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By Frosty Wooldridge
September 7, 2006

On Wednesday, August 30, 2006, at an immigration conference chaired by Senator Wayne Allard in Denver, Colorado, a high profile pro-illegal alien advocate looked up at me with seething anger in her swollen eyes, �You�re despicable!� She ripped the sign out of my hands, �STOP THE INVASION: DEPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS.�

She sobbed to the press about her illegal aliens being outlawed with Colorado�s new immigration laws, �This system is a tragedy, and people are suffering.�

What caused her outburst of yelling and violence? While she and others for �Immigrant Rights� presented a news conference to counter Senator Allard�s, I took a lesson out of her playbook from my experiences on the 21st Century Paul Revere Ride this past summer. While my group toured 48 states, busting our rear ends for 20,000 miles on motorcycles (my butt still aches), we always presented a permit to speak, but illegal alien advocates shouted us down from Los Angeles to Boston.

While this fine, upstanding woman with questionable allegiance to America, stood in front of five cameras talking a line of balderdash, I stepped in front of her stating, �In post 9/11, 21st century America, it is dangerous and irresponsible to allow millions of people into our country and we don�t know their identities. We don�t know their criminal backgrounds, their terrorist intent or the diseases they carry into our country. They�re overwhelming our schools, hospitals, prisons and language. Illegal aliens kill 25 Americans daily! We�re tired of being collateral damage in our own country. We�re sick of Americans like her advocating for anarchy against our laws.�

All cameras swung our way as my friend Stan and I destroyed her sweet, come- on-in, break-our-laws-with-impunity and take-over-our-country-speech, which disintegrated into shrieks of �You�re despicable!� First of all, she advocated against the Constitution. I stood for the rule of law in the U.S. Constitution. She advocated for another country�s people breaking illegally into our country. She called them �immigrants.� Let�s make this one point clear: we invite immigrants into our country to speak our language and learn our culture while they assimilate and become lawful Americans. Illegal aliens cannot be called immigrants.

Her vitriolic words caught me by surprise, �You�re despicable!�

I�m going to tell you what�s �despicable�. It�s despicable that Mexico, China, Cuba, Africa, India, Central and South America and other countries ship millions of their poorest, most illiterate, dispossessed citizens along with MS-13 gangs, drugs and diseases into our successful country.

It�s sickening to me, that, after building our country on the bedrock of hard work, a republican form of government and citizen dynamics for 230 years--other governments encourage their citizens to migrate into our country without invitation.

It�s despicable that Mexico�s failed governance, society and culture won�t fix its own society. It thrusts its most destitute citizens on us�bankrupting our system. It�s despicable they overrun our hospitals, schools, jobs and prisons with their worst citizens�at our expense!

I find it pathetic they come here for a better life when they�ve got six to eight kids back in Mexico where they can�t feed them. Has anyone asked them to practice birth control so they could feed two kids instead of eight?

It�s despicable that 25 Americans die every day at the hands of illegal aliens. It�s sickening that 630,000 illegal alien convicted felons bed down at night in our prisons when they should be back in their own counties committing crimes in their own societies. They need to pay for those crimes in their penal systems, not ours!

It�s more than sickening that our schools suffer dozens of foreign languages that make our American students suffer a mediocre education. It�s despicable that we pay K-12 education for three million illegal alien kids at the degradation of our own children�s education.

What stands as despicable arrived in the words of Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation when he told Senator Allard that if the Senate Bill 2611 passed and allowed a pathway to citizenship for 12 million illegal aliens, �It will cost taxpayers $16 billion in added benefits once the illegals became citizens�over all cost in 35 years exceeds $50 billion.� That comes out of our pockets! If the real number of 20 million illegals comes up for citizenship, oh my God, we�re in trouble!

Paul Cullinan of the Congressional Budget Office forecast an increase of $48 billion in federal spending on mandatory programs in the next decade.

Governor Owens said, �Convicted illegal aliens cost Colorado taxpayers $25 million annually�Medicaid births for non-citizens cost taxpayers $30 million annually�1,615 applicants for IDs couldn�t produce legal documents showing they were not legal immigrants.�

What�s despicable? Illegal aliens� children costing Colorado taxpayers $564.1 million annually. Last year 271 hit and run accidents occurred in Greeley, Colorado. Three Colorado citizens suffered death at the hands of illegal aliens drunks and shooters. Aurora Mayor Tauer said, �My city pays more than $5 million a year for police and fire services to illegal aliens...$20 million goes for education of illegal alien children�finally, $10 million pays for emergency room care for illegal aliens at two Aurora hospitals (small city near Denver).�

Despicable stems from illegal aliens openly breaking our laws, stealing jobs from our workers, working off the books while paying no taxes, and sending $60 billion in cash back to their home countries like so many parasites. Weld Country District Attorney Ken Buck said, �Illegals slip through the cracks because of federal laws not being enforced�we must close the borders, Senator Allard.�

What and who is despicable? President Bush for not doing his sworn duty! A U.S. Senate that doesn�t give a tinker�s bottom about our borders, our Constitution, our language, our laws and our lawful way of life! Who is the most despicable? Employers who hire illegal aliens against our American work force stand in contempt and betrayal of their fellow citizens.

Who is guilty most of all? Average American citizens for not standing up against this invasion, now in its 20th year; now in excess of 20 million illegal aliens massing against us in our own country! All of us sitting on our rear ends watching reruns of �Friends� stand guilty as our country slides down the toilet faster than a bullet train! That�s despicable!

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As for the lady who yelled, �You�re despicable!� I respond, �In a pig�s eye and you ain�t seen nothin� yet.� At 6�4� in my boots, I�m a nasty, mean, agile, mobile, hostile, fierce, all American bad boy with millions of American neighbors ready to rumble. I�m a former over-the-road 18 wheeler truck driver as well as a math and science teacher. Three million of my truckin� buddies will not side with you Miss Despicable! The term �despicable� is the least of your worries when it comes to millions of angry Americans. When we finally fire up like an NFL football game against illegal immigration--your cute little Mexican illegal alien party may as well head south of the border where you can dance in your tortilla fields and fight for a better life by changing your own country by your own hands. We speak English in America. Multiculturalism sucks! We sit tall in the saddle. We speak up for our rights. We won�t back down. This is our country. We are the home team. This is our turf. We stand for integrity. It�s a long walk back to your country, but we�re going to make sure you exit ours. Come back and see us when you come legally. Like Tom Bodett says in English, �We�ll leave the light on for you.�

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As for the lady who yelled, �You�re despicable!� I respond, �In a pig�s eye and you ain�t seen nothin� yet.� At 6�4� in my boots, I�m a nasty, mean, agile, mobile, hostile, fierce, all American bad boy with millions of American neighbors ready to rumble.