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By Frosty Wooldridge
August 10, 2006


New York, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts

�If I weren�t on duty,� a motorcycle cop said as he pulled up to our rally, �I�d join you!�

At every capitol we�ve visited, cops can�t speak to us; however, they show their agreement with us in many ways. My brother Howard, a retired cop, appreciates how police feel in communities across America. They�re over-burdened with illegal alien drug gangs such as 11,000 MS-13 gang members operating in 33 states, thousands of drunks, rapes, Mexicans driving without licenses or insurance, domestics and burglaries. American cops must contend with non-support of Immigration Customs Enforcement, which tells them to let illegals back into our society. We�ve come to such a state of lawlessness that criminal aliens get away with murder. Cops in Los Angeles don�t even try to ticket aliens who drive without license plates and driver�s licenses�because of their endless numbers. In other words, our laws mean nothing to Mexicans and other illegal aliens.

Mayor Bloomberg of New York openly supports them as well as shelters aliens with his sanctuary policy that he inherited from Mayor Guiliani. Thus, New York City bursts with illegal aliens. With huge financial outlays and destruction of New York schools, hospitals and prisons by illegals aliens, we stood astounded that only a handful of supporters met us at the capitol steps in Albany, New York. I�m speechless at the apathy of New Yorkers in the face of this invasion. I can�t, for the life of me, figure out how our nation became so lifeless, passionless, and docile to its fate.

Is it possible that we allowed this president to fabricate this Iraq War on us while at the same time, pretending to �secure� us--by patting down gray-haired ladies at airports? Yet we disconnect in our futility as we watch our President Bush encourage an invasion breaching our border with Mexico that threatens the foundation of our republic! Why have we ceased to respond by non-participation in our country�s politics in the past 45 years? Facts speak for themselves with only 50 percent of the voting public casting a ballot in national elections and up to 90 percent not voting in local elections. Folks, that�s beyond pathetic!

You all read my piece on the consequences of �America�s Drought Predicament� in this week�s Monday column. Did you read where President Bush supports upping our legal immigration from 1.1 to 2.0 million legal immigrants per year? Did you see where the U.S. Senate upped work visas, chain migration, amnesty and other goodies in S.B. 2611 to make a grand total of more than 100 million added people to this country by 2040? What in the name of common sense and reason does it take for this country�s citizens to get off their butts and take action? Folks, 100 million more people will inhabit this country in 34 years if you sit back and watch Bush and the U.S. Senate pass S.B. 2611. What are you waiting for?

My frustrations anguished my mind as our Paul Revere Team rode toward Vermont. I noticed stunning cotton candy clouds hugging forested mountains overlooking bucolic towns along pristine rivers. You better believe Vermont exhibits beauty, peace and quiet. We rolled along stone fences, cows grazing, maple syrup sold everywhere and friendly people.

However, at the capitol, counter demonstrators blasted us with bullhorns and more jeering and name calling than a drunken brawl in a bar. Kids! Yes, they were na�ve, stupid, stunted and mindless kids! We couldn�t say a word. We interviewed for one paper and headed for Maine.

If you ever defined the term �bucolic�, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine set the benchmark. We cruised through beautiful towns where K-Mart and Wal-Mart haven�t conquered, yet! We enjoyed maple, birch, oak and other hardwood trees as if we rode through a tunnel of the poet Walt Whitman described as �nature�s green velvet robe�.

In Maine, several folks turned out to meet us as well as the TV cameras. We gave speeches, interviews and enjoyed one in the crowd named �Jack� who was the Secretary of the Navy under President Nixon. Jack understood our country is in grave danger from the immigration invasion.

Unfortunately, Maine Governor Baldacci stands as the first U.S. governor to create a statewide sanctuary policy for illegals. If the three million that inhabit California jumped over to Maine, and in time, they will, the citizens of Maine will tar and feather such an incompetent public servant.

We headed back down the coast for a rally in Concord, New Hampshire where Henry McElroy gathered three state representatives for speeches on the negative impacts to that state.

I don�t mind telling you that the further away from the direct consequences of illegals, less people stand up or care a twit.

However, Boston�s nightmare is Teddy Kennedy! One cabbie said, �Teddy�s too drunk to think and to fat to move�he needs to find a real job.�

At Boston Commons, we set up our rally against a backdrop of screaming, yelling, cursing, finger raising, bird flipping, and sign-carrying maniacs. Four big Clydes Dale mounted police officers separated the counter demonstrators from us. Another 20 cops held them at bay. We couldn�t hear ourselves at close quarters from the noise. After two hours, the Boston Globe didn�t cover our rally and neither did the TV stations. We brought our show into the most liberal bastion on the East Coast. The fact that they keep electing Senator Teddy Kennedy give me the final clue as to how brain dead the public in that state is!

The next day, Sandi and I visited the U.S.S. Constitution, South Meeting Hall, Omni Parker Hotel and other landmarks in Boston. It�s the city where the Boston Tea Party and Samuel Adams and others started the American Revolution.

We visited Paul Revere�s gravesite. I well up with tears as I stood over that man who stands as one of America�s earliest heroes. Samuel Adams, John Hancock and Paul Revere organized the Boston Tea Party. They dressed up as Indians and dumped $2 million worth of tea into the harbor. �No taxation without representation!�

Later, they organized the American Revolution. Imagine that! It took a few good men to kick the British Army�s rear ends back to London.

We visited Revere�s House. I got all choked up again. This was heavy-duty history these men started. They�re the reason we enjoy our �Stars and Stripes� instead of the Union Jack and a king over us. Revere, Hancock, Samuel Adams, James Madison, John Adams, Betsy Ross, Washington, Ethan Allen, Ben Franklin, Jefferson and a dozen others along with all those who signed the Declaration of Independence�faced death from treason�yet they marched forward into history.

Later, we visited the Omni Parker House Hotel operating since 1855. I walked the same halls as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Charles Dickens, Daniel Webster, Longfellow, Amy Lowell, Nathaniel Hawthorne and many presidents. I stood where they stood! Wow! What an honor and inspiration!

We visited the Old State House where the great men of history presented ringing oratory in favor of creating our nation.

You know something? They never gave up! They never allowed death or personal safety to stop them. They are the reason that you and I enjoy the U.S. Constitution and every opportunity to enjoy �life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.�

I don�t know about you, but I�m fired up. I�m jazzed up for my country. I�m never giving up. I�m not stepping down. I�m standing up, speaking up, stepping forward�just like they did! You know something else? At some point, no American can stay apathetic. I was standing in the �Cradle of America�.

Ladies and gentlemen of America, apathy is not a choice; surrender is not an option; and survival of our country is not negotiable.

On that great night where Prescott, Dawes and Revere rode their horses into history, I doubt they imagined they would become famous. They did what they had to do in their time and in their moment. Revere didn�t say, �The British are coming, the British are coming!� He said, �The regulars are out, the regulars are out.� This meant the King�s troops moved on Boston and surrounding areas against the American militia.

It wasn�t any one thing that birthed America. Today, it�s not just illegal aliens and the loss of the rule of law destroying America. From what I can see from my iron horse in the 21st Century Paul Revere Ride, it�s mostly apathy killing this nation. It�s too many people thinking someone else will take care of it.

I must ask you�if not now, then when, if not you, then who?

Later that night, Paul Revere was caught and arrested. However, his 80 buddies shot off their weapons before going into the local tavern to warm up from the cold. The troops who collared Revere heard the shots and thought a whole army of militia charged from the distance. They left Revere and moved toward the direction of the gunfire. Revere escaped to become a Colonel in the Army that finally defeated the British.

I fear for America because we suffer a president who stands up for lawlessness instead of our Constitution. I fear we suffer a Congress as fat, stupid, drunk on power and greedy as Teddy Kennedy. I mostly fear we suffer an apathetic public too trusting or stupid to take action.

Yet, each day, I saddle my bike along with Rick, Cindy, Micha and Howard. We ride as if our country�s future depends on the little things we do. We ride to warn Americans that everything they do�counts. If they do nothing, that counts worst of all. Good night and God�s speed.

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I fear for America because we suffer a president who stands up for lawlessness instead of our Constitution. I fear we suffer a Congress as fat, stupid, drunk on power and greedy as Teddy Kennedy. I mostly fear we suffer an apathetic public too trusting or stupid to take action.