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By Frosty Wooldridge
October 4, 2007

This week, in Reno, Nevada, a U.S. Army veteran cut down a Mexican flag illegally flown over an American flag at a place of business.

Jim Brossert said, �I took this flag down in honor of my country with a knife from the United States Army. I'm a veteran; I am not going to see this done to my country. If they want to fight us, then they need to be men, and they need to come and fight us, but I want somebody to fight me for this flag. They're not going to get it back."

A news report followed, �The Hispanic store owner who witnessed the incident would not make comment on camera but told KRNV over the phone that he was flying the flag as a mark of solidarity to the Hispanic (illegal) community.�

Charges may be brought against Brossert despite his upholding the law.

In Lakewood, Colorado a suburb of Denver, Bob Haworth, formerly of the Kingston Trio, sang a song at the Atlanta Bread Company Restaurant, �Can you get me in,� which became an immediate hit at the restaurant as well as the Peter Boyles Show at KHOW 630 AM.

However, a Lakewood teacher Scott Murphy wrote the restaurant demanding Haworth�s firing for being a racist.

Nothing in the song suggests racism of any kind. The song parodies the U.S. government for allowing millions of Mexicans to cross U.S. borders in violation of federal laws.

Bob Haworth,, where the songs may be found, responded, �It saddens me to have to inform you that an irate customer at The Atlanta Bread Company has demanded my termination. Apparently, this customer strongly objected to my performance of several songs, citing "the horrendous content" of my music. Among the songs I performed were "Can You Get Me In?" and "Pizza for Pesos." Both of these songs were played at the request of other patrons of the restaurant that evening, but it appears that one person's "discomfort" trumps everyone else's enjoyment.

�These are the two songs I've written that have been receiving national airplay over the past several months on radio talk shows. Additionally, proceeds from the CD sales of these songs are going to assist the families of Border Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, who have been unjustly imprisoned by the U.S. government for allegedly shooting a known drug smuggler whom they apprehended crossing the border from Mexico with a van load of marijuana. You may go to my website and download them or purchase the CD and assist with this worthy cause.�

Haworth continued, �I certainly never set out to cause a controversy, and I know that the other customers who were in attendance that night will attest to the fact that I did nothing improper or offensive. As an entertainer I have always striven to bring enjoyment to people, and I never expected that anyone would take issue with any of my material. I'm not a racist, hate monger or xenophobe and I don't espouse any such thought in my music, during my shows or in my daily life.

�Anyone who listens closely to the lyrics of the songs this person objected to will realize that I'm actually chiding our government for not enforcing our laws. These songs and parodies are akin to political cartoons published in newspapers. I have an opinion on the subject and I've taken a humorous approach to expressing that via my craft. I feel strongly that we should not allow the mindset of people like this "offended" customer to control our thoughts, actions and freedom of expression. It's sad to say, but it seems that our very basic American values have somehow become politically incorrect and those who would erode those values have taken to using social terrorism via threats of reprisal to force their values and beliefs on the rest of us. I regret to say, that The Atlanta Bread Company is willing to capitulate to these terrorist demands.

�According to the reports we've received, I've been bringing in well above average business on the nights I've performed at The Atlanta Bread Company. In addition, we've all had a good time and this is the only complaint I've ever received there. I would compare it to a customer switching channels if he was offended by something he saw on TV. I also feel that the management could have easily diffused this situation by just coming to me and requesting that I refrain from performing the songs that were the subject of this person's complaint. But I was judged "politically incorrect" without warning and for that there is apparently no leniency.

�Let me editorialize a bit by saying that I believe that "political correctness" will be the downfall of our country. We've been told that so many things are politically incorrect these days that we must all be afraid to open our mouths for fear that something might slip out and unintentionally offend someone. For my part, I believe that my stance on law and order and secure borders is the politically correct point of view. But, what the heck - I now get to join the ranks of such artists as The Dixie Chicks, penalized for expressing my views in a public forum. Woe to America if this is our fate!�

Teacher Murphy illustrates a world of difference between being bright and being educated. Lakewood schools hire a few inept and uninformed teachers that make poor educational decisions. With the current crime element of 12,000 illegals in Colorado, some of their educational agendas endanger our children�s future and jeopardize our homeland. As a former teacher, I can attest to this.

Parents need to educate teachers like Mr. Murphy so as to keep them from allowing their foolishness to muddle and misinform the students they teach with their �let all illegals in� mentality. Meanwhile, our educators with their many degrees push their �open borders� agenda on to the students they teach. This teacher disgraces himself in Jefferson County and his diatribe needs to stop. Why?

1) Haworth's rights were violated - 1st amendment.
2) Restaurant owner takes the word of one person.
3) Jeffco School teacher still has his job and salary.
4) Kids are being taught bias by teacher�s actions and words.
5) Haworth is called a racist and no chance of defending himself against the students.

What does that make Murphy? An educator or a hypocrite? What about the Hispanic shop owner breaking U.S. law by flying a Mexican flag over our American flag? A citizen or traitor?

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What do Army veteran Jim Brossert and singer Bob Haworth share? Both endure charges for expressing their fundamental rights assured under the U.S. Constitution. One would defend our nation�s flag and the other our right to free speech. At some point, men like Scott Murphy stand guilty, �For whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.�

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In Lakewood, Colorado a suburb of Denver, Bob Haworth, formerly of the Kingston Trio, sang a song at the Atlanta Bread Company Restaurant, �Can you get me in,� which became an immediate hit at the restaurant as well as the Peter Boyles Show