the black population in America lives in slums, ghettoes and hopelessness. Why won�t our leaders build our poorest citizens� lives with opportunity instead of spending $300 to build a country like Iraq?

We met a lot of great bikers at the Jackson, Mississippi capitol. We gave our presentation with the media filming everything.

Later, we biked along swamps, pastures and moss-covered trees. Hot and humid defined our journey through the Deep South. Folks gave friendly smiles and waves.

In Alabama, more bikers joined us at the capitol in Montgomery. Again, we gave a top flight rally with much attention from the media. But again, as in weeks past, few Americans showed up. However, one black lady said, �The things that have divided us in the past must be left behind�this dreadful illegal situation is killing black America.�

As I cranked the throttle toward Tallahassee, Florida, I could not help lamenting the loss of regional flavors across America that I enjoyed as a young man. Mom and pop diners once reigned in America, with home style cooking second to none. Each restaurant presented travelers with character, personality and friendliness. Today, every city looks the same with a line of Pizza Huts, MacDonald�s, Burger King, Arby�s and Subways. Never have Americans eaten so poorly--such bland, loaded with chemicals and fat, completely meaningless food as they consume at those establishments. As we�ve traveled throughout America the results of eating empty fast food exhibits itself in the most obese nation on our planet.

Cookie cutter homes dominate America today, but in the South, you can still see elegant architecture. Old men in pickup trucks wave a hand from behind the steering wheel. You enjoy grandfathers rocking on front porches while their hunting dogs sleep in the shade away from a hot sun.

Thank you Abate Motorcycle club in Tallahassee for making our rally successful as you waved down traffic, held signs, handed out flyers to motorists and spoke to the media. Additionally, if �Ma� a 69 year old grandmother riding a Road King Harley-Davidson wants to catch up with the Paul Revere Riders and ride with us, we would be honored. I�ve never seen more spunk in a grandmother in my life! She rode with us and stood out in traffic to gain maximum attention for our cause. �I ain�t givin� up my country so easy,� she said.

In no time, we headed north toward Atlanta, Georgia. Flat land with tall pines evolved into rolling hills covered in more trees. Atlanta traffic resembles millions of cars driving through wet cement. It�s so packed, it�s a living nightmare. We met D.A. King at the capitol. On a headstone of one of their great leaders it read, �Democratic institutions exist by reason of their virtue. If they ever perish it will happen when citizens have forgotten the past, show indifference to the present and are utterly reckless to the future.�

Within an hour, four TV crews recorded interviews of our Paul Revere Team. The media crews outnumbered the number of supporters. Thank you Nelson and Ferrell, the two motorcyclists who rode up and helped us show signs to cars passing by our rally. Thank you Kirk and several other men who stood with us. Later, we sped into worsening traffic on our way to South Carolina.

Who invented the traffic nightmare in Atlanta? Or any big city? Why? What benefit is gridlock traffic? Who thinks it�s a great idea to grow Atlanta by another couple million people? Will another million people make the gridlock traffic vanish? What are the country�s planners thinking as they add 20 million people to southern California within 30 years? How about 12 million people added to Texas by 2025? How about another three million added to the drought state of Colorado? Doesn�t anyone understand the consequences already being experienced by China and India? Does any single leader in the White House or Congress have a clue?

At the same time, as I drive my motorcycle across our country, I�m struck dumb at the apathy, docility and outright non-interest exhibited by the majority of Americans. Over 80 percent of Americans want this illegal alien invasion stopped, but few speak up as if it will go away by itself. As long as they are not directly affected, they won�t budge off their couch. As long as California suffers its own brand of Mexican misery, no problem! So what if 25 Americans suffer death at the hands of illegal aliens every day of the year, as long as it doesn�t happen to your loved ones. In fact, I noted that 25 deaths to the Mike Rosen Show in Colorado on Monday. He scoffed at that death number saying that it was insignificant because our population stands at 300 million. Rosen scoffed at 9,100 Americans dead every year from illegal alien drunken drivers at 13 deaths and 12 outright killings�every day! He sickened me with his callous disregard for our citizens� lives.

Fellow Americans, that�s more deaths per year to American citizens in our �peaceful society� than to our soldiers in the Iraq/Afghanistan war zone! However, it�s not enough to ruffle the feathers of Mike Rosen or President Bush. You think I�m kidding? You may call Iowa Congressman Steve King for verification of those daily deaths.

While I rolled toward Columbia, South Carolina, these and other sobering realities weighed on my mind. Thousands of emails arrive monthly. They show me that millions know the great danger this country faces. �Dear Frosty, I have been following your emails about the Paul Revere Ride, but tonight, reading your #7 reduced me to uncontrollable tears. First, I want to apologize to you for what you encountered in my state of Wisconsin!

I am horrified at what happened and sickened--I am sickened by our President, our "leaders" and the American people. I cannot believe that our government leaders, the ones who promise to uphold our Constitution and our laws, are selling us out. I have been a supporter of for a while, I have faxed and phoned. I have been so enlightened by all the News Alert articles. I am dumbfounded at all that is going on--and rarely, if ever, is it in the press. I grieve and weep as you do for this country and our people. The apathy of the American people is pathetic--it will soon be too late to reverse what is happening. I am thankful for what you are trying to do, but how your heart must be breaking. I just read tonight how President Bush is now selling off our highways to foreign countries, how the Senate has voted not to fund fences for our borders--why can our "leaders" get away with this? Why is the press, why are so many American people so stupid?

This is treason by our leaders--they should all be impeached! I am overwhelmed with disbelief that all of what is happening, all the illegal immigration and everything else can go on in spite of what many American people want. Why don�t our congressmen and senators listen to us? That is what our government is all about. They are ruining my beautiful America. Thank you for all you are doing to bring this before the American people...I can only hope something will wake us up before it is too late, for it will soon be too late for this whole world. Carry on-continue to try and get this message out to America. --Thank you, Margaret R.

Thank you Margaret and everyone who writes. At the same time, our numbers grow daily. More people take action in every state. Take heart as D.A. King leads Georgia into the national spotlight with the most prohibitive anti-illegal alien bill which many states will adopt. Mayor Barletta in Hazelton, PA inspires more mayors in other states to go after the business licenses of those who hire illegals and fines to landlords who provide housing. Thank you Fred Elbel, Jan Herron, Terry Graham, Stan Weeks, Glen Colton, Perry Lorenz and Mike McGarry in Colorado for going after illegals and making huge impact. Remember Americans� collective efforts have pretty much killed S.B. 2611.

Yes, we struggle against our own U.S. Senate bought off by corporations and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. We struggle against CEOs and companies that hire illegals while we subsidize their kids� education and medical services. Yes, we struggle against a thrust by those who want to flood our country with 200 million more people. To that I say, the worse this national nightmare becomes, the better and more powerful we grow. The more people affected, the more speak up.

The fact is, we can�t sustain another 100 or 200 million people. We can�t maintain this mad rush of economic growth at the expense of our environment, our quality of life and standard of living.

The Paul Revere Team surrounded the Columbia, South Carolina capitol in the early morning on Wednesday. We spoke to TV and newspaper reporters.

We�re back in the saddle. The road ahead widens as we ride out of the city and into the beautiful hills of South Carolina. We touted joining to all audiences.

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After 32 states and 14,000 miles, I�m astounded at the beauty God gave us with this amazing country. We enjoy blessings found nowhere else on earth. It behooves all of us to involve ourselves in our country�s future. Thomas Jefferson said, �Dissent is the greatest form of patriotism.� Thomas Paine wrote, �All men must involve themselves in the affairs of their government or lose that which they take for granted.� Mark Twain said, �When the legislature is in session no man�s life or possessions are safe from plunder.�

Stand up for your country with relentless enthusiasm. Make each day a fresh focus. Speak up for the future of your children. Remain steadfast in your noble purpose. If not us, then who? If not now, then when? Good night and God�s speed.

� 2006 Frosty Wooldridge - All Rights Reserved



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The fact is, we can�t sustain another 100 or 200 million people. We can�t maintain this mad rush of economic growth at the expense of our environment, our quality of life and standard of living.