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By Frosty Wooldridge
August 3, 2006


North Carolina, West Virginia, Ohio, New York

You can�t help loving North Carolina�s beautiful landscape that leads to ocean beaches in the east and verdant mountains in the west. It�s known as the Tar Heel State. Folks talk friendly and always wave, �Ya�ll come back, ya� hear!�

They didn�t mean that greeting for those entering their state illegally. With over 500,000 to 750,000 illegal alien Mexicans overwhelming North Carolina, it could become the next �Hawaii or Alaska� for Mexico. Illegal Mexicans grab welfare benefits, steal jobs, overwhelm schools, hospitals and prisons while they colonize one of the original 13 colonies. They drive drunk, steal cars, get paid under the table and live 20 to an apartment.

We rolled our bikes into the capitol in Raleigh. North Carolina built that magnificent structure in 1833. It stands today as a reminder of the power of noble purpose. I can�t begin to tell you my emotions at standing inside those domed monuments to our republic for the past nine weeks. Each building, most of them in granite, feature statues of men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew �Stonewall� Jackson, Abe Lincoln, Lewis and Clark, Ben Franklin, Susan B. Anthony, civil war soldiers, daughters of the pioneers and many other famous Americans. I stand in awe and gratitude for their service to America.

Before our rally began, a foreman across the street called the police that we had been harassing his illegal alien construction workers! Mind you, he�s the one hiring and working with his illegal alien employees. He�s the one in violation of our Federal Laws. He�s the reason a dozen North Carolinians weren�t working those construction jobs on that street in Raleigh that morning. But he�s the one that called the police on us! We were guilty of holding up signs, �Stop Illegal Immigration.� We took several pictures of his illegal alien workers to shut them up. It�s amazing how one little picture, one small light on an illegal activity causes them to scurry for cover. One illegal saw our banner and flipped us the bird. We took a picture of him, too.

William Gheen, president of , gave us a warm welcome. He spoke of North Carolina�s efforts and several victories to stop the invasion. He noted a dozen citizens of his state who had been killed or harmed by illegal aliens through drunken driving, gun play, stabbings and rape.

He talked about why the Senate passed S.B 2611 to allow all those CEOs who have been breaking Federal Laws to get off without any criminal consequences. Dozens of top company presidents would go to jail if Bush would enforce our current immigration laws.

He said, �We need to go back to President Teddy Roosevelt�s grave to grab a DNA sample�we need to clone him into the 21st century to bring a man of the people back into the White House�we need leaders not sycophants for money and power that work against the American people.�

Mr. Ron Wooddard, of an immigration reform organization in North Carolina, spoke about the successes in his state in stopping illegal aliens. He�s worked for years in alerting the public to the many consequences to American citizens.

After the rally, Gheen gassed up our bikes and guided us out to the expressway. Again, I mourned the low turnout for the rally, but smiled at the two TV camera crews that multiplied our impact by 100,000. I wonder if more Americans will turn out as they see their communities decay into poverty-stricken Mexican barrios full of crime, drugs and deaths like in Hazelton, Pennsylvania. I wonder if they�ll turn out when the trash outnumbers their own citizens and the drug dealers make their schools a living hell like in Los Angeles, California or Houston, Texas or Chicago, Illinois. I wonder if they�ll turn out when their schools turn into educational ghettoes ruled by gangs and violence.

Last week, in Denver, Colorado, former Governor Dick Lamm challenged blacks and Hispanics to follow the Chinese and Asians� educational habits such as having their children study for excellence in schools instead of leading in drop out and flunk out rates. He showed how average black and Mexican students don�t do their homework, and, as they fail, they drop out of school at 16. Their next production is a baby out of wedlock. Over 50 percent of blacks and Hispanics suffer children out of wedlock and that those children ride the welfare rolls.

To back up Governor Lamm�s statements, Denver Public Schools, mainly illegal aliens and other minorities, suffer a 67 percent drop out/flunk out rate. Facts are facts! All the minority leaders scream names, but they can�t deny the facts of Governor Lamm.

As a former teacher in Colorado, I know that Lamm states the facts. My minority students rarely turned in their homework. I was forced to pass them to the next grade. As they learned to �play� this kind of �affirmative-action� grading, they discovered that, by doing nothing, they would be passed up to the next grade. By the time they graduated from high school, they enjoyed a high school diploma that didn�t show they were functionally illiterate, but it gave them an automatic �affirmative-action� job such as answering a government phone while they painted their nails. It�s called getting something for nothing, but working, taxpaying citizens foot the bills.

For stating the facts, Hispanic and black leaders called Lamm a �racist�. As the Paul Revere Riders state the unadulterated facts across America on our ride, counter demonstrators call us all sorts of names. It shows me than when someone cannot debate with reason and integrity, they resort to name calling.

Virginia offered gorgeous green mountains. We cruised through valleys while we throttled up mountain grades. As we�ve rolled along the East Coast, the numbers of cars and trucks grows commensurate to population density.

I am a bit disappointed that millions of truckers, while parked in truck stops, allow their engines to idle. As I used to truck for United Van Lines during my summers, I know that idling engines waste 1,000 gallons annually. When I was a trucker, that meant $1,000.00 wasted along with 1,000 gallons of fuel. Now that it�s $3.00 a gallon, it's $3,000.00 wasted, but more importantly, it�s 1,000 wasted gallons annually times three to four million truckers in a time when we�re running out of oil. Go figure.

As I travel throughout America, I notice terrible waste. Fast food joints distribute plastic cups that fly everywhere along the road after five minutes of use, but endure for hundreds of years without breaking down. In parking lots, people throw entire bags of fast food leftovers onto the pavement. Often, a six pack of empty beer cans remains for someone else to pick up. These purveyors of trash take no responsibility in their actions. Most states offer no recycling of bottles, cans or plastics. If they do, it�s voluntary, which means, few participate. I see 70 foot long trailers tossed into the woods along with cars, tractors and outright piles of junk. Americans change 200 million tires every year. Many end up in lakes, streams, rivers and piles along the highway. I�m amazed how people can look at a pile of 100-1000 tires on their land�and do nothing to change the desecration of that abomination. How can they stand by while plastic trash bags create a mini-mountain alongside their homes? How much trouble is it to have old cars hauled to a junk yard for recycling? I�d be embarrassed out of my wits to present the world with trash and wrecked cars in my yard for years on end.

We sped through Virginia into West Virginia. It�s a lot of fun riding motorcycles through endless curves, especially with gorgeous scenery everywhere you look. However, the aforementioned paragraph applies to much of West Virginia. For such a beautiful state, it�s a shame what I saw on the back roads. I suspect that generations grow up thinking what they see is normal, so they don�t do anything about it.

West Virginia�s golden dome emerges out of green woods in a heavily forested valley. Black trim accents the dome, and inside, Senator Robert C. Byrd is the only statue I saw. He is named, �West Virginia�s Man of the 20th Century�. While hundreds of people honked at our signs, only one man showed up, Marion to represent West Virginia�s concern for illegal aliens.

It showed me that, much like Texas, New Mexico and Arizona ranchers battling illegal aliens nightly, no one cares when it�s not bothering them. If Byrd�s state suffered the same consequences as Arizona, he would stand up, speak out and take action. As it its, there�s not enough jobs in West Virginia for citizens let alone illegals�so, no problem in that state.

We rolled into southeastern Ohio�s verdant farmland. As it�s mid summer, nine foot tall corn grows along rolling hill sides. Farmers harvested winter wheat weeks ago while they await their summer crops. They�ve completed first cutting of hay and await second cutting if the drought lets up. Our destination after staying at Ray and Judy�s beautiful farm�Columbus, Ohio.

How are we holding up? As you can imagine, each of us faces our own set of challenges. I know Micha misses her kids back in Texas. I�ve seen her cry her eyes out as she throttles her Harley down the highway. Yet, she stands up for her country and her children�s� future. Cindy, being an ICU nurse, maintains a steady keel, but worries about her elderly mother in South Carolina. Thankfully, she was able to visit her mother as we passed through. Rick misses his wife and grandkids, but nonetheless, his passion for their future stands upper most in his mind. Rick balances all of us each morning with, �Hello wonderful world�it�s a great day to be alive.� My brother Howard works 15 hours a day sending press releases, answering phone calls, giving radio interviews and keeping the Paul Revere Riding team on time at all our rallies. He also drives the media truck! Me? Steady as she goes. I write two columns each week. I�m dead asleep before my head hits the pillow each night. I miss Sandi and can�t wait for her to join us for the last week of the ride. She is my sparkle sunshine. Also, I say a lot of prayers for America while I�m riding down the expressways. I love America, her people and, as �Ma� that 69 year old Alabama grandma riding that big Harley Davidson Road King said, �I ain�t given my country up without a fight!�

Yes, this is a long, hard ride. Some days with no people showing up at rallies, I wonder if it�s worth it. Other days, with big media coverage, I�m elated. In the end, Paul Revere rode through the night not knowing either, but he spurred his horse toward his country�s destiny. My dad said, �Son, everything you do in life, counts!� My dad, Master Sergeant Howard Wooldridge, a U.S. Marine, meant what he said. I�ve lived that philosophy all my life. I�m proud of my dad and I hope to God he�s looking down right now and proud of me. My mom�s proud of me, too. She�s still cheering me down the side lines as I head toward the end zone: Washington, DC.

Some days we�ve hammered 600 miles and, other days, only 200. We probably average 275 per day. We call campgrounds and �Motel 6� home! As of today, we�ve ridden 15,000 miles with 4,000 miles more to go. We�ve done 37 capitols with 11 more to go. We�ve talked to 91 TV camera crews, 85 newspaper reporters, 55 radio shows and thousands of Americans. I think over one million people have waved and honked with thumbs up to our Paul Revere Team. We�ve reached 15 to 17 million people via media.

In Columbus, Ohio, we enjoyed our hosts Ray and Judy along with Roy and Diane. Lovely people from the Midwest!

The rally created counter demonstrators that called us every name in the book. It�s amazing the fowl mouths on those young people and even some of the older ones. About 20 cops kept them from doing harm to us. We gave our speeches for the cameras and rode out of town.

Heading into New York, wow, what beautiful rolling hills! Deep, green woods framed white frame houses, corn fields and silos. We passed by the Erie Canal built in 1851.

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If it weren�t for New York City�s total insanity, that state would be paradise on earth!

We�re heading into the last 11 days of the ride. I�m sitting back in the saddle every day with good thoughts in my head. We�ve enjoyed some amazing experiences and more to come. Thank you truckers for waving and honking as you pass by! Good night and God�s speed.

You�re invited to support with an order on line for our T-shirt. It is a neat personal statement and supports the ride. You will be excited to wear it. For those who want to donate, write checks out to �21st Century Paul Revere Ride� c/o Wooldridge, POB 207, Louisville, CO 80027. Everyone who rides a bike, tell your friends to ride with us in Washington, DC on Saturday, August 12, 2006. We expect 100,000 bikes to make a statement. We�ll circle the Capitol Building and park in the Pentagon parking lot for speeches. Every bike club on the East Coast is invited. Every bike shop is invited to tell customers about the final episode of the Paul Revere Ride. Please contact Howard Wooldridge, phone 817-975-1110 or write him at to give him an exact number of bikers you intend to present at the final rally in DC. This is a great moment in history you can tell your kids about. Let�s make it the �Woodstock� of motorcycle events of the 21st century. Finally, we expect to feature Paul Revere riding his horse with a period costume to lead the riders on the last day. For anyone with a horse and anyone who can sew a Paul Revere period costume, please contact Howard.

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With over 500,000 to 750,000 illegal alien Mexicans overwhelming North Carolina, it could become the next �Hawaii or Alaska� for Mexico. Illegal Mexicans grab welfare benefits, steal jobs, overwhelm schools, hospitals and prisons while they colonize one of the original 13 colonies.