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By Frosty Wooldridge
February 5, 2007

In his State-of-the-Union address, Bush baffled, befuddled, perplexed and bewildered most Americans. His speech caused enormous frustration for its lack of addressing reality and use of common sense. Katie Couric showed his national approval rating at 29 percent.

While American soldiers remain standing targets in the midst of a civil war in Iraq, Bush claimed he couldn�t leave that embattled sectarian violence until ultimate victory. What frustrates Americans? Our aggravation stems from our kids dying in that desert while Halliburton executives pocket billions in profits. As NBC�s Brian Williams noted in �Fleecing of America� last Friday, $10 billion here and $8 billion there�can�t be accounted for as it vanished into the hands of corrupt Iraqi leaders. Our tax dollars disappeared into a black hole with no one monitoring it. Who takes responsibility for this situation?

How many more of our kids must die in this war that we aren�t winning or losing, but our kids keep dying or suffer splattering of their body parts all over the desert sands? What�s the point of their deaths? All the while Bush states he�s fighting terror, but he won�t spend any money to secure our borders from terrorists slipping into our country at will. That�s like locking and guarding your front door while you leave your back door open to an alley where criminals and drug smugglers can enter and kill or addict your children.

What�s the sense of it? Follow the money!

Bush and former Halliburton executive Dick Cheney spend billions of our tax dollars to rebuild Iraq while the entire US Gulf Coast remains a living nightmare for tens of thousands of American citizens two years after Katrina. They�re stuck in trailers while nothing happens to rebuild their communities. I drove from New Orleans to Alabama last summer. It�s a disaster zone. Levees remain vulnerable to flooding and entire communities look like bomb dropping zones.

On the same broadcast, Williams said Bush demanded another $289 billion to rebuild Iraq and fight the war. Williams noted the total cost of the war exceeded $789 billion dollars. When does this insanity end? Who pays off our $8.5 trillion national debt? Where is the common sense?

What about the great human tragedy of Bush�s actions that caused 655,000 Iraqi civilian deaths and two million displaced refugees. He attacked a sovereign nation with no ability to harm America 12,000 miles away. Today, he�s created a civil war that he can�t solve, but he forces our troops to die for his �legacy.� What is reasonable about that?

Brian Williams reported last week that scientists now show that humanity causes global warming. Bush, however, has censored US scientists and wants to study it more. Out of 49 countries meeting to address climate change, Bush won�t let the US participate. He�s more worried about our economy when he needs to worry whether or not we leave a habitable planet for our children.

At a time when our nation desperately needs an alternative energy source and development, why would any sane president spend $789 billion on a war that can�t be won in a country that doesn�t want us there? Why wouldn�t Bush, instead of continuing the death count in Iraq, apply the next $289 billion to alternative energy research so we wouldn�t need oil? Why not maximum research on wind power, solar conversion power, wave power or anything other than war? Short answer: George Bush lacks common sense let alone rational thinking ability.

We suffer millions of �environmental refugees�, drug smugglers, criminals, pregnant women and child molesters crashing illegally over our borders. But, in 1999, as governor of Texas, he said, �If they can get across the Rio Grand, we want �em.�

Instead of taking action according to the U.S. Constitution to protect our nation, Bush abrogates his sworn duty. Why? Follow the money.

If Bush and Pelosi cement the guest-worker amnesty S.B. 2611, which will add 100 million people to our country via immigration in 33 years�what sense does it make? With all of our multiple national problems mounting faster than another Hurricane Katrina�why would any rational president or any national leader like Pelosi add 100 million people to our country by 2040? Why would they bequeath a �Human Katrina� on the next generation after they�ve already saddled them with $8.5 trillion debt?

That�s in light of the fact that every added person to America multiplies the global warming factor by 10 times because of what is known as the �ecological footprint.� Our nation burns, wastes, uses and abuses more oil, coal, natural gas and wood than any other country on earth.

If Bush employed common sense and rational planning, he would promote enormous research to alternative energy. He would accept that we cannot solve a civil war in Iraq and withdraw all our troops within three months. Bush would take care of our citizens first while allowing other countries to solve their own wars. He would address America�s 3.5 million homeless including 1.3 million of their children. Bush could move on Gulf Coast reconstruction and solve our national debt.

He might lead to solve global warming by joining with other nations. Instead of giving amnesty and guest worker programs, he could stop illegal immigration by enforcing our laws. If he possessed the common sense that God gave a goose, Bush would call for a 10 year moratorium on all immigration so we can take a time out. If he�s so bent on stopping terror, how about guarding our borders to stop terrorists from walking into our country untouched and stop the $130 billion in drugs coming across this year?

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You would think that in 2007 as we face horrific global and national problems, this president would lead with logical thinking, rational action and common sense.

He hasn�t for the last six years! Who is fool enough to think he will all of a sudden become a rational, clear thinking and logical man? With common sense? From the looks of things, we must survive one year and eleven more months of his lack of common sense to sustain his �legacy.�

What you can do for a better future for your country:

A republican form of government is not a spectator sport. It means you must jump in, roll up you sleeves and take personal and collective action. Of course, you could let a dictator take over and do everything for you, but that path would give you Cuba, China, North Korea and other unsavory examples.

To stop Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid from giving an amnesty, take action. Call for a full 10 year moratorium.

Washington, DC - (202) 225-4965
San Francisco, CA - (415) 556-4862



Senator Harry Reid
202-224-3121 in Washington DC
775-686-5750 in Reno, NV

George Bush
1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20500
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard for live listener: 202 456 1414
Fax: 202-456-2461

We must 'sour the milk.� Bring out your points in the call:

1, America cannot support another 100 million people added to our country in 34 years, i.e., water crisis, resource depletion, air pollution, gridlock, loss of quality of life, etc.
2, America cannot support lawbreakers being given citizenship.
3, America must maintain our English language.
4, America wants only legal immigrants who play by the rules and speak English.
5, America's working poor deserve a chance at jobs taken by illegals
6, America already has too many people and I support a 10 year moratorium on all immigration.
7, Americans must maintain our schools for our children.
8, We can no longer tolerate 350,000 birthright citizens (anchor babies) annually that subtract from our own citizens.
9, Attrition through enforcement by stopping their ability to wire money home, obtain rental housing and jobs.
10, An amnesty failed in 1986, and it will only be worse today. We're being displaced out of our jobs and out of our own country. Call with relentless and never-give-up passion.

To stop illegal aliens in your community, you may follow the course of action by Mayor Louis Barletta of Hazelton, PA. He offers a bomb proof ordinance that takes business licenses away from those who hire illegals. He legally halts landlords from renting to illegals. Without work and without housing, illegals cannot stay in your community. Check out his web site for instructions:

Visit D.A. King at the to see how Georgia created the best laws to stop illegals at the state level.

Please check out William Gheen at He�s a mover and shaker. He will direct you to specific actions that make you more powerful and impactful.

To stop this invasion locally and nationally: join for free and you can join and

Wooldridge presents a 45 minute program to colleges, high schools, civic clubs, church groups and political clubs across America titled: �COMING POPULATION CRISIS IN AMERICA: WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT.� Go to his website for further information on booking the program.

Would you like to support the PRR? Send donations to: 21st Century Paul Revere Ride at POB 207, Louisville, CO 80027.;;; Also, check out at 1 866 329 3999;;;;;;;;;;; My book: �IMMIGRATION�S UNARMED INVASION: DEADLY CONSEQUENCES� Call: 1 888 280 7715.;;;;

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What about the great human tragedy of Bush�s actions that caused 655,000 Iraqi civilian deaths and two million displaced refugees. He attacked a sovereign nation with no ability to harm America 12,000 miles away.