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By Don McKee & Frosty Wooldridge
January 29, 2007

Remember John Wayne? Did you watch him ride his horse alongside a runaway stagecoach? Did you see him leap into the driver�s seat? Once aboard, he turned the horses away from danger.

In the early years of the 21st century, our nation gallops out of control. No plans, no direction and no destination! Mexican gangs kill African Americans in Los Angeles. Drugs pour across our borders by smugglers. Iraq killed 3,000 of our soldiers at will. It continues unabated. Our borders remain open to terrorism. Corporations aid, abet and encourage illegal alien slave labor. Diseases like tuberculosis spread unhindered across our land. Over 15,000 MS-13 gang members from Central America operate with impunity in 33 states. Drunken illegal aliens kill 13 Americans on our highways daily. We suffer a $700 billion annual trade deficit while our own citizens can�t find jobs. Los Angeles and Miami are no longer American cities. The United States slides into decline.

Our nation needs leaders to create a plan; to take the reins of our runaway country; to guide us toward the future.

The recent State-Of-The-Union speech failed to promote a cohesive and viable national vision. Senator Webb�s retort reacted to that non-vision. Melded together, however, those two speeches provided a jump-start. Nonetheless, big problems face us.

If the United States doesn�t want to splatter like a bug on the windshield of history, it�s time we navigate away from danger.

Our laws spank our citizen-taxpayers while failing to exemplify our national beliefs. Therefore, we stagnate while losing our world-wide strategic prominence.

Time is of the essence!

Rather than encourage private innovation and the health of our industrial base, to include intellectual property, we foolishly hammer the life-blood out of our business owners and companies. The U.S. is not a commune!

Our corporations exist to excel and succeed, empowering our citizens; not to behave as criminals. Our citizens deserve the opportunity to pursue their passion on-the job, and make a decent wage while working: competing fair-and-square in the world marketplace.

What about our nation?

We maintain and reside in a fragile Republic. Our life-blood is democracy � not socialism. As a nation, we desire to be useful, appropriate, creative, innovative and self-sustaining. The time for ruthless truth, honesty, integrity and ethics is now.

We must stop whining and finger-pointing. We must come to agreement on a national plan-for-planning schedule-- and rebuild a world-class-nation � starting with a world-class vision. We must put the train back on the tracks.

As sailors might say � we list rudderless. Blame-shame-guilt carries us nowhere. We suffer national afflictions such as obesity, diabetes, and addictive behaviors that pull us down. We can turn that trend around. But first, where have we been?

Our Sordid Track Record

Like all of us, George W. Bush proves fallible and displays the thought-processes of an unhealed-addict; "dry" is not healed. He continues to think in the way that an addict thinks. Our Congress and most of us too, while pretending otherwise, is likewise afflicted;

  • Imperialist designs on foreign-nations exhibits senselessness.
  • We must focus upon growing responsibly, as any family should � while honoring our creed to protect our beloved nation against all invaders, foreign or domestic.
  • The U.S. is not now and never should be THE lifeboat to the world's unfortunates. Buckle your seat-belt first, and then help the unfortunates in their home nation, not here.
  • Open-borders to placate greedy employers proves wrong and stupid. It artificially delays transition to mechanization and cost-effective approaches that do not rely upon criminal behaviors on the part of employers or employees.
  • Enabling a diseased-addicted-corrupt Department of Homeland Security carries consequences felt nationwide.
  • Standing by while lawlessness replaces law-and-order illustrates a dysfunctional and failing civilization.
  • Avoiding responsibility while a fatally-flawed court decision twists and destroys the 14 th Amendment to our scared Constitution is insanely mistaken. It was intended only to help the children of black-slaves after the Civil War.
  • We have too many laws.
  • Looking the other way while hoards of foreign-nationals invade and occupy our nation -- even as we feed and house them � depicts Rome or the Trojan Horse of olden days with similarly inevitable results.
  • Our public schools fail because we position them to crash.
  • Our public hospitals fail because we engineer them to bankrupt.
  • Our U.S. military and state national guards erode and degrade because we allow them to be misled by our commander-in-chief.
  • Our incarceration-punishment model suffers fatal-flaws and our jails-prisons suffer overcrowding while recidivism rises exponentially.
  • Our other infrastructure components (pure water, sewers, crop-fields, highways, transit, etc) crumble because we structure them up to fail.
  • More and more of our traditional houses of worship fail. There is no place in any church for those who would violently overthrow our nation.
  • How were we so stupid and shortsighted to not realize that our baby-boomers were nearing retirement age, and we needed to get-our-butts-in-gear to set up tailored, specific training programs (college and Vocational-Tech) to "grow-our-own" to fill each job as they became vacant? Last-minute, panic actions to waive immigration restrictions lack wisdom. If a corporation such as Toyota-America were so dumb-- they would fail in the business world. The U.S. cannot afford to fail!
  • Our U.S. and state attitudes drift away from our citizen-taxpayer Bill of Rights, Constitution, and Laws that we have become the laughingstock of the world.

"What are we thinking?�

We dance on the head of a pin � precariously � while our fragile Republic founders in rough-seas and drifts toward the rocks while Nero (Bush) fiddles.

Why is that, in a nutshell?

Simple, and elegant � we have no comprehensive vision, long-range goals and plans:

  • No National Vision - the year-2030--2050.
  • No Strategic Plan - the year-2017. TEN-YEARS
  • No Tactical Plan - the year-2012. FIVE-YEARS.

What Are We Thinking? Where are we going? When? Why?

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We citizens must take the reins, turn the horses � put everything on hold -- and come together (independent of race, color, creed, national origin, or political party) to behave responsibly and author a U.S. National Vision (complete by September 2007), U.S. National Strategic Plan (complete by April 2008), and a U.S. National Tactical Plan (complete by November 2008). The "good old days," where the fiefdoms in the Executive Branch Cabinet connive to compete for resources and out-do one another � are over. That illustrates an outdated, negative, failed paradigm. For part 2 click below.

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Drugs pour across our borders by smugglers. Iraq killed 3,000 of our soldiers at will. It continues unabated. Our borders remain open to terrorism. Corporations aid, abet and encourage illegal alien slave labor. Diseases like tuberculosis spread unhindered across our land.