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By Frosty Wooldridge
October 18, 2007

Out of 40,000 fatalities on America�s highways annually, drunk drivers account for 20,000 deaths. Untold numbers of drivers and passengers suffer dismemberment, whip lash, internal injuries, lacerations, contusions and broken bones.

Each accident occurs because chronic drunks hit the road with their 5,000 pound missiles! National studies show an average of 14,000 drunks drive our nation�s highways every hour of the day 24/7. No amount of driver training, gory crashes or continuing education stops drunken drivers from weaving through American traffic until they crash into someone.

On May 3, 1980, Fair Oaks, California, Candy Lightner�s 13-year-old daughter suffered death at the hands of a drunken hit-and-run driver that continued driving after numerous DUI convictions. "I promised myself on the day of Cari�s death that I would fight to make this needless homicide count for something positive in the years ahead,� Lightner said.

Lightner, a housewife, organized Mother�s Against Drunk Drivers, MADD. Years later, she resigned because her organization morphed into a �prohibition� stance instead of working for tough legislation against the crime.

Today, MADD operates contrary to the good of the American motoring public by hiding, even intentionally ignoring a growing highway nightmare: tens of thousands of drunken driving illegal aliens. According to Driven Magazine, Spring 1999, �The study was the first to analyze the fatal crash involvement of Mexican-Hispanic subgroups. This group had the highest rate of alcohol related traffic fatalities at 59.7 percent. Mexican-Americans followed with 52.5 percent.�

Every 14 seconds in America, someone suffers injuries in an auto crash. One person suffers death every 13 minutes. Every year, 3,000 children under eight die in car crashes.

The illegal Hispanic-Mexican population increased 57.9 percent in the past 10 years in America. From past statistics, Americans can expect greater danger on our nation�s highways.

Yet, MADD won�t go after the growing danger of unlicensed, uninsured illegal aliens causing death across America!

Driven Magazine reported, "In Mexico, the culture is very much a drinking culture. After a hard day at work, it is normal to end the workday by drinking beer. At social events - celebrations, visiting friends - it is commonplace to drink, for the men. Drinking alcohol starts early for male Hispanics--as early as age 12.

"Also, in Mexico, traffic laws are quite different and the use of seatbelt restraints is almost unheard of. So, when you combine the Hispanic drinking culture with the lack of education on drunken driving prevention, you end up with tragic consequences."

Driven continued, �Hispanics also believed that it takes six to eight drinks to affect driving. Even more discouraging is that statistics show that the overall death rate due to motor vehicle crashes is higher among Hispanics than it is among Anglos or African-Americans.

�U.S. Census figures show the Hispanic/Latino population is the youngest and fastest-growing segment in America. This rapid growth, combined with a higher tendency to drive after drinking, is a recipe for death.�

"The need to communicate lifesaving messages about drunk driving and underage drinking to the Spanish-speaking population is unquestionable," says Dr. Raul Caetano of the University of Texas School of Public Health and MADD national board member.

Unfortunately, MADD neglects to comprehend that we can�t change culture overnight no matter how much education. Culture takes decades to change. That means thousands of American lives hang in the gallows as millions of illegal aliens continue crossing into America.

This dilemma illustrates our national state of denial at the multitude of consequences facing us from the loss of the rule of law�from the loss of our sovereignty�from the loss of respect for our own society.

How could we stop the Mexican mayhem on our nation�s highways? Simple: close the borders. Create �attrition through enforcement� which would find aliens returning to their own country drinking and driving to their hearts content.

Beyond the Mexican dilemma, MADD�s lacks of creative ideas to stop drunken driving, which hasn�t changed since 1980 when Lightner formed the organization. Tens of thousands of Americans suffered alcohol driving related deaths since 1980.

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Imagine how quickly we would have stopped drunken driving in America by this simple idea: 1. When a driver receives his/her license, he signs a document showing he understands the consequences of a DUI. 2. Upon receiving his first DUI, the driver loses his license for two years and he loses his car to impound storage for two years. He receives six months in jail automatically. He pays for hauling, storage and administrative fees. Private companies would love to store drunk driver cars. By losing the car for two years, the drunk driver couldn�t easily go out and obtain another one. 3. If the driver suffers a second ticket or DUI, he loses his license and car for four years. He goes to jail for one year, automatically with no exceptions. If he receives a third DUI, he is banned for life from driving with a felony record. 4. Each time, insurance rates double, then triple for each DUI. 5. If a friend loans his car to a drunken driving friend, the car goes to impound storage for the specified time period. If the owner wants it out, it will cost a flat fee of $2,000.00 or remain in storage for the allotted time. Cars never picked up after a specific time could be sold for auction.

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This method guarantees the loss of cars for drunk drivers. They can�t pay the ticket and jump back into their car. This method would cut drunken driving 90 percent because when you take away their cars, you take away their ability to kill people. As it is, thousands of innocent lives in the past and into the future will continue a one way trip to the grim reaper because MADD beats around the bush and our nation�s leaders refuse to enforce the rule of law.

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Each accident occurs because chronic drunks hit the road with their 5,000 pound missiles! National studies show an average of 14,000 drunks drive our nation�s highways every hour of the day 24/7.