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By Frosty Wooldridge
September 10, 2007

Each year illegal aliens kill countless American citizens via drunk driving, drug killings, rapes, cop killings, shootings such as the three teenagers in Newark, New Jersey last month and worse.

As if breaking into our country and causing our deaths wasn�t enough, the Grove Church Cemetary in North Bergen, New Jersey houses 135 vagrant illegal aliens who call the graveyard home.

If their breaking over our borders into our nation wasn�t enough, today, illegal aliens follow Americans right into their graveyards!

�A 27-year-old man who would only give his name as �Eduardo� says that he has no choice but to call the Grove Church Cemetery in North Bergen, near Union City, home,� wrote Jim Hague, a Hudson reporter. �Eduardo is a native of Guatemala, but he�s an illegal immigrant who says he came to this country through Mexico and Texas, arriving in North Bergen after a family friend promised him construction work. The job vanished. With no place left to go, Eduardo has joined friends from Guatemala who now live in the cemetery.�

�I have little money,� Eduardo said last week, speaking very little English. �I have no house. I have no place to go, so I stay here.� �Last month, a North Bergen woman was dragged into the cemetery and sexually assaulted by someone who obviously knew of the living arrangements there,� Hague reported. �While that person has not yet been found, a local church pastor told the newspaper at the time that as many as 30 or 35 people might be living there. However, a few visits from the newspaper turned up many more. Hispanic males of all ages - carrying black plastic bags apparently filled with food - parade through the cemetery toward the far back right corner. In fact, the reporter counted 135 separate men in the area. One man was openly relieving himself. Another was wearing a Walkman stereo headset while lying on the grass between three headstones, sleeping. Most were stumbling, appearing intoxicated.�

Reverend Douglas Shepler, the pastor of the Grove Reformed Church, said he had heard of a woman who was visiting a grave in the cemetery and had her necklace ripped off her neck. At the same time his church feeds the illegals.

North Bergen Police Chief William Galvin insisted last week that he hadn�t heard of any reports regarding a rash of homeless people, �Two years ago, we went into that area with our Department of Public Works and cleaned it all out.�

�It was never reported to me before,� Mayor Sacco of North Bergen said. �That number is astonishing. But how much support the police get from the federal government, that�s another story. Can you make an arrest? No, because it�s infringing on the rights of the illegal immigrants, so you�re stopped by the federal government. You call ICE, but they say the crime isn�t big enough.�

Hague reported, �The neighbors aren�t pleased. Some have complained that the homeless have been using their outdoor water faucets to clean up in the morning. Others claim that they have been approached by drunken males who were panhandling and harassing them.�

�I still believe that if the church wasn�t feeding them regularly, they wouldn�t be hanging around here,� said Walter O�Toole, who has lived near the church and cemetery for 35 years. �I think that the source of the problem is the church feeding them. It�s almost like a stray animal. If you feed the animal, it sticks around.�

�As of last week, the Hudson County Prosecutor�s Office was still investigating the assault of the 56-year-old North Bergen resident,� Hague reported. �She was first accosted near the Union City Light Rail station on Bergenline Avenue, then forced to the cemetery by her assailant at knifepoint. She was then assaulted again, according to Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio.�

Almost 3,000 homeless in the county

At the present time, 2,973 homeless live in Hudson County. The county has three main homeless shelters: St. Lucy�s in Jersey City, the Hoboken Homeless Shelter in Hoboken, and the PERC shelter in Union City.

Eduardo and his Guatemalan pals will call the cemetery home. �It�s not bad,� he said. �It�s peaceful. No one bothers us. I hope I can find a job.�

What does this isolated human tragedy represent? First of all, it spreads across America as thousands of Mexico�s and Central America�s and South America�s unending poor cross U.S. borders nightly. When they can�t find a job, they become wards of our welfare systems, medical services, schools, food programs and prisons.

Once illegals enter this country, they don't become educated as if by magic. They aren't able to speak English. They can't drive a car legally. They can't work legally. They don't become skilled at some trade. When they can't find jobs, they become homeless.

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Once they become homeless, they become our problem. They become wards of your tax dollars, your communities, your schools, your hospitals and your prisons. The costs soar into the billions annually. Their presence in your country stem from your president and Congress failing to secure your US borders.

Count on homeless illegal aliens reaching into the millions and still more millions in the coming years.

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First of all, it spreads across America as thousands of Mexico�s and Central America�s and South America�s unending poor cross U.S. borders nightly. When they can�t find a job, they become wards of our welfare systems, medical services, schools, food programs and prisons.