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By Frosty Wooldridge
January 17, 2005

Sometimes, do you shake your head in disbelief when you read a headline? When you read it, the headline is SO preposterous--it rocks your senses. Well hold onto your glasses because, this week Mexico offered a handbook on how to break into America.

Notice that we already suffer 15 to 20 million illegal aliens destroying our schools, jobs, communities, hospitals and bank accounts.

In his latest report, journalist Chris Hawley wrote, "The Mexican government is giving out a colorful new comic book with advice for migrants, but immigration-control advocates worry that some of the tips may encourage illegal border crossers."

The 32-page book, "The Guide for the Mexican Migrant," was published in December by Mexico's Foreign Ministry.

Hawley reported, "Using simple language, the book offers safety information for border crossers, a primer on their legal rights and advice on living unobtrusively in the United States.

"Dramatic drawings show undocumented immigrants wading into a river, running from the U.S. Border Patrol and crouching near a hole in a border fence. On other pages, they hike through a desert with rock formations reminiscent of Arizona and are caught by a stern-faced Border Patrol agent."

Since President Fox found America a gold mine of $15 billion a year sent back to his coffers from his people working illegally in America, he wants to send us another 10 million Mexicans. Yes, 10 percent of Mexico�s population has transplanted itself into America illegally. If what he�s done to Los Angeles isn�t enough of a frightening scenario with drug gangs, schools breaking down, English vanishing and La Raza promoting separation of the Border States�Fox now promotes the colonization of

America by sheer numbers.

"This is more than just a wink and a nod," said Rick Oltman, Western field Director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform. "This is so transparent; this is the Mexican government trying to protect its most valuable export, which is illegal migrants."

The book is a free supplement to El Libro Vaquero, a popular cowboy comic book, in five Mexican states that send many migrants to the United States: Zacatecas, Michoac�n, Puebla, Oaxaca and Jalisco. The government plans to print 1.5 million copies. Once another 1.5 million make their way over our borders, they will print up another five million copies.

"In the section on crossing rivers," Hawley reported, "The book advises: Thick clothing increases your weight when wet, and this makes it difficult to swim or float. In the desert, try to walk during times when the heat is not as intense and follow power lines or train tracks if you get lost. Don't throw stones or objects at the officer or patrol vehicles because this is considered a provocation. Raise your hands slowly so they see you are unarmed."

Seven pages are devoted to migrants' legal rights after they are detained and another four to living peacefully in the United States.

"Avoid attracting attention, at least while you are arranging your stay or [Fraudulent] documents to live in the United States," the book explains. "The best formula is to not alter your routine of going from work to home."

This is a blatant example of one country promoting lawlessness in another country. This is an example of the corruption manifested in Mexico that grows by the day in America. This is an example of the loss of the rule of law. This is Third World Momentum being promoted by Mexico into America.

Have you heard one peep out of President Bush protesting this blatant promotion of the breaking and obstruction of our laws? Have you heard 535 peeps out of Congress save Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo, Georgia�s Charles Norwood, Nathan Deal and the Honorable Sensenbrenner?

John Vincent, editor of a newsletter published by Virginia-based Americans for Immigration Control, said: "It really looks like the Mexican government is encouraging illegal immigration. It shows the contempt that the Mexican government has for our laws."

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Hawley reported, "Using simple language, the book offers safety information for border crossers, a primer on their legal rights and advice on living unobtrusively in the United States.