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By Frosty Wooldridge
August 31, 2006

In The Rear View Mirror

Have you ever ridden a motorcycle? Felt the vibrations of its throbbing engine? Did you crank the throttle while feeling sheer power surging beneath your body? Did the pipes sound like a thousand lions? Have you felt the road whizzing beneath your feet at 70 miles per hour?

Ever hear the rumble of a big Harley-Davidson Road King thundering toward you? It�s all American. It�s the USA. It�s freedom personified. It�s wild. It�s liberating. It�s you, nature and the endless ribbon of pavement extending across America.

No matter how big or fancy the cars ahead or behind you, people stare at motorcyclists heading �Into the Wind�. If they don�t know the feeling, they can�t relate, but somewhere in their sleeping wildness, they crave the raw power of a motorcycle.

What does a motorcycle bring an American? Adventure! Pure and simple! Elvis loved his Harleys. Steve McQueen rode to stardom in the �Great Escape�. Marlon Brando thrived on his bike in the �Wild One�. Schwarzenegger straddled a Harley in his �Terminator� film. Every man and woman that rides knows the feeling, the power, the sheer energy derived from riding the beast between their legs.

In the summer of 2006 as members of the 21st Century Paul Revere Ride, two women and three men traversed America on motorcycles. They gunned their engines through 20,000 miles of America�s wondrous landscape. They climbed into snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains. They rolled along the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. They throttled their way into arid deserts with 114 degrees of heat boiling off suffocating pavement. They powered up passes with rain and snow slamming into their bodies. They cruised across barren prairie and into verdant forests where Paul Bunyan once ruled. They crossed quiet rivers dominated by ancient forests in America�s northeast woodlands.

�They�re so dangerous,� many said. �You could get killed,� others lamented. To that I say, �You could die in a rocking chair from boredom, too!�

For those of us who ride, there�s a �sweet spot� where the wind, temperature and speed mesh into synchronicity that creates a sense of freedom that carries a rider�s spirit into realms unexplainable�it�s a feeling. For Americans, it�s taken for granted after 230 years that we possess the ability to do what we please. We work hard; we play hard. What is Sturgis, South Dakota? It�s a legend realized by those who ride bikes. A motorcycle takes us there! Haven�t been to Sturgis? Go there before you die, because if you don�t, you miss one of the greatest spectacles and pageants of American life! I guarantee it.

As I headed into my final 2,000 miles back home from Washington, DC, I needed a break from the extreme stress of the last 11 weeks. I chose the Blue Ridge Skyline Drive starting in Front Royal, Virginia. Talk about riding a slithering snake! Fun, baby, you ain�t had fun until you�ve throttled into its awesome beauty! Next, I chose the Blue Ridge Parkway over 470 miles of extreme curves, Civil War history, gapping canyons filled with trees, rivers, Mabry Mill, and quiet beauty of the Appalachian Mountains. From there, I cruised into the Great Smokey Mountains where I shot a lot of pictures and wrote a feature article for Rider Magazine, which I�ve been writing for, for the past 26 years.

Additionally, for those of you with kids, I invite you to visit my website or where you�ll discover �MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURE TO ALASKA: INTO THE WIND�A TEEN NOVEL� by Frosty Wooldridge. It�ll carry you and your teens into a wild and marvelous adventure much like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, but set in the 21st century where Old Man River has been replaced by a ribbon of concrete and the raft is now a motorcycle. It�s a rite of passage book for teens--filled with remarkable adventures.

But for me, the sun�s shadows grow long in my 60 years of living. I�m looking in the rear view mirrors. I�ve lived the American Dream like few others. How fortunate and blessed I�ve been to travel across six continents. How graced to live through amazing bicycle adventures as well as motorcycle journeys. Each day I wake up, I am filled with wonder, awe and gratitude.

I�ve worked hard all my life; I earned my passage. I took generous amounts of time to explore the planet, discovered a great deal, learned a lot; and now, it�s payback to my country.

In this grand journey across 48 states, I�ve seen the good, bad and ugly expressing itself in America. Here�s what I learned on the 21st Century Paul Revere Ride.


I thank each and every one of you fellow Americans for your donations to the Paul Revere Ride. For every $10.00 up to $1,000.00, your money paid for gas, food and shelter. Your donations helped with signs, media and equipment. I am so deeply touched that you cared enough to make a contribution to this cause, this shining moment, this salute to Paul Revere and the brave men of the American Revolution.

I thank the families who sacrificed the time away from their husbands, wives and kids. This was not an easy walk in the park. I thank my wife, Sandi, for her support as she worried that I might get hurt or suffer violence. I thank all the wives and husbands who sent their warriors into harms way. I thank my brother Howard for being the best �trail boss� on this arduous ride. He�s a man of true grit having already ridden his horse across America twice. �Misty�s Long Ride: Across America on Horseback� by Howard Wooldridge. He exemplifies the kind of �grit and determination� needed in this hour of crisis for our nation.

I thank Micha, Don, Cindy, Rick, Glen and Howard for making compelling speeches during difficult moments when the lawless won out with sirens, horns and loudspeakers. I�m proud that we didn�t resort to violence or finger pointing or name calling. We didn�t engage the counter demonstrators. We proceeded with noble purpose and honor. After all, Paul Revere rode into the night against horrific odds of being shot, horse breaking his leg or being knocked off by a traitor.

I thank each and every person who organized rallies for us in all the states across America. Your steadfast energy and organization created that �tipping point� that will result in people changing their votes this November. This American dilemma, after all, is the greatest crisis facing our nation since the Civil War. If you don�t understand that, pray the history books show that we won and not the illegal alien hordes or their supporters. No Republican form of government can long exist with the invasion we suffer today from Mexico.

I thank all the hosts across America who took us in for a night or two. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. I loved sitting on decks with a lake out front after a hard day�s ride. I loved conversations with you as we broke bread and shared our lives. Honest to God, we Americans are all neighbors. You�re welcome at my house anytime.

I thank everyone who brought gifts of cookies or treats. Marty�s in Nebraska still keep my taste buds dancing! Thank you to all the gray-haired ladies who shook our hands and took pictures. Thank you to the WWII men, Korean veterans and Vietnam vets who stood so proud to once again stand for their country. Everyone waved an American flag in the face of Mexican flags. Others withstood withering insults by illegal aliens and their supporters. I�m amazed we didn�t get attacked and beaten up, but then again, thank you to all the police officers who stood between us and the lawless ones.

I thank the motorcycle clubs like Rolling Thunder, Abate, Harley-Davidson bike shops and organizers who stepped up. Thank you Minutemen in every state who guarded us at the rallies. I thank brave speakers like Tom Tancredo, Congressman Steve King of Iowa, Don Goldwater and Mike Harris running for governor in Arizona, and many other state representatives who spoke at our rallies.

Finally, I thank you, the great American reader and friend. We�re in this together. Our children are in this American crisis. All our families are in this national nightmare.


In every state, illegal aliens overwhelm schools, hospitals, prisons, communities and the American way of life. They extend no respect, allegiance or loyalty to America. They show no respect for our language, culture or laws. They manifest diseases, drugs, gangs and violence. They infiltrate our own governmental sectors, fraudulently vote and take over whenever they gain greater numbers. They feed on our welfare system like parasites. They use us against ourselves. They eat our food in school breakfast and lunch programs, use our ESL courses against us, make babies on our dollar and laugh at us for allowing them to do it. They undermine our work force in all areas. We are in deep danger as their numbers grow.

Those who hire them cut their own throats in the long run and cut their neighbors� throats in the short run. It�s all about money. It�s all about greed. It�s all about corporation CEOs making millions while we subsidize and suffer the consequences.

You would be astounded at the millions of �gated communities� entrenched across this nation. They feel protected, but they won�t be protected as this nation turns toward the same violence experienced in Paris, France or the same tension realized in London, England. They suffer two separate societies instead of one British Society. They Balkanized themselves into severe immigration created multicultural nightmares. We�re following them into the same hellhole.

By allowing millions of illegal aliens to work our jobs, we�re forcing our working class citizens into greater poverty that, in the end, will join with the poverty of illegal aliens as they add millions more. You see, the line never ends. Mexico exported over 10 percent or upwards of 12 million illegals, but they will send another 12 million illegals if allowed. No one will win this immigration crisis. We�ll all lose. I see violence coming.

I also see politicians bought off by corporations. Watch the money and you�ll see the bills pass or fail, depending on contributions and arm-twisting by corporations. It�s why S.B. 2611 passed. It�s a travesty against the US Constitution, but 62 senators voted for it. They�re all bought and paid for by big money.

I saw apathy across this land thicker than hair on a sheep dog. I saw degraded ghettoes across this land in LA, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, New Orleans, Jackson, Mississippi and everywhere, but no President Bush helping to build up our country with jobs. I saw New Orleans and Katrina�s results, and if Bush thinks he�s doing a great job rebuilding Iraq, he�s a sad and sick man with a blind eye toward our own citizens.

I saw unending traffic gridlock and air pollution in cities across America�with no hope of being solved�but in fact, will grow worse as we add another 100 million people via immigration in the next 34 years. Yet, no one steps up to talk about it. No one speaks against the holy grail of growth. We�re like a 400 pound fat man trying to solve his weight problem by gorging on ice cream. We keep adding people and he keeps adding weight. At some point, he dies of a heart attack or can�t move, and his quality of life deteriorates to misery. At some point, our country suffers an irreversible crisis with unsolvable problems. For the West, it will be acute water shortages. For the rest of America, it will degraded living conditions and environmental nightmares.

For those of you across the nation, I present a program to colleges, high schools, church groups, Rotary Clubs, civic clubs and more: �THE COMING POPULATION CRISIS IN AMERICA: AND WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT�. I need to present it to Congress to wake them up. I�ve tried to get on Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, Charlie Gibson, Diane Sawyer, 60 Minutes and many more with that program, but they won�t touch it. We either deal with this 100 million now or stop it, or once they are here, we finished as a nation and the American Dream won�t survive.

I learned that most Americans unfortunately think their senators and House reps work in America�s best interests. They think President Bush is doing the best for America. Nothing could be further from the truth. President Bush is, and I say this at point blank range, maneuvering to destroy America�s borders and sovereignty. Thus far, he succeeds more each day. Men like Congressman Chris Cannon of Utah, Senator Orrin Hatch, Congressman Joe Baca, House woman Nancy Pelosi, Senator John McCain and many others are in constant violation of their oath of office and the US Constitution. George Bush is eligible for impeachment for his offenses against the Constitution in the past six years.

I learned that our national language and cohesion as a nation and one people stands in critical danger. When the rate of immigration exceeds the rate of assimilation, it is a recipe for the destruction of any society. Forcing us to Push 1 for English and Push 2 for Spanish is the greatest fraud on our society, but not enough American protest; so, we get what �they� force upon us. And, our society will pay as we fracture and become strangers to this subclass of foreign invaders. Don�t blame them; blame ourselves for allowing it.

I learned that few Black Americans and even fewer Hispanic Americans stand up against this invasion. How ironic! They suffer the greatest consequences as their jobs vanish to the illegals. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton suffer ego, false Black pride and buckets of money while their fellow Black Americans die in the inner cities.

I learned that our bridges and highways crumble and crack while we spend billions to rebuild Iraq, Afghanistan and dozens of other countries. Our schools fall apart for our working poor and our health care helps illegals more than our own citizens.

I learned that Bush and Congress promote and aid illegality as well as all 50 governors of our states. Notice not one of our 50 governors stands up against this invasion or speaks out. Mayors of cities cower in corners while our citizens suffer rapes, death, child molestation, drugs, crime and worse.

I learned that we�re in a race to see how fast the �elites� can destroy our country by vanquishing our borders and flooding us with the world�s unending poor versus how fast we citizens stand up to stop it. If we don�t, we shall devolve into a second world country where Mexicans, Central Americans, South Americans and millions from around the world spill into our country without end. At some point, we�ll have a high class and a low class. Our middle class shall not survive this invasion much longer. There will be a �tipping point� where we either regain our borders or lose them altogether. It�s not going to be pretty.

Finally, I learned that the consequences of adding 100 million people reported by USA TODAY newspaper in July would and should shock the pants off Americans. It didn�t and hasn�t. Those 62 senators would vote again for S.B. 2611 that ensures adding 100 million people to our country. I can�t figure out if we have lost our collective minds or we don�t have enough educated people in this country who understand the magnitude of our situation. The regular �Joe� doesn�t have a clue as he watches Mexicans overrun his community. He complains but does nothing. He curses them, but won�t take action.


For me, the last 2,000 miles of the Paul Revere Ride carried me across the Great Plains. I thought a lot about Paul Revere. I thought about standing over his gravesite. I thanked him for his courage.

Around my neck, a dog tag dangles with the names of Sean and Sara Marti, two Americans killed by a drunk illegal alien Mexican driver. Ruthie in Minnesota, who is running for lieutenant governor along with Sue Jeffers running for governor, gave it to me at their rally. It reminds me of the millions of personal tragedies brought about by illegal immigration. It reminds me why Paul Revere never quit and why I will never quit this quest to save America. It is my country, it is my family, it is my responsibility. In the end, it�s our country and our responsibility.

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�Democratic institutions exist by reason of their virtue. If ever they perish, it will happen when you have forgotten the past, become indifferent to the present and utterly reckless to the future.�

In the end, this country, our future, our children�s fate and the future of humanity stands in what we do today�what you do now. Paul Revere rode his horse. Betsy Ross stitched our new flag. Thomas Jefferson wrote, �We the people�.� Jefferson �thought� the revolution. George Washington fought it. Men and women from every community took up arms. Whether the brave souls from Valley Forge to the jungles of Vietnam and desert sands of Iraq, it�s always been us, average American citizens that have defended our nation. Whether 1776 or 2006, that was their time; this is ours. I urge you to bring your relentless enthusiasm to your country. Good night and God�s speed.

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As I headed into my final 2,000 miles back home from Washington, DC, I needed a break from the extreme stress of the last 11 weeks. I chose the Blue Ridge Skyline Drive starting in Front Royal, Virginia. Talk about riding a slithering snake! Fun, baby, you ain�t had fun until you�ve throttled into its awesome beauty!