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By Frosty Wooldridge
September 24, 2007

Do you remember Americana? Do you remember Norman Rockwell on Saturday Evening Post or Ben Franklin five and dime stores? How about Rexall Drugs? Who ran them? Good old Americans, that�s who! Nice to know your vendors because they�re citizens like you!

In the past 15 years, with massive illegal alien migration, America�s stores suffered the loss of the rule of law. But that changing in states like Georgia, Arizona and Oklahoma!

Aixa M. Pascual wrote a report for the Atlanta Constitution recently showing Valeria Espinosa�s variety store failing. Among the T-shirts and CDs for sale, on the back wall of her shop, she exhibits a large Mexican flag. Next to it, she displays an upside-down American flag. Wonder if any of our Ben Franklin store owners ever committed such a heinous act?

Espinosa immigrated to the USA six years ago, but can�t speak English. She serves anyone who broke into the United States. Illegal aliens make up the glut of her customers.

Since Georgia�s recent anti-illegal alien laws took effect in July, everything illegal and everyone serving illegals slid down hill. Pascual wrote, �They are wiring money home to Mexico and Central America less often, too. Her sales are down by about 40 percent for the past two months.�

"They don't splurge on themselves," Espinosa said in Spanish.

Pascual reported, �Espinosa's shop on Powder Springs Road in Marietta is not the only one hurting. Many businesses that cater to Hispanics (illegals) are seeing a slowdown in sales. And the fallout has spread far beyond car dealers, which immediately felt the impact from a law that went into effect on July 1 requiring a Georgia driver's license or ID card to get a car tag. It's affecting bakeries, insurance peddlers, banks, food manufacturers, supermarkets, restaurants and other businesses.�

Georgia passed stiff laws against illegals in the wake of federal non-enforcement.

"This is like a double whammy," says University of Georgia demographer Douglas Bachtel. "Whenever there's anything new, there's fear and uncertainty, especially with the immigration status. Nearly half of the Hispanic (illegals) population in Georgia is undocumented.�

The census shows 700,000 illegals in Georgia, but Bachtel says, �Hispanics are undercounted.�

"It's affecting all businesses," says Neil Moreno, who sells car insurance in a storefront next to Espinosa.

"This is dead," says Moreno, from Puerto Rico. "It's terrible."

Pascual reported:

  • �Banuestra, a Roswell-based bank with 12 branches in metro Atlanta, has seen its monthly revenue growth slow down to 10 percent from 35 percent,� said chairman and CEO Drew Edwards. He serves 23,000 illegal aliens in direct violation of federal laws.
  • Food manufacturer La Preferida, whose clients are predominantly small grocery stores that target Hispanic consumers, is having a tougher time selling its products.
  • Mexican restaurant Mexico Lindo in Smyrna has seen a big decline in business during the weekends, when the clientele is mostly Hispanic, says owner Jorge Echeverry.

Pascual added, �A study released last month by the Washington-based Inter-American Development Bank found that the percentage of Mexicans in "new destination" states who send remittances regularly to their homeland declined from an average of 80 percent in 2006 to 56 percent this year. Illegals drain the USA of $80 billion annually in cash transfers.

Sergio Bendixen said, �The Mexicans in states such as Georgia don't feel welcome and face an uncertain future. They feel alienated. They feel unprotected.�

�In Georgia, a new law calls for verification of the status of applicants for public jobs and public benefits and to those thrown in jail for a felony or DUI,� Pascual reported. �Many people interviewed say fewer illegal immigrants are driving because of fear. Cobb County has gone further than other municipalities in Georgia in cracking down on illegal immigration. The county sheriff has an agreement with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement that allows specially trained local jail officers to initiate deportation proceedings for illegal immigrants who are arrested.�

"Cobb County has the most anti-immigrant policies in the state right now," says Jerry Gonzalez, executive director of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials, or GALEO. "Cobb County is going above and beyond to make itself an unfriendly place for immigrants."

Of the 198 inmates at the Cobb County Jail interviewed to determine their status through Aug. 31, 142 have detainers which can subject them to deportation.

Sam Olens, chairman of the Cobb County Commission said, "Our Police Department is strictly enforcing the law.�

Valerie Espinosa, lady with the upside-down American flag in her store thinks about selling one of her two stores to make ends meet. "I want to get ahead, and I can't,� she lamented.

Maybe if Espinosa learned English and served American citizens, she wouldn�t be in her current predicament. She might even consider flying our flag right side up. Millions of America�s military men and women fought and died for that flag.

Georgia, led by Chip Rogers, D.A. King, Michael Opitz and other hard charging Americans illustrates what can be done to bring the use of law and order back to any of our United States.

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In the past 15 years, with massive illegal alien migration, America�s stores suffered the loss of the rule of law. But that changing in states like Georgia, Arizona and Oklahoma!