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By Frosty Wooldridge
August 28, 2006

Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, DC

We�ve seen quite a few accidents along the highway in the past 11 weeks. Big 18 wheelers jack-knifed into ugly pretzels. Their cargoes spilled all over the highway. We�ve seen a dozen of car accidents alongside the road. Too many people don�t wear seat belts and still allow their kids to walk around in the back seat at 70 miles per hour. We�ve encountered drunks weaving in traffic. Thousands talk on cell phones while driving 75 miles per hour or make turns at intersections with only one hand on the wheel and not checking for traffic. Why does the public allow such irresponsible behavior that gets thousands of innocent people killed each year?

With 44,000 deaths on our nation�s highways annually, and half of them involving alcohol, why don�t we enact laws that stop it? Why not do one simple thing to stop drunks? What is it? Simple: impound any car of any drunk driver for two years. Make that driver pay towing, impound storage fees and severe insurance rates after a two year suspension of his/her license. If they drive a friend�s car, that automobile suffers the same fate. Without a car, drunk drivers can�t return to the road and no one will lend them a car. It would save 22,000 deaths per year, or, at least, save thousands. It�s so simple and so easily implemented. Private companies would jump at the chance for storage fees! As it is, drunks pay a fine; lose their license, but then, jump back into their car and drive without a license until they kill someone.

In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, we walked into the prettiest, most ornate and imposing state capital in the entire United States. It�s on par with our nation�s capital in Washington, DC.

Mayor Lou Barletta made national news in Hazleton, PA with his crackdown on illegal aliens. His city council passed ordinances to rescind business licenses of those who hired illegals and landlords who housed them. His town suffered so much crime, rapes, burglaries, speeders and drunks that he took action.

It�s not isolated, either. Last week in Bellevue, Tennessee, 74 year old grandmother Mary Sadler suffered an attack and brutal killing by illegal alien Ivan Moreno, 30, of Mexico. He knocked on the door and begged for money. When she declined, he killed her and her bird. Moreno stands behind jars as of this writing, but Sadler now resides six feet under. What if George Bush�s mother, Barbara Bush, suffered such a horrible fate? What if this invasion got down to a personal level for Bush like it gets for 9,125 American citizens who are killed by illegal aliens every year in our own country? That�s 25 a day! Would Bush keep telling us that these illegals do the jobs that Americans won�t do? I wonder how his daughters would feel it they were attacked by illegals or killed on the road by drunk illegals?

One dear reader, Carmen and her husband visited us at the New Jersey rally and again at the Harrisburg capital. I thank her for her great patriotism and enjoyed interviewing her on my radio talk show last year.

Again, in PA, a huge throng of 10 people showed up to support the Paul Revere Riders.

A quick ride carried us to Annapolis, Maryland where the police quickly told us we couldn�t stand, carry signs, speak or hand out pamphlets. �Can I change the gear on my motorcycle?� I asked one officer. �No, get moving,� he said. �Sir, I�m talking five minutes over there in a parking spot where it won�t bother anyone,� I said. He frowned, �Well, make it quick and get out of here.�

So much for free expression and first amendment rights in our own country. What really blows me away stems from the fact that police stand idly by while hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens march in our streets, but when we, the citizens of this country stand to speak up on the lawlessness, we get threatened with arrest. The Boston debacle rang in my ears when we brought the permits, but the counter demonstrators got full rights to blow us off the Boston Commons. When those same illegal aliens marched in Boston, NO LAW OFFICER STOPPED THEM! No ICE agent stood up! No one stopped their anarchy!

Thoroughly disgusted, we rode out of Annapolis wondering why we taxpayers pay millions of dollars for naval cadets to serve four years in college and become officers, only to have our own rights stomped into the ground.

In Dover, Delaware, we met with four people who showed up at the capitol.

Now, 11 weeks into this ride, we�re all exhausted. Not having anyone show up was somewhat of a relief, because, at the same time, we wouldn�t be facing 100 screaming maniacs calling us every name in the book. We�ve taken some rough shots and hard times from those demonstrators over the last four weeks.

They don�t bring reason, thought or discussion to our rallies�only vindictive, vitriolic, malicious, caustic and venomous rants. They wave the Mexican flag and chant in Spanish. These are examples of George Bush�s finest hour for the desecration of the U.S. Constitution.

We rolled toward Richmond, Virginia. Their capitol, designed by Thomas Jefferson, was walled off with scaffolding while being totally refurbished. Outside, we stood in awe of a cluster of statues showing Washington on a horse and surrounded by George Mason, Patrick Henry, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and several other great men of that time. St. John�s Church, behind the capitol, was the place where Henry gave his �give me liberty or give me death� speech.

I�d like to stop here to thank several of the riders who made their way across thousands of miles to join us. A man named Curtis, from Louisville, Kentucky rode his Harley-Davidson two days and through the night to be with us on our last three stops. He stood with us in DC the last day. Norman from Arizona did the same. Across America, Harley-Davidson shops hosted our rallies. I can�t thank each and every rider enough for sharing the road with the Paul Revere Ride Team. It meant a lot to have kindred souls on the road.

I won�t fool anyone; this is a hard ride. One minute we�ve got people cheering and thanking us, and the next, cursing us to go to hell or worse. At other times, no one shows up. Most often, the media wants to �corner� us with racial bias for their interviews. Then, back on our bikes, we pushed through horrific traffic. It�s dangerous on the East Coast with such heavy traffic volume.

You don�t ride 20,000 miles in 12 weeks without cost. Especially on a motorcycle, you must be alert every second on the road, or get killed. As a team, several of us got �short� with each other the last two weeks from the severe stress we experienced. However, it didn�t deter us from our mission.

On August 12, 2006, the Paul Revere Team road into Washington, DC with flags flying and almost two dozen bikes following us. We rolled past the Iwo Jima memorial and on to the Pentagon parking lot. Again, we notified all the top TV media, papers and radio. Not one single TV reporter showed up at our final rally.

I gotta� tell you; I thought Lou Dobbs would have us as guests of honor on his show. I figured Bill O�Reilly would offer us guest spots to get our take on America. I figured Matt Lauer would have a ton of questions. Surely Charlie Gibson would interview us. I thought at least one House Representative or senator would receive us into the nation�s capitol. We just rode our bikes 18,000 friggin� miles to all 48 state capitols in 11 weeks. We gave speeches and rode our hearts out.

We interviewed on 95 TV shows, 90 newspaper interviews, 60 radio interviews, NPR radio, Fox News in the Morning, and spoke to documentary film crews.

Hundreds of thousands knew about the final rally in DC. A grand total of 40 people showed up and almost two dozen bikes. I supposed if we had fought back at previous rallies and got into fist fights and called the illegals a bunch of �racist� names like "wetbacks" or "beaners", the press would have been their like wolves surrounding a deer. If we had broken a bunch of laws or harmed someone or threatened someone, the press would have been there.

Instead, we were ordinary American citizens who stood up for our country. We spoke out for America. We brought fact-based information as to what is happening to our country. We said, �In post 9/11 21st century America, it is dangerous and irresponsible to allow millions of people into our country and we don�t know who they are�we don�t know their criminal backgrounds, the diseases they carry, or their terrorist intentions. They overwhelm our schools, hospitals, prisons and language.

�We want our Constitution upheld by our president and Congress. They aren�t. We want National Guard troops on our borders, a big fence, employers of illegal aliens arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned, stopping of anchor babies, no amnesty or path to citizenship for illegals�and a reduction of legal immigration to a sustainable 100,000 annually so all Americans of every race, creed and color have the opportunity to pursue the American Dream in a sustainable society.

�Finally, we asked, name one advantage to adding 100 million people to the United States in the next 34 years?�

Tears streamed down my face as well as Rick�s, Micha�s and Cindy�s. We saluted Don McKee who couldn�t finish the ride. We thanked Glen Colton and all the hosts who took us into their homes as if we were their next door neighbors. The fact is, we�re all neighbors from Maine to Michigan to Oregon to Texas to Florida. We�ve all got a stake in this national nightmare.

All of us gave speeches. We presented Micha with the Paul Revere Ride banner. We gave our special Paul Revere Ride Salute to the audience. My brother Howard signed off as �Trail Boss�. We fired up our bikes and rode around the U.S. Capitol Building and by the White House.

In the annals of American history, perhaps nothing will become of this one critical moment where six Americans from across the country set out on a 48 state motorcycle ride in the summer of 2006. Perhaps our efforts fell on deaf ears of a sleeping nation. Maybe the history of great nations follows in the footsteps of Rome. Maybe America no longer maintains a spot on the mountain of human hope.

Perhaps this nation deserves an incompetent leader like George Bush breaking international laws by attacking other nations, lying to the American people often, violating his oath of office, crushing the Middle Class by encouraging illegal alien migration as well as support of insourcing, oursourcing and offshoring. Perhaps this nation deserves a �bought and paid for� U.S. Senate. Perhaps we deserve our fate for our apathy.

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Anyone with an ounce of common sense understands the next 100 million immigrants in 34 years cements the destruction of the United States of America.

In the final column, part 14, of this Paul Revere Ride, I hope to bring you observations from my �rear view mirror�. As Thomas Jefferson said, "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."

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Last week in Bellevue, Tennessee, 74 year old grandmother Mary Sadler suffered an attack and brutal killing by illegal alien Ivan Moreno, 30, of Mexico. He knocked on the door and begged for money. When she declined, he killed her and her bird.