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By Frosty Wooldridge
March 6, 2008

Every drink sour milk? Nasty stuff! You spat it out immediately. I'll bet you thought twice before drinking your next glass of milk. What if every glass of moo-juice you tried turned out sour? You would stop drinking milk!

We now host more than 20-30 million illegal aliens � HUGE costs

Today, in America, these illegal aliens line up at the taxpayer paid 'milk trough' for their daily welfare servings:


  • free emergency care,
  • free additional medical, such as prenatal and postnatal care,
  • free birthing-care for their "instant-citizen" anchor babies,
  • free breakfasts and lunches for their children, and
  • free K-12 schooling.


  • assisted housing,
  • federally guaranteed mortgages,
  • gas-and-electric cost assistance,

Yes, because illegals enjoy full employment, they receive an average wage of $43K/yr per Paul Harvey, they do pay a few hundred million dollars for FICA (using fraudulent-ID) and sales taxes, so the net cost-to-citizens is a few billion less.

Meanwhile, needy-qualified citizens and their kids suffer as they compete against foreign nationals for services:

One woman wrote: "My grand-daughter is 18. She caught a virus when she was 13 and now has a pacemaker. Yesterday in the evening she started having severe heart pain. My daughter rushed her to St. Joseph Hospital. It took them 4 hours to see a doctor. My daughter said there were so many illegals there (multiple generations); they couldn't be seen in a timely fashion.

One Mexican was sick and they brought the sick person � and the mother, father, three aunts, four uncles, 10 kids, grandparents and a few neighbors to the ER. My daughter said the hospital finally got someone to tell every one "if you aren't the patient, PLEASE wait someplace else." After telling them many times they did go out, but they had already caused a lot of harm by tying up the ER.

They are treated free and my daughter has to pay thousands for her care � and she was born here, legitimately. In triage, my granddaughter was admitted; as a result of effects from the tests, she suffered a heart attack.

How many Americans will have to suffer like this because some idiot, way back when, said we had to give free medical to immigrants?

I am so angry today I want to have open season on all Mexicans, Guatemalans, and the others who jam up the services providers. I pray every day not to remain bitter � and then this happens and I'm off again. I'm trying to tell my generation maybe they can't benefit but what about the grand children?

I belong to a Red Hat society, ladies over 60, and they are ready to throw me out for being so verbal about issues. Yes, I do carry a sign at rallies � and I do make phone calls, write letters and tell everyone who will listen � that our wonderful America is going down the tubes and we desperately need everyone to rally and get things changed.

To improve things, we must start with who we put in office: John McCain ain't it. Neither is Obama, or Hillary. Sorry to run on, but I'm really pissed off today." ~Grandma Sharla

We find ourselves in a pickle. Hundreds of letters like this one arrive in my mail box weekly. They all point to the insanity of this continued invasion of our country by the poor, sick and illiterate of another nation � namely Mexico.

What do the illegals enjoy in common? Illegality, criminality, lawbreakers!

The root-cause is the hundreds of thousands of criminal-employers in our nation breaking our laws to entice and hire the illegal aliens.

How do we sour the milk?

First, Mayor Lou Barletta led the Hazelton, PA city council to outlaw illegals by rescinding building licenses from contractors who hired illegal aliens. The town created ordinances against landlords who rented to illegals. Local open-borders advocates filed a lawsuit to fight Barletta, and temporarily stopped the enforcement. They appealed. However, the example set by Hazelton encouraged others.

Georgia, Oklahoma and Arizona

In the past 12 months, three states 'soured the milk' enough to make it 'nasty' for illegals to stay: Georgia, Oklahoma and Arizona. Thank you Chip Rogers, Michael Optiz, D.A. King, Randy Terrell, Russell Pearce, Kathy McKee, Dave Schultheis (CO) and many others in those states. Unfortunately, the illegals have learned that all they can move to another state � to continue the "good deal."

Twenty other states move toward similar approaches.

Colorado should be listed above, but Governor Ritter refuses to enforce HB-06-1023 � so illegals get away with continuing to work and reside in Colorado. Some leaders, it seems, are blind to the financial costs and personal pain now borne by the U S citizen residents. Perhaps Ritter may wait until the next dozen illegals kill, maim, rape or rob Colorado citizens.

Ritter may wait � just like New Jersey's Governor Corzine and Newark's Mayor Cory Booker � as law-abiding citizens watched helplessly while criminal alien MS-13 gang member Rudolfo executed three American college-bound teens.

What do all of these "leaders" support? Sanctuary processes!

We bring this mayhem upon ourselves as we tolerate the misbehaviors of our "leaders." It's only a matter of time before another illegal king-pin kills someone via drunken driving, murder or drug gang execution in your state � and in Colorado.

To stop this nonsense, 'We-the-People' must take action to SOUR THE MILK.

Given enough time, illegals' criminal acts will force more governors and mayors to rescind 'Sanctuary Processes' that give the foreign nationals immunity from arrest and proper prosecution in our country.

When do we sour the milk?

Join them to sour the milk!;;;;;;

Write candidates to sour the milk?

Hillary Clinton: Ph. 703 469 2008 or

John McCain: Ph. 703 418 2008 or

Barack Obama: Ph. 866 675 2008 or

Sit with your local politicos to sour the milk?

Local problems demand LOCAL actions. Your Sheriff and cops must be disavowed of their "hands-off" approach. YOUR JOB is to find out about 287 G training for your LOCAL police officers � which will allow them to work arm-and-arm with DHS-ICE to arrest illegal aliens for deportation � one culprit at a time.

Sour the milk!

Write to media big guns to bring the issue to the front burner:;;;;
CEO of Fox News;
NBC Executive;;

Sour their milk with 100,000 emails! Force the issue to the top!

Fellow Americans, the year 2008 provides us with a golden opportunity.

Lately, the media screams that immigration is NOT a major problem, quoting from surveys that they say proves the point. They cannot hear you. Instead, they listen to the open-borders progressives.

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Like-minded opponents in November; Hillary/Obama and McCain � already voted in the U S Senate for amnesty for more than 20-30 million illegal aliens � at a cost of over $2 trillion. Each of these progressive clowns voted for open borders, plus increasing legal immigration from 1 to 2 million annually, continuing the fatally-flawed processes that have given us crowded hospitals and K-12 schools, seven million "instant-citizen" anchor babies, and unlimited welfare for illegals.

We must sour the milk

We must sour the milk in every village, town, city, county, state and sector of America.

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Today, in America, these illegal aliens line up at the taxpayer paid 'milk trough' for their daily welfare servings...