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By Frosty Wooldridge
September 25, 2006

Last spring, an enterprising film maker created a movie titled, �A Day Without Immigrants� or something to that affect. He based his theme on his assumption that Americans couldn�t do without illegal aliens working jobs that no self-respecting citizens would work. He surmised that America would fall to its knees without this new 21st century slave class.

Since he created that film, 12 to 20 million illegal aliens, about 10 million of them from Mexico, two million from China, and millions more from around the world feel their successful crimes of breaking into America warrant amnesty. They expect more free medical care, more free schools for their children, financial freedom from paying out-of-state tuition in our colleges, free delivery of their anchor babies, chain migration of their relatives and many other �freebies� paid for by American taxpayers.

They expect us to pay for their criminal activities�and, we are!

Additionally, this alien criminal class expects to drive without licenses or insurance, to work off the books so it doesn�t pay taxes, live 20 to a trailer or three families to a house and five cars parked on the front lawn. They want 11,000 of their colleagues--MS-12 gang members--to be welcomed in our country. Let us not forget they push their Spanish language onto our schools and society in general. They insist we pay treatment for the thousands of cases of tuberculosis, leprosy, hepatitis and dozens of other diseases they carry across our borders.

Their fellow criminal trespass brothers steal 57,000 cars annually in Phoenix, Arizona alone while burglaries, rapes and domestic abuse calls scramble our law enforcement dispatch centers 24/7. These lawless facts represent only the tip of the anarchy iceberg perpetrated on Americans.

If President George W. Bush had honored as well as fulfilled his oath of office on September 12, 2001 after several illegal aliens bombed our country into a national nightmare--he would have:

  • Placed military troops on the Mexican border as well as added 10,000 Border Patrol agents to guard against further lawless crossings.
  • Built a double concertino fence along with a 20 foot steel wall that would be finished within two years of September 12, 2001, i.e., it would be in place right now.
  • Instructed Border Patrol agents to arrest, prosecute and jail employers of illegal aliens.
  • Stopped the massive abuse of Amendment 14 of the US Constitution instead of allow millions of women to cross our borders in order to birth an illegal child on our lands for immediate welfare on American taxpayers� backs.
  • Instructed Congress to bring him a bill that stopped massive chain migration of an unending line from the Third World as America is already bursting at the seams with too many people.
  • Would have demanded Congress rework the 1965 Immigration Reform Act and made legal immigration a sustainable 100,000 per year with a proviso that every immigrant be fluent in English, be educated, benefit the United States and not come from a terrorist country.
  • Stopped 20 million illegal aliens from causing horrific havoc to our schools, medical systems, language, jobs, communities, traffic, gangs, drugs, domestic abuse, rapes, welfare fraud, ID fraud and a host of other calamities now visited upon Americans.
  • Stopped four hundred Mexicans peasants from dying in the desert trying to cross illegally into America every year.

Had Bush and Congress done their jobs, we would have a �Day Without Illegal Aliens.� What would that mean to Americans?

  • We wouldn�t suffer 25 American deaths daily to illegal aliens who kill 13 of us on our own highways and another 12 deaths from gun and knife violence. (Source: Government Accounting Office, 2005)
  • We wouldn�t have 16,000 new cases of tuberculosis, 7,000 cases of leprosy, countless thousands of cases of hepatitis, Dengue Fever, Chagas Disease, new AIDS cases and thousands of other disease cases thrust upon the American taxpayer. (Source: New York Times, MJ News)
  • We wouldn�t be paying $1.75 billion annually for anchor babies, and worse, we wouldn�t be paying $2.45 billion K-12 annually educating those babies�while our schools devolve into dumb and dumber.
  • American workers would be paid American wages at Tyson Chicken, Hormel, Wal-Mart, fast food shops, construction, roofers, landscape and every job Americans have always done for a living wage.
  • We wouldn�t have 618,000 convicted criminal alien felons in our state and federal prisons at an annual cost of $1.6 billion to us. That�s after each of those felon committed a deadly crime on an American citizen.
  • We wouldn�t have hundreds of thousands of illegals committing car thefts, insurance fraud, driving while drunk and no license, and ID theft.
  • We wouldn�t have 11,000 MS-13 gang members operating in 33 states as they distribute $100 billion in drugs to our children.
  • We wouldn�t have $60 billion in cash being transferred out of our country annually.
  • We wouldn�t have Muslim terrorist cells so easily imbedding themselves into our country for the next attack.

  • Our schools could teach our kids in English and not suffer millions of alien kids that cause such consequences as in Denver, Colorado with a 67 percent flunk out/ drop out rate in their high schools.
  • We wouldn�t have the Mexican flag being marched around our streets as if it�s the dominant flag in our country by disloyal and subversive illegal aliens who have no right to be here in the first place.
  • Contracting firms and other big employers couldn�t cheat, lie, steal and hire illegals for one benefit only: obscene amounts of money.
  • Thousands of towns like Hazelton, Pennsylvania with Mayor Lou Barletta wouldn�t have to be making laws against illegals to protect his citizens.
  • We would enjoy our U.S. Constitution and the rule of law in a pretty darn excellent constitutional republic that is respected and honored by all its legal CITIZENS.

The list accelerates daily. In Denver last week, I.C.E. arrested 122 illegal aliens on a government contracting job. One hundred and twenty-two Americans should have been working those jobs. By mid week, one illegal alien had hung a hangman�s noose around a woman and dragged her two miles down the street with his truck until there was nothing left of her to identify her body. That wouldn�t have happened if Bush did his job. Not a day later, an illegal alien walked up and shot a man as he pulled his work materials out of his car trunk to start a job. Again, it wouldn�t have happened if Congress did its job. I could write another 1,000 incidences each week that occur because illegal aliens run lawlessly around our country with impunity.

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What would a day without illegal aliens be like? Would we collapse into an economic heap of misery? Would our country fall to pieces? Would our citizens never get their lettuce picked or their lawns mowed?

As you look at the tip of the iceberg in the aforementioned points, I�d say a day, week, month, year, and in fact, a decade and even a lifetime without illegal aliens would be better than the nightmares they visit upon us every 24 hours.

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Their fellow criminal trespass brothers steal 57,000 cars annually in Phoenix, Arizona alone while burglaries, rapes and domestic abuse calls scramble our law enforcement dispatch centers 24/7.