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By Frosty Wooldridge
September 17, 2007

Of all the insanity, stupidity and incompetence the Bush administration foisted onto the American public in the past six years, the Iraq War will prove the worst lie, the most egregious mistake and the most calamitous moral crisis ever injected into our civilization. Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said this week the Iraq war is over oil. His madness has become our madness. His insanity proves our insanity.

Why? Because we let Bush continue without a whimper! No outcries! No mass demonstrations! No marches! Thomas Jefferson said, �Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.� We failed our founding fathers!

This war is a crock.

The �surge� will prove yet another fa�ade of blundering leaders. General Patraeus obfuscated, denied and misled as directed by George Bush. We send our kids over there to referee an unending civil war.

The same thing happened in Vietnam. Westmoreland told the American public another 100,000 troops would defeat the Viet Cong. Then, another 100,000 would assure success! By the time we got 58,000 kids killed and 350,000 wounded, we forced 550,000 troops into steaming jungles of Vietnam at one point in that war. We killed three million Vietnamese citizens. We poisoned their rivers and jungles with Agent Orange. We dropped millions of pounds of bombs and wreaked havoc on their children for generations to come. Vietnam created our own drug culture that exploded during and after the war to the magnitude it is today. We perpetrated 10 years of insanity on the people of Vietnam and the world over the outright fraud of the �Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.�

The same fraud perpetrated on the U.S. public and Iraq arrived in the form of George Bush telling the world that Saddam Hussein possessed �Weapons of Mass Destruction.� The U.N. inspectors proved Bush wrong. They could still be checking for WMD if not for Bush. If Bush allowed them to keep checking, thousands of lives and billions of dollars would be saved while moving humanity toward a more positive future.

History shows Bush as the first U.S. president to attack a sovereign nation without cause and against international law. Not only that, Iraq exists 10,000 miles away from the United States. How much more insane could his twisted mind be?

What are the results of six years of war? Bush destroyed Iraq�s infrastructure. He created three million refugees. He injected depleted uranium radiation into their country that will create mutations and birth defects for all living creatures for uncounted years to come. He�s fomented a civil war where stability once existed under Saddam. He injected our form of government into a country whose Sharia Law worked for them for 1,600 years. He created more terrorists with greater anger and vehemence against the United States. He created an $800 billion debt for U.S. taxpayers. While pretending to combat terror over there, he invites terrorists to enter over here. He leaves our southern border open to a greater invasion of terrorists packing unknown explosives. He allows millions of Mexican illegals with their only weapons the shoes on their feet that enable them to walk across our borders.

Instead of using common sense, Bush forces us into unending war with slaughtering of more innocents.

Not only does he leave a trail of 3,000 dead U.S. soldiers and 26,000 horribly wounded, amputated and gutted bodies, he leaves 655,000 Iraqi citizens dead and tens of thousands wounded in hideous ways.

Whereas Bush proves a puppet to Blackwater and Halliburton corporations, this incompetent president pulls the strings of Patraeus. Like Westmoreland during Vietnam, our generals and this president keep dreaming up new slogans for getting our kids killed.

This war proves our civilization�s moral, ethical and rational failure.

I remember my own basic training in the U.S. Army at Fort Benning, Georgia in 1968. My college roommate got killed that year in Nam. At night training exercises, I crawled under barbed wires while bunkers exploded--bouncing me off the ground. Machine gun tracers screamed four feet over my head. I thought to myself, �I�m gonna get killed over there. I�m nothing more than cannon fodder. This is beyond stupid.� At the same time, George W. Bush partied on weekends at the National Guard in Texas and later in Alabama. His daddy made sure young George remained safe.

In the end, the Vietnam War proved an aberration of insanity that accomplished nothing but death and mayhem. Johnson proved an incredibly corrupt man and Nixon resigned. Johnson died a broken man and Nixon languished until his death. But they left 58,000 men dead. For nothing!

Fast forward: Why has this 21st century Iraq War insanity continued? Because the American public remains pathetically apathetic! Because the Army engages only volunteers! They�re expendable to a war machine that possesses no heart or conscience. A few sacrifice their lives while the rest of us watch TV and NFL football games.

Every time I see our kids walking around with steel legs and arms, my stomach sickens. Every time I see another story and funeral, I cry.

One day, we will leave Iraq as we left Vietnam.

Nothing will have been solved. No mission accomplished! No one will remember the unlived lives of young men and women on both sides. Human tragedy will continue as Bush destroyed Iraq�s civilization. Muslim terrorists fueled by intense anger toward Bush continue their plotting in our country with our wide open borders.

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Will Bush suffer? If he ever gains an ounce of moral fiber or a penny�s worth of ethical consciousness�he, like Lyndon Baines Johnson, will live the last days of his life in utter depression for what he bequeathed on humanity the early part of the 21st century.

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The same thing happened in Vietnam. Westmoreland told the American public another 100,000 troops would defeat the Viet Cong. Then, another 100,000 would assure success! By the time we got 58,000 kids killed and 350,000 wounded, we...