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By Frosty Wooldridge
July 2, 2007

Famous recent words of Senator Teddy Kennedy to his Latino-Hispanic talk-radio friends.

After singing a song in Spanish, as downloaded and played over and over by talk-show hosts across the nation � to include Denver's Peter Boyles, KHOW-630 AM � Senator Teddy Kennedy promised his south of the border audience, "We won't let you down, my friends."

Kennedy promised to deliver the amnesty bill! What happened? He failed! President Bush failed, too, as did Senator Harry Reid. Why did they fail? "We-the-People" disagreed � and the new paradigm known as "integrated lobbying" took the Congress by storm.


We must never put ourselves in the "immigration madness" box again. If and when any member of the Congress drifts in that direction, we must dump her/him immediately.

We must take the time and energy to express our deepest and most profound thanks to the politicians, congressional staff, and countless talk-radio heroes, bloggers and their friends (NUMBERSUSA, FAIR, ALIPAC, FIRECOALITION, The Social Contract) who did well by us.

The REAL numbers � versus the Scam Numbers

The urgency of the "immigration problem" is grossly understated, as are the numbers of illegal aliens and their family members now here in the U.S. Why is that? It is much easier to work on your sympathies and emotions when you believe the number is "only 10-12 million" � as opposed to what you will read below.

While YOUR government told you, for political reasons, just as was done in 1986, that "we only have 10-12 million illegal aliens in the U.S." � the real number exceeds two to three times that.

The truth about the number of illegal aliens now here?

  • The "U.S. Illegal Alien Cohort" nears 28 million in June 2007.
  • 20 million or more are adult illegal aliens, and � 8 million are children (age 20-and-under) of illegal aliens who are born in the U.S. and are counted within the cohort.

How many aliens arrived in the U.S. illegally in 2006?

  • 3.0 MIL arrived from and through Mexico (U.S. Border Patrol number; 1.15 MIL were interdicted � roughly one-of-three)
  • 1 million arrived from and through Canada (per Michael Cutler, expert witness before the U.S. Congress)
  • 2 million arrived on a "visitor visa," staying illegally when that visa expired (per U.S. DHS C&BP and ICE)
  • 1 million arrived by successfully sneaking through entry portals with fraudulent credentials (per Michael Cutler, expert witness before the U.S. Congress)
  • 1 million arrived through our leaky seaports and across our beaches and seashore
  • (Sources: DHS-C&BP, Michael Cutler, Time Magazine, Heritage Foundation, Bear-Stearns Report)

While our government promised only 1 million legal aliens would immigrate in 2006, the five cabinet fiefdoms added another million with "special exceptions," such as the 360,000 'experts' who arrived from China.

With the Cloture Vote momentum now prevailing, we share an opportunity to turn the mess around by rapid and bold actions:

1. Emergency Funding; $94 billion stand-alone bill needed

We demand President Bush send to the Congress a $94 billion stand-alone, emergency funding bill -- to pay for fully implementing the enforcement laws already on the books.

2. U.S. Immigration Czar needed

We need, for the first time � a U.S. Immigration Czar � serving at the Cabinet level. This competent, compassionate person must take the reins from the five competing fiefdoms (State, Commerce, Labor, DHS, etc) and restore law-and-order. For the immediate future, this Czar must put a 10 year hold on all immigration. During that moratorium, we must revamp the fatally-flawed USCIS.

3. U.S. Immigration Strategic Plan needed

The Immigration Czar must quickly draft a U.S. Immigration Strategic Plan to restore our sovereign nation status, and avoid notions such as a "guest-worker" program (never worked anywhere). Instead, we must quadruple our university system to train our own knowledge workers.

At the same time, we must restart the tried-and-true CCC, with an exciting moniker ( CCC-2020) to train high-quality manual laborers and heavy equipment operators while we upgrade our infrastructure and National Parks and State Parks and County Parks everywhere.

In addition, we must use tax-credits to IMMEDIATELY incentivize the agriculture sector to shift from manual labor to mechanized farming.

4. Good fences make for good neighbors

No more fooling around -- assign the job of building the 2,100 mile long World-Class Southern Border fence to the U.S. Navy Seabees -- who will finish the job in two years, under budget. Why the Seabees? They are past-masters and experts in building such fences, AND� they are fully equipped to defend themselves. The fence will reduce the need for border guards by 75 percent.

5. Weak Link; U.S. Federal Court Throughput must be Doubled

The key "sticking-point" is the need to restore law-and-order as we double the entire U.S. Federal Court system -- to process all of the criminals. Make this a temporary (seven-year) thing -- no new buildings � night shifts. Yes, we must double the staff� temporarily.

6. No new brick-and-mortar prisons are needed

To make room for the scofflaws in our existing jails and prisons, we must do two critically important things;

Revamp our beliefs and approach toward those who use and abuse so-called illicit drugs. We must re-instill the so-called protestant ethic AND bite the bullet as we "legalize" certain "recreational drugs" � and control those drugs, heavily taxed and handled just as we do alcohol � perhaps using state-liquor sales stores. This will, if properly done, result in half of those now imprisoned to be placed in "boot camps" as they learn appropriate behavioral processes and practices and return to productive citizenship.

We must build a thousand tent-city jails near our southern border � each equipped with a mini immigration court, with a highly-qualified Magistrate assigned full-time to handle the many issues. As each temporary facility is completed, we MUST use secure bus-vehicles to transport the criminals from the jails-prisons.

7. Tough love

To investigate and apprehend the millions of crooked criminals who employ the illegal aliens, we must kick-start a unified effort as we direct that half of the U.S. Marshalls join with half of the DOJ-FBI and all of the U.S. DHS-ICE and the DHS -C&BP as they move to the CONUS interior and work together -- and also find-apprehend the 630,000 absconders.


U.S. National Integrity and Ethics; As a key and related part of these combined actions, we must avoid the temptation to abuse the stand-up "migrant laborers" as they voluntarily repatriate -- when their jobs disappear and are restored to the lower- middle-class U.S. citizen taxpayers. As a nation, we want to be measured by our wise mercy and compassion.

8. Southern border: 7 Years, U.S. MARINES

In order to free-up enough Border Patrol Agents to help do that job (7), we must bring the U.S. Marines back from IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN and assign them (just the Marines, nobody else -- there is ample precedent) to patrol and enforce our southern border for seven years. That will effectively quash the "importers." (Trafficking in Drugs, weapons, terrorists, illegal aliens, etc.)

9. Re-Implement the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

We demand that the Congress pass legislation that "reinterprets" the 14th Amendment -- to put a STOP to the inane practice of granting citizenship to babies born to foreign nationals who are here illegally.

10. No More Omnibus Bills � each bill must stand naked and alone

No more omnibus bills. The House and Senate must stand tall and introduce a series of related but stand-alone bills to deal with the secondary immigration issues. Each 'great idea' must sink or swim based upon its own merits. All bills must be simple, and transparent.

Are you getting the message? Your government is telling you blatant lies.

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Lies, lies, and more lies � NO MORE HORSE-TRADING!

Item 1 must be fully implemented ($94 BIL emergency funds authorization, signed by the President) BEFORE the Congress adjourns for the 2007 Summer Recess. Items 2 - 9 must be substantially in-progress no later than October 1, 2007, or sooner.

No other immigration-related legislation can be considered until this "Top-Ten" comes to fruition.

"Let's git 'er done!"

� 2007 Frosty Wooldridge - All Rights Reserved



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While YOUR government told you, for political reasons, just as was done in 1986, that "we only have 10-12 million illegal aliens in the U.S." � the real number exceeds two to three times that.