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By Frosty Wooldridge
August 14, 2006

Iowa�s United States Congressman Steve King told a crowd in Des Moines in June, �Illegal aliens cause the death of 25 American citizens every day�13 by drunken driving and 12 by stabbings or gun fire.�

That daily figure adds up to 9,125 deaths annually caused primarily by illegal alien Mexicans residing in America. Mike Rosen, radio talk show host in Denver, said it wasn�t significant when you consider our country of 300 million. A listener corrected him, �It�s not significant unless it�s your father or family member who gets killed.�

More sobering, almost eight times as many deaths of civilian Americans have occurred in our own country in three years than deaths to our soldiers in the Iraq and Afghanistan war zones. It�s safer in a war zone than on our own highways and in our own homes in America. At the same time, South Koreans are safer in their own homes with 37,000 American troops guarding their border from North Korea for the past 40 years--with our troops and tax dollars--than we are in our own country.

Why do Americans suffer this kind of carnage in their own nation? Who is to blame? Why would any American knowingly do this to his own country, to his own neighbors?

What can be done to stop it?

First, lay the blame directly on the shoulders of President George Walker Bush. Any man worth his salt after 9/11 would have sent troops to the borders and closed them to illegal entry on 9/12. For crying out loud! Three thousand innocent people died that day�specifically because of non immigration enforcement! Instead, for six years, Bush has done nothing to stem the flood of illegal aliens crossing our borders illegally. On the contrary, he�s encouraged terrorists to cross because they know Bush won�t stop them, drug smugglers because they know they can, and illegal aliens from all over the world. Peter Gadiel, who lost his son on 9/11, rails at Bush and Congress for not following through on their Constitutional duties. Another 3,000 relatives of all who died on 9/11 wonder why this president won�t secure America�s borders. Makes you wonder who will remain silent after the next �9/11 type� train bombing, subway bombing or other atrocity hits America. Those Muslims sit patiently inside our borders for their next chance.

If bank robbers know the police can�t or won�t arrest them, they tell their friends. Voila, more bank robbers! If a child molester knows he won�t be stopped, he preys on more victims. If an embezzler thinks he won�t get caught and doesn�t, he keeps at it. So it is with illegal aliens crossing our borders. They tell their friends and millions more pour into our country.

Second, lay the blame on CEOs running big companies like Tyson Chicken, Wal-Mart, Hormel for starters. Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas restaurants thrive on hiring illegals. You can include all your favorite fast food restaurants with happy meals to big whoppers as culprits in hiring illegals. How do we know? Over 20,000 million illegal aliens don�t sit around twiddling their thumbs.

In the past six years, Bush�s administration prosecuted less than 10 companies for hiring illegals. Thus, with no enforcement, more people break the law.

Third, lay the blame on small companies in hundreds of cities across America. Places like Denver and Boulder, Colorado offer sanctuary policies for illegals. Local companies hire illegals in front of Americans. Illegals work for cities, in fact, last week, while I stood at the capitol in Raleigh, North Carolina, illegal aliens worked for the city on the city streets.

Local contractors hire illegals for construction, painting, dry wall, landscaping, pool cleaning, dish washing, motel cleaning, car washes and everything else you can imagine.

Fourth, lay the blame on thousands of American citizens who hire illegals for gardening, house work and roofing. An added side note might interest you. It may be a rumor, but most Texans know that George Bush hired an illegal nanny while governor of Texas. Later, he pulled strings to make sure she was granted U.S. citizenship and she�s still in the White House with him today.

Fifth, lay the blame on the majority of Americans who say nothing, do nothing and don�t even bother to vote. A whopping 50 percent of eligible voters never vote in national elections. An astounding 80 to 90 percent of Americans don�t vote in local elections. Or, if they do vote, they vote the same senators and congressmen into office again and again.

In the meantime, 630,000 convicted illegal alien felons or a full 29 percent of our prisons are loaded with criminal illegals. They cost us $1.6 billion annually to keep them in three squares a day, exercise rooms, food and TV.

But what have they cost us in collateral damage? How many deaths of loved ones? How many rapes of our wives and daughters? How many drunken driving accidents that dismembered or maimed our family members? How much misery that should never have happened if Bush or Congress had done their jobs? How much misery would have been prevented if those who hire illegal aliens had abided by our laws? How many American drug addicts have the MS-13 gangs created or killed as they spread their poisons across our land unimpeded? What about the next 9/11 that will occur because of our open borders?

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What astounds me stems from the fact that our president, vice president and entire society sits, watches, waits and says nothing at this ongoing violence against our citizens.

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...lay the blame on the majority of Americans who say nothing, do nothing and don�t even bother to vote.