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By Frosty Wooldridge
September 27, 2007

Last month, in Newark, New Jersey, two illegal aliens executed three college-bound teenagers. Both men, members of MS-13, sported rap sheets as long as a football field. Illegal alien Carranza, featuring 31 indictments, raped a five year old girl. Illegal Godinez distributed drugs. Both enjoyed freedom via bail bonds while escaping deportation through Newark�s Mayor Cory Booker�s �Sanctuary Policy.� Booker allows illegal aliens to remain immune from police discovering their immigration status. Instead of deportation, they may roam free on American soil.

If Booker obeyed our laws, three promising black youths would be cheering for their favorite teams this fall while enjoying academics at major universities.

As with thousands of crimes committed annually in major cities across America by illegal aliens who kill, rape and molest our citizens, mayors in 30 metropolitan areas continue upholding sanctuary policies in direct violation of federal laws.

For example: in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2005, car-jackers stole 57,600 cars making it the car theft capital of the United States. Who did it? Over 90 percent proved to be illegal aliens from a state that boasts over a half million of them.

In Denver, Colorado, where I live, Mayor John Hickenlooper supports sanctuary policy as well as Mayor Ruzzin in Boulder, Colorado. When you aid, abet and assist illegal aliens, what do you get for your efforts? Quick answer: more illegal aliens! A recent report in the Rocky Mountain News showed that 12,000 gang members, mostly illegal aliens, ply their trade in the Denver area.

Results: Colorado citizens find themselves facing drunk illegal drivers in traffic, car thefts, rapes, shootings and stabbings. Citizens find their schools overrun, hospitals inundated with non-paying non-citizens and prisons bursting with foreign felons.

Two years ago, illegal alien Garcia Gomez executed Denver Police Officer Don Young just like Carranza shot the three Newark kids�in the back of the head.

What did Gomez enjoy? The same sanctuary policy in Denver as in Newark! Gomez had been stopped three times, but let go. After his heinous killing, he fled to Mexico. Now, he sits in a federal prison for life. But Young lost his life because of sanctuary policy.

Fast forward to Denver on September 6, 2007. Today, illegal criminals operate �chop shops�.

A car driven by five illegal aliens in Denver followed a Denver cop. Here is the report:

DENVER-- Several car theft suspects were arrested Thursday morning after a police chase that started with an undercover Denver officer calling for help while being followed by the alleged criminals. The officer reportedly recorded videotape of the suspects and a stolen truck before they saw him.

The chase that crisscrossed through the streets of Denver, with the suspects often going the wrong way in traffic, eventually ended about 25 minutes later at 65th and York in Adams County. Five suspects were taken into custody in the minutes and hours that followed. At least one remained at large and was reported to be armed and dangerous.

The investigator watched the suspects overnight near W. 50th Avenue and Federal when they started to follow him. The officer called for backup just after 2 a.m. while heading east on Interstate 70, according to recordings of police radio traffic from He reported he was going about 105 mph and the suspects were right behind him.

The officer next headed south on Interstate 25. He reported being rammed by the suspects near Colfax. Marked police cars quickly joined the chase as they got onto I-25 from Colfax and 6th Ave. The suspect vehicle, now being chased by police, headed back north on I-25 after turning around at Alameda. The suspect's silver truck then wove through the streets of downtown Denver.

Officers followed as the wanted men then drove the wrong way on 13th Avenue heading east through Capital Hill toward Colorado Blvd. They headed south on Colorado Blvd. to 3rd Avenue where one police car tried to stop the suspects with a tactical maneuver. The suspects escaped and headed back north on Colorado Blvd.

Somewhere near Colorado Blvd. and 48th Ave., a second suspect vehicle, a green Lincoln, joined the pursuit and helped the first suspect truck avoid the police. The chase continued north to Highway 2 and then onto Interstate 76 where both suspect vehicles were again going the wrong way in traffic.

They eventually crashed near 65th and York and the suspects ran. One was quickly taken into custody at the scene of the crash. Four other suspects were caught a short time later, but officers were still searching for two others.

Another suspect was captured when a homeowner called police to say someone was hiding in his yard.

What is so brazen about these illegal alien criminals? Their immunity from arrest via sanctuary policy in cities like Denver gives them the arrogance to chase and ram a police cruiser at 100 m.p.h. Is this right out of a dime third world novel or what?

Can you imagine how they feel about regular citizens? What if those illegals killed another police officer? What if they killed the man in the house who called police about one of them hiding in the homeowner�s yard? What if the high speed chase caused a multi-car crash killing a dozen Denver citizens?

Arrested after the chase: Illegal Juan Hernandez Banuelos with five other aliases and 12 previous arrests; Francisco Delacruze with four other aliases and 11 previous arrests; Manuel Fernandez with three aliases and 18 previous arrests; Carlos Armando Galeano with three aliases and 13 previous arrests; and Eric Robles with two aliases and three arrests.

Police arrested these criminal aliens a total of 47 times without doing anything about their living, working and criminal behavior in the Colorado. None suffered deportation!

Last night in the presidential debates, all Democratic candidates endorsed sanctuary policies for cities in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution. Mayor Hickenlooper stands with LA�s Villaraigosa, Chicago�s Daley, NYC�s Bloomberg, etc., in protecting criminals within our cities.

Last week, Phoenix Police Officer Nick Erfle, husband and father to two girls, made a traffic stop on an illegal named Martinez who immediately shot Erfle in the face, instantly killing him. Five other police officers suffered death at the hands of illegals protected by the Phoenix sanctuary policy. Mayor Phil Gordon supports the deadly sanctuary policy in Phoenix. Why? How about loss of reason!

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As more and more cities condone the loss of the rule of law, we can expect more and more crime against Americans. The question you must ask yourself: when will my loved ones or I become a victim of illegal aliens in my own community because someone elected to represent the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law abdicates in favor of illegal alien criminals?

Where will the next Newark Massacre or police killing occur because of the blessings of the sanctuary policy that allows criminal illegal aliens cart blanche?

Stop the Dream Act by Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois that will allow millions of illegal aliens to tape into amnesty programs:

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When you aid, abet and assist illegal aliens, what do you get for your efforts? Quick answer: more illegal aliens! A recent report in the Rocky Mountain News showed that 12,000 gang members, mostly illegal aliens, ply their trade in the Denver area.