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By Frosty Wooldridge
August 24, 2006

Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey

After the assault with intent to deafen us in Boston, we rode away with a new understanding of why they keep electing Senator Teddy Kennedy in Massachusetts. In the cradle of the American Revolution where noble men like Paul Revere, Samuel Adams and John Hancock stepped up to create America-- the city supports muffin-heads, lunatics and a drunken, obese senator who harmed America more than any other man in the past 50 years with his 1965 Immigration Reform Act.

History�s reality check will not be kind to Teddy Kennedy. He�s the most out of touch, profoundly ignorant of his actions and overwhelmingly harmful U.S. Senator in recent history. He got away with an illicit affair and death at Chappaquiddick, he authored his country�s destruction with his immigration reform act that added 106 million people to our country in 40 years, and finally, the man, as a career politician, hasn�t done an honest days work in his life. He represents the worst in America as to corpulence, alcoholism and irrelevance. As Mark Twain said, �Suppose you were an idiot and suppose you were a member of Congress: but then, I repeat myself.�

In Rhode Island, a throng of screaming maniacs marched up to our group on the steps of the capitol. They covered our banner with their banner. They screamed and blasted us with sirens and loud speakers. Again, we presented our permit to assemble peacefully and bring our message to that state. A number of good people from the State of Rhode Island stood with us.

Finally, we called the cops and they pushed back the demonstrators who were singing in Spanish. We presented our speeches to the public and interviewed with the press.

Have you noticed how Third World countries operate? Try mob rule! Try violence! Try chaos! Illiterate people thrive on chaos and then, dictators come in to save them. They follow blindly. They follow without question.

Everywhere we�ve ridden our bikes across America--we�ve lived by peaceful, lawful assembly and permits to speak our First Amendment rights. We�ve brought fact-based messages. At each of the places where counter demonstrators showed up, they couldn�t bring reasoned or peaceful debate�but they brought vulgarities, sirens, bullhorns and sign language.

My thought: when good people say nothing or do nothing, lawless people get away with anything. How come 90 percent of Americans want illegal immigration stopped and legal immigration reduce to fewer than 200,000 annually, but they don�t speak up and they don�t take action? Why have counter demonstrators always outnumbered our American citizen audiences 10 to 1? It doesn�t make any difference if it�s on a Saturday or Sunday or Monday, at nine in the morning or seven at night.

As I travel down the highway, I can�t help thinking why we send our nation�s finest soldiers into a war zone that stands 10,000 miles away while based on a lie of weapons of mass destruction? Why stay there when we know it�s a hopeless quagmire like Vietnam? It accomplishes only death for their people and death for ours. Just like this REAL invasion of our country by Mexico, too few Americans stand up or speak out. They think George Bush knows what he is doing�when clearly, after six years of failed presidency on all levels, he does not know his butt from a hole in the ground. I pity him each time he ascends the podium to ��stay the course,� when the course resembles the Titanic. Back home he aids this Mexican invasion while millions of Americans sit back doing nothing.

My riding partner Rick Chiesa said, �As the first illegals came to America, they took jobs in agriculture. I did not care because I didn�t drive a John Deere. Then they took jobs of janitors and maids, but I didn�t care because I didn�t push a broom. Then they took jobs building houses, landscaping, painting and roofing, but I didn�t care because I didn�t swing a hammer. Next they took jobs building bridges and highways, but concrete wasn�t my thing. Then they took jobs driving 18-wheelers, but I didn�t mind since I didn�t push a rig along those white lines. Then they came for my job, but no one protested with me.

�There is almost no job an illegal alien won�t do for half the wages you are making. Wake up America for the bell tolls for you.�

Anyone who doesn�t understand that growing reality, I highly recommend you read Pat Buchanan�s latest book, �STATE OF EMERGENCY: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America�. He illustrates how America will suffer, if we don�t stop immigration, 100 million more poverty stricken South and Central Americans along with millions more Mexicans will migrate to our country. This migration will add those 100 million within 44 years. He graphically shows how they will degrade our country into a second or third world country. I don�t know if you�re experiencing a sickening dread in the pit of our stomach, but I am. Why? Because I�ve traveled throughout Mexico and South America! It is beyond most Americans� comprehension of what we�re importing into our country. Once those wretchedly poor, illiterate and growing numbers manifest in our country�our society is screwed.

By the way, that 100 million doesn�t include another 20 to 30 million predicted by USA TODAY by 2050. All totaled, we expect to suffer 120 to 130 million added people by mid century.

In my youthful enthusiasm and naivet�, I figured thousands of bikes and thousands of people would show up at these rallies, especially when Americans of all walks of life suffer from this illegal alien invasion. How appallingly wrong I was! We sent press releases via email, fax and phone calls. We notified all immigration groups. We got on radio shows. We contacted thousands and only dozens showed up. It makes me wonder if a nation and its people expect demise of their country or become too tired to live.

In the fair State of Connecticut, a massive throng of 150 dedicated illegal aliens and their advocates brought more noise than an NFL football game when the home team scores the winning TD in the last second. Those pro-illegals, anti-U.S. Constitution, anarchist--screamed bloody murder at us. However, the cops wisely kept them 500 feet away from our podium. As always, we did not engage them with looks, voice or hand signals. I think that infuriated them even more.

We gave our speeches, interviews and handouts to the crowd. A TV news reporter tried to bait Howard and me as to racist intentions, but we coolly and coldly gave him the facts and our trump question: �Name one advantage of adding 100 million people to the United States in the next 34 years.� He left disgusted with himself that he couldn�t bring the �racist� card to our party. When we expose this illegal invasion at its foundation, it�s simple: Illegal immigration is against the law. There�s not one, single excuse that makes it right, moral or otherwise. It�s illegal. Period!

Delaware allowed us some peace and tranquility as we gave our program to a quiet group of dedicated Americans numbering 20. They brought signs and banners. Bless them for their dedication. Again, we brought the message to tens of thousands via the TV multiplier affect.

In New Jersey, Frank and his son Steve welcomed us into their home. They rode with us throughout the rest of the trip. Another rider from Oklahoma named Norman, caught up with us and rode all the way to DC. I can�t thank each of the riders who joined us in every state. Your support and riding with us made a huge impact as to the pageantry of the bikes. I won�t forget the LA rally or the one in Nashville, Tennessee with the Rolling Thunder! Man, talk about all American Harley-Davidson raw energy!

We gave our program in New Jersey and left for the capitol in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Again, we traveled through deep green forests and rolling hills, but I have to warn America, if we add another 100 million people to our country in the next 34 years, all our cities will become gridlocked in unlivable traffic, crowding, environmental degradation, water shortages and lowering of our quality of life at all levels.

I think only a few understand what�s happening to us. We�re being transformed into an overpopulated, second world country. We keep adapting to the limitations on our freedoms, loss of land, loss of free time, paying for services for those illegally in our country, loss of our language, pretending to teach the invaders� kids English as if they care to become Americans and speak our language, idle time in gridlock traffic, higher gas prices brought on by demand and supply, higher costs in medicine, schools and prisons. As I ride down the road, I don�t understand why we didn�t enjoy 10,000 Americans at every capitol steps to create a firestorm of media coverage. I anticipated this ride making major impact on the media. I expected the Paul Revere Team to sit in front of Matt Lauer, Charlie Gibson, 60 Minutes, The Early Show, Prime Time and Larry King. We carry a message as important as Paul Revere�s.

Instead, apathy by Americans and being ignored by the major networks faced us for 20,000 miles.

Reader Pat wrote, �We are up to our necks in Turncoats and they are exceedingly well equipped and dug in. They have been here forever with combined forces that are committed to their survival! We are blowing against the wind. If for some crazy reason, the sheeple awoke from their slumber would still be too late ! You've been across the nation now, did you see any signs of the people shaking off their slumber? Or did they just look at you with that dumb-beast stare, with mouthfuls of prairie grass? You are trying in vain to let the light shine in. This nation is finished as we know it.�

She sobered me, but then, history tells me that five percent of the colonists brought this nation into being. I know that a few stout hearts create change. It requires purpose, passion and path. The path grows with each added American awakening to our nation�s crisis. I STILL expect �critical mass� to create �tipping point� that yields attrition through enforcement. Illegals already are vacating Georgia because of its new strict laws. Mayor Barletta in Hazelton, Pennsylvania chases them out as you read this column. Colorado�s illegals stand scared in their britches as new laws against them passed this summer. We shall �sour the milk� at the trough at which they feed on our society.

Another reader, Ken said, �Your recent piece about Americans not voting and always re-voting for the same elected idiots over and over reinforces my own observations.

�First, the very foundation of the United States was with less than 50% voting and participation. Almost as many �Colonists� were loyal to the crown as wanted independence. So apathy and laziness are a tradition with Americans from day one.

�Second, I am about ready to join the ranks of those that believe that we have gone over the edge and can not recover the Federal or most State governments that have us hamstrung with taxes and regulations. From what I�ve read in the Federalist Papers, I conclude that the founding fathers also expected that the government needed a swift kick in the pants or to be replaced periodically. If memory serves me, I think Thomas Jefferson stated every ten years or so.

�Hang in there, you�re not alone and many more people than you would ever guess are feeling the same animosity and dismay with voter apathy and ignorance. What spark will ignite the flame and wake the American people to the white wash we are all getting in is yet to be determined, but IT WILL HAPPEN!�

That�s why Paul Revere rode and that�s why we ride. Cindy and Micha ride ahead of me today while Rick hangs on my wing. He�s a hell of a wing man. As we pass through traffic, he cuts into the passing lane knowing we�ll all swing out together. Like poetry in motion, Micha and Cindy�s turn signals blink and they accelerate into the passing lane. I swing my iron steed to the left after glancing to clear traffic. We return the right drive lane in unison. Micha gives me a flashing hand burst to tell me to turn off my signal. Thanks Micha!

We�re heading into the final three states of this ride and our destination of Washington, DC. We�ve covered 45 capitols, 15,000 miles in nine weeks. We�ve spoken to 90 TV stations, 89 newspapers and 60 radio shows. We�ve reached over 16 million people and many more millions on the Internet.

Are our efforts useless? Is it worthless to try? Have we lost? Should we give up? Are we over the edge? Has the fat lady sung?

My dad was a U.S. Marine. He never taught me �defeat� as a noun, adverb or preposition. I don�t remember him saying, �Son, you�ll probably lose this game so what�s the use of playing it?� You�ll never hear from me, �Gosh, these 20 million illegals have got us by the throat so let�s give up so our kids can live like other squalor and corruption-soaked nations such as Mexico, Honduras or Columbia.�

Every day on my bike riding through 43 states, I say my prayers. I speak to God honestly with my whole being. I speak my truth. I stand up for my country. I speak into the chaos of illegal alien advocates and counter demonstrators. I speak out for our Constitution. I speak with integrity because integrity wins every discussion in a Republic. To sit back on my butt and watch TV is not an option for me. If I should do less, what kind of an American am I? What kind of an American are you? What kind of an America will you leave your children?

As we ride toward Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and the final leg of this amazing journey across America, we�re privileged to hear honks from fellow Americans. We�re thankful for the hundreds of thousands of �thumbs up� by passing cars. It�s nice to know that, today, still in America--most Americans wave our Old Glory, speak English, stand for the rule of law and love this nation.

However, that�s not enough. You must become actively involved at every level in your community like Hazelton, Pennsylvania. Every mayor of every city must check with Mayor Barletta�s website on how to stop them in our cities. More Kathy McKee�s must step up like in Arizona. More Fred Elbel�s, Stan Weekes�, Mike McGarry�s, D.A. King�s, Henry McElroy�s, William Gheen�s, Linda Muller�s, Judy Singer�s, Terry Anderson�s, Barbara Coe�s, Roy Beck�s, David Durham�s, Robert Vasquez�s and thousands more must lead millions of Americans ready to act. We must clean out the driftwood in the Senate and House this November. Again, join to make a huge impact and change history.

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Up ahead, I see my brother Howard has picked out a place to stay. I roll up to the door, exhausted. You can�t imagine the long term drain of 15 hour days, people screaming obscenities at you while others offer cookies and thanks. At the final report of this ride, I hope to bring you good news, sobering news and opportunities for you to make a difference. I�m thinking back at last week as I stood over Paul Revere�s grave. You know what? I think he�s smiling because he knows that Americans have the grit, determination and power to take destiny into their own hands. He did it at the Boston Tea Party and the night he rode to warn of the British advance. He did it in his time and we do it in ours. He succeeded and so shall we. Good night and God�s speed.

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Every day on my bike riding through 43 states, I say my prayers. I speak to God honestly with my whole being. I speak my truth. I stand up for my country. I speak into the chaos of illegal alien advocates and counter demonstrators. I speak out for our Constitution.