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By Frosty Wooldridge
February 19, 2007

Families in the United States lost 3,200 of their beloved children in the past five years to fight a bogus war in the Middle-East. We lost a similar number of our best and brightest in the 9/11 massacre. Both groups gave their lives as a direct result of our national penchant for imperialism.

Last week, due to the war he started via outright fabrication � there were no WMDs -- President George W. Bush announced that he expects Americans to accept 7,000 Sunni Muslim Iraqi refugees into the United States.

The Iraqis will be given homes, food stamps, medical care, schooling, cars and endless welfare -- paid by you, the American taxpayer. That's not all.

Unconscionable Costs of War

On top of the more then $700 billion you've already paid for his Middle-East war, he's asking another $289 billion to carry his imperialist violence further. Stop for a moment and consider the "benefits" so far.

His lie displaced 2.1 million Iraqis into Syria and Iran. His charade displaced over 1.1 million Iraqis in their own country. His lie killed and maimed 655,000 Iraqi citizens thus far, and psychologically wounded hundreds of thousands more.

What can we expect from 7,000 angry Sunni refugees? Never mind that last week, a Bosnian Muslim refugee ran through a Salt Lake City mall blasting Americans to death, with his backpack loaded with enough ammunition to kill hundreds of people. If not for a courageous, patriotic off-duty police officer, it would have been a larger mini-9/11. The crazed gunman yelled, "Allah ho Ackbar!" (God is Great) as he blasted one after another American into their graves.

What are we thinking?

Forget that three years ago, in Washington, DC, sniper Mohammed and his son used 13 U.S. citizens for target practice -- shooting from the trunk of their car. Never mind that Sunni insurgents blow themselves up at the drop of a hat in market places in Baghdad. Don't mention they load up their cars with explosives and drive into buildings. Remember WTC bombing in 1997?

Isn't it probable that 7,000 displaced and traumatized Iraqis will find themselves strangers in a new country? How many of them will lash out here in retaliation for destruction of their country? How many will find solace in their anger by grouping with other angry radical Muslims?

What drove Cheney and the Cabinet members to abandon their roles as counselors? Why wouldn't they challenge Bush's absurd action? How will Bush verify that all 7,000 Sunni Muslims arriving from Iraq aren't a bunch of bomb-carrying martyrs? The Salt Lake City Tribune reported the mall killer suffered trauma because he suffered displacement from his country. What will 7,000 Sunni Muslims feel like doing when they arrive in the United States that has blown up their country?

Open Borders Brings Nothing But Trouble

Our immigration laws once created a vibrant fabric for our Republic. Our founders recognized the importance of sensible, gentle and planned growth. Our laws limit our growth to one million foreign-nationals in 2007, and yet our President and Congress finagled that number to nearly two million in 2006 � and played the three-monkeys game -- while millions more crept across our sacred borders illegally.

We enacted logical and sensible immigration laws to protect American jobs for U.S. citizen-taxpayers, and to prevent wholesale criminal behaviors by greed-driven employers. Our rules demand rigid medical exams for newcomers, to prevent reintroduction of diseases we struggled to eradicate.

Open Borders � Invitation for Criminal Aliens

We also make strict background investigations before we give a green light to newcomers. We honor the benefits of assimilation and blending, and have laws that all who permanently reside in the U.S. must demonstrate sufficient skills in the use of the English language. How else do we reason and work together?

What nation can survive an invitation for disparate cultures to pass through its borders unchecked? The responsibility for this incongruent and already demonstrated errant behavior lies with Congress. It must be the checks and balances when a president shows utter contempt for reason and common sense.

What brand of glue is Bush sniffing? The U.S. DOJ-FBI tells us that 7.5 percent of the aliens are seasoned criminals before they come here. Why inject our country with suicide bombers? Why infuse ourselves with 'jihadists' by planting them into our communities all over the country. How many Mohammed Atta clones might there be within that 7,000 Sunni group? How many more Salt Lake City mall killers can we take?

Tom Tancredo � Stalwart Patriot

Is U.S. Congressman Tom Tancredo the only sane man left in Congress or anywhere near Washington, DC? Tancredo asked the president to stop Iraqis from coming to the United States until the aliens already here illegally go back. "According to reports," Tancredo said, "since 2003 the U.S. has allowed 463 Iraqi refugees to relocate in the United States. That is 463 too many."

What a brilliant and sensible concept� what one would expect from a statesman Congressman!

Bush's lack of reasoning ability remains evident. His war displaced over two million Iraqis into Iran and Syria, and attracted tens of thousands of foreign-legionnaires from scores of U.S.-hating nations to come to Iraq and Afghanistan to kill U.S. soldiers. He caused one million Iraqi refugees spread out all over Iraq.

He agitates the entire Muslim world toward seething hatred against America. He does this even though Russia tried the same thing in Afghanistan � and failed. Mothers in Russia 'donated' one million sons before that madness ended. The anger remains.

Isn't it possible that any of those 7,000 Sunni refugees hates America enough to create terrorist groups in our country once they arrive? You betcha! In fact, the FBI tells us some earlier Muslim 'immigrants' in the U.S. already have.

There Are Four Billion People Seeking Freedom

On the world stage, 8 million people starve to death annually. The World Health Organization says 10.5 million children under the age of 10 die of starvation or starvation related diseases annually. In Darfur, 230,000 refugees stagger across the barren earth in search of food as you read this column. Millions of AIDS orphans suffer daily in Africa. And yet, some us believe that the U.S. can be THE lifeboat for four billion. We must renew our efforts to help the unfortunates there, in their nation, rather than throw open our borders here.

The United States accepts nearly two million LEGAL immigrants annually, plus millions more illegal aliens annually as it is. Our country staggers from the consequences. The costs in social services, life, and limb grow daily. Our infrastructure stretches to the limit. At what point will we American citizens take responsibility for our country, and demand a balanced strategic immigration plan? Rescue is an insidious game. When do we insist that our leaders set restrictions that make other world leaders take responsibility for their countries?

Abdicating Our Future

Without laws and verbal restrictions and physical borders to define us, we abdicate our future as a country. There is only so much unbalance that our fragile Republic can stand.

This massive onslaught of people from around the world arriving in the USA stands as a "Human Katrina" that our country cannot survive much longer. Symptoms grow everywhere if we open our eyes.

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We have already passed the tipping point. If Bush possessed an ounce of common sense -- or rational brain power, he would not allow 7,000 Sunni Muslims onto U.S. soil. We must and will not, as a sovereign nation, language and culture -- survive the angry, poverty stricken, incompatible and desperate flood of humanity pouring over our borders.

Take action today to prevent this travesty against the American public. Read more below.

What you can do for a better future for your country:

A republican form of government is not a spectator sport. It means you must jump in, roll up you sleeves and take personal and collective action. Of course, you could let a dictator take over and do everything for you, but that path would give you Cuba, China, North Korea and other unsavory examples.

To stop Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid from giving an amnesty, take action. Call for a full 10 year moratorium.

Washington, DC - (202) 225-4965
San Francisco, CA - (415) 556-4862



Senator Harry Reid
202-224-3121 in Washington DC
775-686-5750 in Reno, NV

George Bush
1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20500
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard for live listener: 202 456 1414
Fax: 202-456-2461

We must 'sour the milk.� Bring out your points in the call:

1, America cannot support another 100 million people added to our country in 34 years, i.e., water crisis, resource depletion, air pollution, gridlock, loss of quality of life, etc.
2, America cannot support lawbreakers being given citizenship.
3, America must maintain our English language.
4, America wants only legal immigrants who play by the rules and speak English.
5, America's working poor deserve a chance at jobs taken by illegals
6, America already has too many people and I support a 10 year moratorium on all immigration.
7, Americans must maintain our schools for our children.
8, We can no longer tolerate 350,000 birthright citizens (anchor babies) annually that subtract from our own citizens.
9, Attrition through enforcement by stopping their ability to wire money home, obtain rental housing and jobs.
10, An amnesty failed in 1986, and it will only be worse today. We're being displaced out of our jobs and out of our own country. Call with relentless and never-give-up passion.

To stop illegal aliens in your community, you may follow the course of action by Mayor Louis Barletta of Hazelton, PA. He offers a bomb proof ordinance that takes business licenses away from those who hire illegals. He legally halts landlords from renting to illegals. Without work and without housing, illegals cannot stay in your community. Check out his web site for instructions:

Visit D.A. King at the to see how Georgia created the best laws to stop illegals at the state level.

Please check out William Gheen at He�s a mover and shaker. He will direct you to specific actions that make you more powerful and impactful.

To stop this invasion locally and nationally: join for free and you can join and

Wooldridge presents a 45 minute program to colleges, high schools, civic clubs, church groups and political clubs across America titled: �COMING POPULATION CRISIS IN AMERICA: WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT.� Go to his website for further information on booking the program.

Would you like to support the PRR? Send donations to: 21st Century Paul Revere Ride at POB 207, Louisville, CO 80027.;;; Also, check out at 1 866 329 3999;;;;;;;;;;; My book: �IMMIGRATION�S UNARMED INVASION: DEADLY CONSEQUENCES� Call: 1 888 280 7715.;;;;

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On top of the more then $700 billion you've already paid for his Middle-East war, he's asking another $289 billion to carry his imperialist violence further. Stop for a moment and consider the "benefits" so far.