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By Frosty Wooldridge
October 2, 2006

This letter entered my inbox this week. It�s a good start as to why we must vote out most incumbents from Congress.

�oh mr. frosty, you are a lone voice crying out in the wilderness, and no one is listening. my brothers continue to stream into our beloved aztlan by the thousands every day, and your government does nothing. why? because deep down they understand that resistance is futile, and they realize the southwest rightfully belongs to the bronze descendants of the mighty aztecs. our women bear 5 children to every one born to whites. we have cowed your politicians into turning a blind eye to our invasion. they know that if they dare speak out they will no longer have a job. the reconquista is in full swing, and the beloved dream of aztlan is well within our grasp. would you deny that once more california belongs to us? our ancient language, nahuatl, is being taught in "illegal immigrant" charter schools funded by "your" own government. Ha! Ha! Ha! i'll bet that really gets your goat to know that your own tax dollars are being given to us to further our glorious reconquista. the white man has become weakened by guilt and decadence and that is why we must inevitably win. you have already lost "your" country, you just aren't smart enough to realize it. move to canada or back to europe, because the white man has no place in the coming bronze order. you fool! even "your" top law enforcement officer is one of us! why do you think "your" US justice department does nothing? viva mexico! viva aztlan!�

Sub-commandante pedro

MeCHA Brown Berets

Did this little slime-butt get under your skin with his taunting? If America is to survive this invasion, you, dear reader, you fellow voter, must stand up, speak out, and vote most incumbents out of office. Save Tom Tancredo, Steve King, Mike Price, Nathan Deal, J.D. Hayworth, Ron Paul, James Sensenbrenner and a few other patriots, we need to clean out the deadwood in the House and Senate.

Let�s start with some of the big ones. Dick Mountjoy faces Dianne Feinstein of California in November while Ken Chase tries to unseat Ted Kennedy. Both enjoy a good chance of being elected because their opponents are two of the most vocal open-borders and amnesty-for-all advocates in the country.

These constitute two of the most important races in our nation in the upcoming election. Go after the big ones and the rest tumble like Humpty Dumpty. Your voice must speak out, �Serve us and our Constitution or we will fire you!�

�By going to their respective web sites, one can see that both Ken Chase and Dick Mountjoy have strong conservative credentials,� said Paul Goedinghaus, Alamo Alliance president. �By campaigning on illegal immigration, the candidates will not only be attacking their opponents where they are the most vulnerable, they will also have strong appeal to independent and cross-over voters.�

You and your organization�s endorsement will help in getting these two candidates elected. Endorsements for Ken Chase should be sent to and endorsements for Dick Mountjoy should be sent to

No single issue in America today grabs voters by the throat more than illegal immigration. It affects every sector, level and community in the nation. Kennedy, Feinstein, McCain, Hatch, First, Hillary Clinton, Cannon, Degette, Pelosi, Salazar, Craig, Udall, Reid and hundreds like them need to be deported out of Congress.

Goedinghaus puts it this way; �Americans need to be given a clear choice in November. There is no middle ground on this issue. The legislature has drawn the lines and they will either enact an amnesty or they will vote to secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws. That is the reason for the America First Contract.�

The America First Contract states that the candidate pledges:

  • During my term in office, I will vote against any legislation that weakens our current immigration laws in any respect or allows for increased immigration, increased guest workers or any form of amnesty. Amnesty shall be defined as any law that allows people who are in this country illegally to do anything other than leave the United States.
  • Within the first 30 days of my term in office, I will co-sponsor and vote for legislation to adequately fund enforcement of our existing immigration laws.
  • Within the first 60 days of my term in office, I will co-sponsor and vote for legislation to build a security fence along the entire southern border of the United States, with the exception of areas where it would be impossible to build such a fence. In areas where a fence is not feasible, I will vote for other security measures as deemed adequate to secure those areas. I will also vote to appropriate any and all funds necessary to accomplish this.
  • Within the first 90 days of my term in office, I will co-sponsor and vote for legislation to properly define the 14th Amendment to apply only to the children of people who are legal residents of the United States. Said legislation will specifically state that the intent of the 14th amendment was NEVER to have applied to the children of people who were in this country illegally and is therefore retroactive.
  • Within the first 90 days of my term in office, I will co-sponsor and vote for legislation to deny any and all government benefits to people who are in this country illegally and to provide tort reform so that hospital emergency rooms can turn away non-emergency cases without facing lawsuits for doing so and to provide that no liability, criminal or civil, attaches to any emergency facility for refusing to treat non-emergency cases.
  • Within my first 120 days in office, I will co-sponsor and vote for legislation requiring valid proof of citizenship of any and all persons registering to vote and proof of citizenship in order to vote in our elections. Said legislation shall provide that any U.S. citizen who cannot afford it shall bear no cost for providing said proof of citizenship.

This is not the time to say that your vote won�t count. It won�t count if you don�t vote. Additionally, go down to your precinct. Force paper trail voting. Stand guard over the ballot box. Quit saying, �they� have the electronic votes rigged. A republican form of government doesn�t brook excuses. Get involved, get your hands dirty and become a part of the solution.

That little twerp at the head of this column laughs at us and our government. Why? Because after six years, our public servant, George Bush, whom we voted into office to uphold our U.S. Constitution, fails us every single day since 9/11. Why does that Mexican alien twerp laugh? Because 62 members of our U.S. Senate voted to let more of his kind into our country! You can send 33 U.S. senators into the unemployment line on November 7, 2006. That will straighten up the remaining 67. While you�re at it, you can replace the entire House of Representatives, save the few patriots aforementioned. It�s time we cleaned House and swept out the Senate.

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If we vote the same people back into office, we�re a bunch of fools on a ship with no rudder, being piloted by a captain with no understanding of his disastrous destination, and a crew blindly following an incompetent man at the risk of endangering future passengers. Have you ever heard of the Titanic? Its destiny could have been changed if someone had spoke up, if someone had acted. It�s time for you to act as if you were on the Titanic and you knew what was going to happen.

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 fool! even "your" top law enforcement officer is one of us! why do you think "your" US justice department does nothing?