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By Frosty Wooldridge
September 21, 2006

In the 60s, �Popeye the Sailor Man� guzzled spinach from a can in order to battle the bad guys. He became an icon of good health for those who ate vegetables and exercised.

As of this week across America, you don�t want to eat spinach nor any vegetables grown and picked by America�s newest slave class. Restaurants called for a ban on serving spinach salads. I�ll bet most Americans shy away from lettuce, cabbage and other leafy vegetables in the coming weeks. They�re all grown and harvested under the same conditions and same people.

Why? As of Wednesday, 146 citizens in 23 states suffered E. Coli infection and one died.

How do you think this disease outbreak occurred? To bring it into sobering focus, please understand that 20 million illegal aliens crossed into America in the past 20 years without any kind of health screening. They work picking our food, washing our dishes in restaurants and, as is the norm in Third World countries, rarely if ever wash their hands after using the toilet. Additionally, most of them suffer functional illiteracy. They do not practice personal hygiene or health habits most Americans assume as a normal aspect of living.

While on my 21st Century Paul Revere Ride this summer through 48 states, I saw thousands of illegal aliens working in fields the length of California. I rode through Salinas Valley where illegals cultivated crops. I noticed porta-potties sometimes and none at other times. I never saw hand washing facilities. Pause for a moment, and consider cleanliness habits of Third World people with a fifth grade education. Why does disease affect millions in the Third World? What happens when millions migrate illegally to our country? Might dozens or more do their morning constitutional amongst the crops for lack of a porta-potty? Might the contamination be spread across the fields by the common practice of �flood irrigation?� Would flooding spread the contamination further?

You never �hear� the major TV networks address or experts talk about this aspect of the contamination of our foods. It�s a cover-up, plain and simple. They only report it when it breaks out beyond their ability to squelch it.

Remember Chi Chi�s Restaurants in Pennsylvania that killed several customers because the work staff suffered hepatitis infections? Remember the Center for Disease Control stating they thought the source originated in Mexican fields irrigated with sewage water?

Have you heard about the latest multi drug resistant tuberculosis outbreaks in Philadelphia, Atlanta and near Cleveland this summer? We�ve imported at least 16,000 cases of TB in the past five years according to latest reports. Before that, TB was virtually extinct in America.

Tuberculosis kills 2,000,000 people world wide annually. Where? In the Third World! Why? Illiteracy, contaminated water, limited food and lack of hospital care! We�ve imported 7,000 cases of leprosy in the past three years. It�s endemic to the northeast of the United States for the first time ever. Have you heard about it by the major networks? Not a chance!

In an April 25, 2004 front page story of the Santa Barbara News Press, �Anatomy of an Outbreak�, one illegal alien infected 56 others with tuberculosis. After he avoided police for months, they finally captured him and placed him in quarantine. In September, 2005, a school child in Fort Morgan, Colorado contracted tuberculosis while attending school. How? An illegal alien student suffered from the disease, but was not screened before attending school. Our national media silences these outbreaks.

Do you see a pattern here? It�s called Third World Momentum. All the consequences affecting the Third World now manifest in our country.

As millions of illegals import themselves into the United States, they bring diseases. They rarely change their sanitation habits or lack thereof. They work in our meat and chicken processing plants at $6.00 an hour. Do you think they bring any responsibility and pride to their work? As more corrupt CEOs bribe health inspectors and OSHA officials, our food sources suffer degraded standards.

Illegal aliens by the millions work in our restaurants. Last spring, a reader of this column from New York City reported, �Our manager last night ran cursing out the back door of the restaurant with a hand towel box in his hand�illegals had been using the toilet and threw their used toilet paper into the box because that�s what they do in Mexico because sewage systems can�t take tissue paper. The illegals had been throwing their used toilet paper into the hand towel box!� I traveled through Mexico and saw it myself. This story represents the tip of an ugly disease epidemic growing in America.

As a nation, what we�re facing is like a 50 car pile up on a foggy morning on an expressway in Pennsylvania. Everyone speeding into the blinding fog bank begins slowing down too late. Someone brakes hard when another car slows down abruptly. The cars behind can�t stop; the chain reaction pile-up begins.

Doesn�t anyone see what�s happening to America? Apparently not! Sixty-two of your 100 senators voted S.B. 2611. That bill assures our growth by 100 million in the next 34 years. However, that�s 100 million people mostly from Third World countries. That ensures pockets of poverty and disease already ravaging millions in those countries to be transplanted into America.

For all Americans, this E. Coli outbreak stands as a harbinger of things to come. When you degrade health standards, hire illegal aliens carrying multiple of diseases or disease provoking habits, you�ve got a national crisis in the making.

Ironically, even our U.S. Senators stand at risk as well as their families. Even if they live in gated communities, at some point in time, with these illegal aliens invading every nook and cranny of our society�everyone becomes vulnerable to disease, terror, death and fraud wrought by this invasion.

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With this E. Coli outbreak, even Popeye may find himself headed for the emergency room. However, he�ll be forced to wait in line behind countless illegal aliens given free access ahead of him. Not only that, he�ll be paying for their doctor visits with his hard earned tax dollars. This time, at the end of the cartoon, he won�t be chortling with Olive Oil.

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For all Americans, this E. Coli outbreak stands as a harbinger of things to come. When you degrade health standards, hire illegal aliens carrying multiple of diseases or disease provoking habits, you�ve got a national crisis in the making.