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By Frosty Wooldridge
September 11, 2006

Do you remember this day five years ago? Do you remember the horror, astonishment and confusion you felt? Do you remember your bewilderment?

Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, Harry Smith, Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw, Fox and CNN brought 9/11 into your home with anguishing clarity.

At that ugly moment in history, George Bush sat seven minutes in an elementary classroom after being told of planes crashing into the World Trade Towers�paralyzed in his mind and body. He didn�t know what to do. Neither did we!

Our nation suffered unheard of trauma that day. Europe, Asia and Africa knew the ravages of war, but not America. We continued unscathed and untouched until 9/11. Are we more secure today? Short answer: in a pig�s eye!

What has happened to America for the past five years may be likened to a tsunami�s origin, which is an earthquake under the ocean, but you can�t see the catastrophic results until it hits the beaches miles and hours later.

What can�t Americans see as we go about our daily business?

For starters, Osama Bin Laden roams Iraq�s mountains as a symbol of Muslim defiance coupled with terrorism, as well as inspiration. Muslims honor Bin Laden as the god of payback to the West. Bush can�t find him and the CIA shut down their units searching for him.

Unknown to you, the Bin Laden family, long time friends of Bush I, invested $10 million in Bechtel, an American company receiving the second most contracts for rebuilding Iraq. It�s anybody�s guess how much Halliburton, Cheney�s old company, makes off American taxpayers while American soldiers die in the indolent sands of Iraq. When it comes to this war, follow the money as to why it continues. For a queasy reminder, why do you think Vietnam continued for 10 years? Follow the money! Lyndon Baines Johnson was the most corrupt man ever to inhabit the White House.

Around the world, as I found out last summer in my travels through Europe and from letters flowing into my computer from all over the world, the United States is less respected, less appreciated and not liked for George Bush�s provocation of the Iraq War based on lies of weapons of mass destruction. They still ask why Bush didn�t allow the weapons inspectors to do their jobs.

Are we safer? In Iraq, Bush has killed over 50,000 civilians. He�s created sectarian chaos. He�s invaded a sovereign nation without provocation. The United States is not one ounce safer. Bush�s barbaric use of depleted uranium bombs on tens of thousands of civilians in Iraq exceeds ethical boundaries. He spawned a new kind of Islamic rage against America. They seethe with anger and revenge.

Bush stymied a full investigation of 9/11. Ask Peter Gadiel and all other victims of that horrific day. Credible conspiracy evidence exposes an inside job that some in the administration knew about. For a second example, Franklin Delano Roosevelt sacrificed 3,000 sailors at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. His knowledge of the attack is no longer denied. At some point, Bush may not escape the same fate of history�s watchdogs.

Bush keeps America in a constant state of fear as he abuses power and privilege. Instead of leadership, he uses intimidation and platitudes. He pretends to make America safer while he invites millions of people to illegally cross our borders. His own administration admits the next attack, ��isn�t a matter of if, but when.�

He repeats like a broken record of his �War on Terror.� He can�t win in Iraq or Afghanistan, but he won�t leave. For his inane cowboy rhetoric, he�s fanning terrorist flames in the hearts of thousands of Muslims to get even with us. Meanwhile our finest young people die or become crippled by Bush�s War. He�s a fool to think he can bring democracy to a land that followed theocracy for the past 1,600 years under Islam. He doesn�t have enough common sense or knowledge of history to understand that democracy is an advanced form of governance; it� can�t be shoved down someone�s ancient culture or succeed with illiterate people voting with a dyed finger.

He doesn�t understand that Iraq now stands waist deep in a civil war. If Bush truly understood his role as a world leader, he would suggest splitting Iraq into three sections: Sunnis, Kurds and Shiites. How simple! How compelling! How rational!

The more force Bush uses, the more it responds in kind. We learned that fact in Vietnam. He�s gotten 2,600 young men and women killed. He�s crippled 17,000 young lives that must now hobble through this world with single, double, triple and quadruple amputations�and many other God forsaken war injuries. Meanwhile, he bankrupts our country, our citizens and our hope for a better world. We stand at $8.4 trillion in debt as the war adds $300 billion in September. He ignores Article IV Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution. He favors corporation profits over American jobs. He�s dismantling our Middle Class. He openly works to destroy our sovereignty by displacing us out of our own country with millions of illegal alien migrants. He�s Balkanizing us faster than a lightning bolt.

Safer? That�s a hoot! Worldwide terrorism increased 300 percent since 2003.

In the meantime, he�s broken the U.S. Constitution as to First, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights. He�s vulnerable for impeachment. That�s why our founders placed that consequence into the Constitution.

It is clear, after six years, he is not a competent leader. He is, however, our public servant. He and Congress serve us. They and Bush should serve our Constitution instead of violating it. He should serve America�s interests instead of corporations� interests. He should secure our borders and not Iraq�s or Korea�s. He should stop outsourcing, insourcing and offshoring of our jobs. He should work for a balanced budget. He should work to get 14 million unemployed Americans back to work. He should withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan while leaving the Muslim world to its own devices. He should mind our borders by enforcing our laws. He fails!

Remember this: if you walk into a stranger�s back yard, the guard dog will bark, bite and defend its turf for as long as you trespass. It�s no different in the Muslim world. We need to get out of the Middle East. Pay for their oil and get out of their lives and cultures. Better yet, Bush needs to spend $300 billion for alternative energy research which would allow us to vacate the Middle East for good.

In six short years, he�s caused more damage to the United States internally than any other president in US history. As he crusades in his �War on Terror,� our southern neighbor invades us with drugs, drug runners, diseases, crime, an endless line of migrants, destruction of our schools, prisons and hospitals. He works more for those who break our laws than for those of us who abide by our laws.

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How bad was 9/11? For those affected, it killed their loved ones� dreams and destroyed 3,000 lives. My heart, mind and spirit extend to each of them. As fellow Americans and human beings, I extend my deepest sympathies and shared pain.

George Bush�s legacy shall reach farther than 9/11�s destruction of 3,000 lives; he�s on course to destroy our nation by ignoring our United States Constitution.

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We need to get out of the Middle East. Pay for their oil and get out of their lives and cultures. Better yet, Bush needs to spend $300 billion for alternative energy research which would allow us to vacate the Middle East for good.