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By Frosty Wooldridge
September 4, 2006

Pat Buchanan, former U.S. presidential candidate, stands as the preeminent leader in America's worst hour of crisis since the Civil War. What is that crisis? Americans wilt under an invasion of the United States by millions of dispossessed migrants from Third World countries. They break all rules by coming to America illegally. With allegiances emotionally divided, Americans allow 12 million high school dropouts from Third World countries--who refuse to speak English-- into the mainstream of their fading First World country.

Buchanan explains how social chaos spreads across America. The impacts at every level of American society explode with accelerating consequences by the day. Schools cannot teach America's kids because Third World children do not speak English, lack educational fundamentals and separate into enclaves of an underclass.

America's hospitals suffer unpaid services for millions of illegals. In California, 86 hospitals and ER wards bankrupted in the past four years. MS-13 gangs stampede across America. Over $100 billion in drugs cross from Mexico into America annually. Prisons explode with 29 percent convicted illegal alien felons at an annual cost of $1.6 billion.

Meanwhile, the myth that all illegal aliens comprise "nice, hard-working people" continues unchecked as we move toward lower and lower incomes, and erosion of the tax-base required for infrastructure upkeep.

Americans lose jobs to an underpaid 21st century slave class. As America's working poor stagger to unemployment lines--regular blue collar jobs of every description fall illegally into the hands of uninvited aliens.

Diseases like tuberculosis, hepatitis and leprosy� once extinct in America� returned in the past 15 years because 12 million illegal aliens, many estimates exceed 20 million, didn't undergo health-screening at the border. Buchanan exposes horrific disease consequences pouring into our hospitals. In North Carolina, one illegal alien suffers from a case of AIDS and tuberculosis. His cost to American taxpayers exceeds $1,600.00 daily. He�s one of 16,000 new cases of TB brought into the United States. Tuberculosis kills two million worldwide annually.

What's causing this national nightmare?

Whether speaking on television to American citizens or battling oblivious leaders at the highest levels, Pat Buchanan sharpens his mighty quill in his blockbuster book titled: "STATE OF EMERGENCY: THE THIRD WORLD INVASION AND CONQUEST OF AMERICA."

Buchanan writes, "America has a government too morally flabby to act as Eisenhower did to remove from our national home those who have broken in and have no right to be here. How many American women must be assaulted, how many children molested, how many citizens must die--25 Americans die daily, at the hands of illegal aliens--before our government leaders do their duty?" (Source: U.S. Representative Steve King of Iowa, quoting a recent GAO report to the U.S. Congress.)

With electric clarity, coupled with anguishing facts, Buchanan educates readers to America's dilemma: �Mexicans retain their language and loyalty to Mexico."

Buchanan dispels the "Myth of the Indispensable Alien" that does the job that no American would do. When employers pay a living-wage, with reasonable benefits, U.S. citizens work with honor. "What we're creating," Buchanan writes, "are two Americas; separate and unequal." The two largest minorities, American Blacks and alien Hispanics, compete violently amongst themselves and dropout from school with achievement levels three to five grades behind white and Asian students. This causes a polarized society.

Buchanan quotes Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who warned, "There is nothing more dangerous than to build a society, with a large segment of people in that society, who feel that they have no stake in it; who feel that they have nothing to lose. People who have a stake in their society, protect that society, but when they don't 'own' it, they want to destroy it."

While the rich may think it's safe to live in gated communities in places like Madison, Wisconsin and Loudoun County near our nation's capital�how acceptable would it be to live an upper middle class life once millions of illegal aliens recreate their squalid surroundings of the Third World imported into America?

Buchanan quotes from Jean Raspail who wrote, "Camp of the Saints" a prophetic novel 30 years ago warning France not to import millions of incompatible cultures and poor people into its heartland. As an armada of desperate immigrants set sail from Calcutta, one of the figures said, "You don't know my people, the squalor, superstitions, the fatalistic sloth they've wallowed in for generations. You don't know what you're in for if that fleet of brutes ever lands in your lap. Everything will change in this country of yours. They will swallow you up."

Case in point, Muslim immigrants grow faster than their French hosts. While they are French citizens, they are not French--but left in a nether world of mixed and incompatible cultures. As Theo Van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn of Holland discovered, when you upset certain Muslim factions, they kill you. When you upset enough of them, as in Paris, France in December, they fire bombed 10,000 cars while rioting for three weeks. Both Spain and the United Kingdom suffered train and subway bombings by citizen immigrants. Welcome to Eurabia!

While Buchanan�s book rivets a reader's sensibilities, a growing depression and frightening realization pervades any American's sense of well being. What happens in Europe repeats itself in America.

In the past 40 years, immigration drove the U.S. population from 194 million to 300 million in October 2006. That's 106 million people added in four decades. Latest predictions show another 100 million by 2040; the Hispanic-Latino illegal-alien cohort doubles every four years. The catastrophic consequences portend irreversible crises and unsolvable problems as to environmental impact, global warming, species extinction, nonrenewable resources, crowding, grid-locked thoroughfares, loss of quality-of-life and downgrading of the American standard of living.

"By 2050 or sooner, America will become a multiracial, multiethnic, multilingual, multicultural conglomerate�a Balkanized 420 million, a Tower of Babel, a replica of the Roman Empire after the Goths and Vandals invaded," Buchanan said in his sobering Last Chance chapter at the end of the book.

Buchanan understates our growing population dilemma. Demographic experts expect 600 million by 2065, or sooner.

What must be done? Buchanan says America needs a 10 year moratorium on all immigration. It�s our only chance for assimilating those here today. After that, we allow less than 100,000 immigrants annually for a sustainable future for all races, creeds and colors. Other countries and their citizens must solve their own problems. Build a wall along 2,000 miles of the Mexican border. Secure it forever! The $8 billion cost would easily be offset by savings in welfare, health care, education and incarceration of illegal aliens. Stop the 350,000 anchor babies annually. End duel citizenship. Either you�re an American or you are not! Stop all chain migration. Stop the magnet jobs for illegals. Deport? Don�t have to! �Attrition through enforcement� works quickly and easily. Eisenhower did it and so can Bush.

Buchanan �sees� our dilemma. When the rate of immigration exceeds the rate of assimilation�it is a recipe for the breakdown of any civilization. The United States rushes toward a fate similar to Rome, France, England and Holland.

The most sobering ramifications of Buchanan�s book stems from the sheer numbers of immigrants. Name one advantage of adding 100 million people in 34 years to the United States of America.

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This book represents the most important book you�ll read in your lifetime. It exposes the future of America if this invasion continues. It illustrates what your children face if you don�t take action. Conviction without action is worthless; conviction coupled with action changes history. Let�s get busy!

Buchanan finished, �In our hearts we know what must be done. We must stop the invasion.�

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The impacts at every level of American society explode with accelerating consequences by the day. Schools cannot teach America's kids because Third World children do not speak English...