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By Frosty Wooldridge
August 30, 2007

On 9/11, the United States suffered its worst terrorist attack in the history of the Republic. Burning World Trade Center towers featured black smoke, people jumping out of windows�and ultimately, magnificent skyscrapers collapsing like water falling over the edge of Niagara Falls.

Meanwhile, President Bush read a children�s story to an elementary classroom for eight minutes after being told that two commercial jets ran into the WTC towers.

Cogent arguments based on investigations by serious Americans projected an inside job. Did the president of the U.S. know about 9/11 like Franklin D. Roosevelt knew about Pearl Harbor? Why didn�t the CIA splice the pieces together long before the event? What subliminal message did our leaders ignore when Muslims in U.S. flight schools learned how to fly commercial jets with no interest in the skills of take offs and landings? What about demolition explosives purported in the third building that collapsed, but was not hit by airplanes? How could so many Muslims from dangerous countries be given visas so nonchalantly? Was CIA chief George Tenant playing Foosball with Joey on �Friends� every day while pretending to protect our country?

Fast forward: Alberto Gonzales, an �anchor baby� as well as a card carrying La Raza advocate--achieved the highest lawyer status in the nation with his appointment as U.S. attorney general. During his term, by his own incompetence and disarray, the rule of law in America degraded to that of a third world country. Only token prosecutions resulted for employers of illegal aliens�which encouraged more lawbreaking nationwide. Top federal attorneys either quit or suffered firings.

Meanwhile, Gonzales�s lackey in Texas, Johnny Sutton, prosecuted U.S. Border Patrol officers Ramos and Campeon for shooting a drug smuggler in the butt. A judge gave those men, who upheld the law and protected American citizens, 12 year prison terms.

Back in the saddle in Washington, DC, Scooter Libby, a convicted felon, received commutation of his crime without jail time. In other words, our laws couldn�t touch the privileged and powerful.

Further incredulity: Gonzales fired eight federal attorneys without cause. Gonzales proved SO bad an attorney general that he faced �impeachment� for his inability or sheer corruption--to operate competently at that level. Senators called for his resignation. This week, he vanished like a snowflake in Tucson, Arizona in July!

Back-step: A man named Michael Chertoff, who carries duel citizenship as a citizen of Israel first and the United States second�took over from Thomas Ridge as the chief of Homeland Security.

Under Chertoff, millions of illegal aliens continued overrunning U.S. borders despite and since 9/11. Drugs flooded into the United States unimpeded by the Border Patrol which is undermanned and understaffed. Ten percent of those illegals consist of sex offenders, felons and drug runners such as MS-13 gang members. Thousands of U.S. citizens have died at the hands of illegal aliens. Chertoff conducted token raids on meat packing plants in 2006. No employers suffered prosecution of any kind.

Two years ago: Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on the Gulf Coast. It caught Chertoff with his pants around his ankles. Under director Mike Brown in concert with Chertoff, FEMA moved millions of dollars of packed ice around in 18 wheelers for months after the hurricane as reported by Brian Williams at NBC. Incompetence set a new benchmark for �The Peter Principle.�

Today, Michael Chertoff�s name floats around the Beltway as the new attorney nomination to take Gonzales� place. Talk about collusion of incompetence!

To top it off, Chertoff stated that new terrorist attacks remain imminent in the United States. Duh! With wide open borders for the past six years, this is a given!

Am I living in a nightmare or am I dreaming this stuff up? How could a man who sports Israeli citizenship and passport make his way to the top echelon of American power? That�s like Michael Vick operating a dog fighting kennel and running for the president of the Humane Society! How could Chertoff be promoted after demonstrating gross incompetence?

Does anyone realize that since the S.1639 failed in June, tens of thousands of illegal aliens crossed our borders? That any number of them could be terrorists? How do I know? I�ve spent weeks on the border from Texas to California. It�s an open playground for anyone who wants to cross.

Does anyone realize that the president of the United States hires incompetent people? Does he do it on purpose? What motivates Bush�s decisions against our country�s security? Why?

A mother of a U.S. Army trooper said last week, �Why am I going to my son�s funeral and Bush is going to his daughter�s wedding?�

I might add, �As I witness this invasion of my nation, will I live to see the death and funeral of my own country?�

If 20 million illegal aliens won�t satisfy Bush to �do the jobs Americans won�t do,� then will another 20 million illegal aliens make him happy? The fact is: they�re still streaming over the borders Chertoff swore to protect.

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If Bush succeeds with his open borders, Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation predicted an added 70 million immigrants within several decades. What�s left of our country for us?

Does Chertoff, an Israeli citizen, warrant becoming attorney general of the United States? Does any of this make any sense to you?

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To top it off, Chertoff stated that new terrorist attacks remain imminent in the United States. Duh! With wide open borders for the past six years, this is a given!