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By Frosty Wooldridge
April 24, 2008

Colorado State legislator Kathleen Curry slipped sideways in her saddle with indignation this week when Representative Douglas Bruce said, "We don't need 5,000 more illiterate peasants in Colorado."

Her wig twisted into a twit; her lipstick blushed; her stateliness soared to the capitol ceiling; and her trigger finger slammed down on the gavel. "You're finished at the podium," Curry snarled. “How dare you!”

At that moment, Clint Eastwood, smoking a thin cheroot, strode with jangling spurs into the Colorado State Capitol. With a glint in his eye and one hand on his six-shooter, he faced Curry, “A woman’s got to know her limitations if she’s gonna’ lead a bunch of cow punchers.”

The Colorado House voted to pass a visa ordinance inviting 5,000 Mexican immigrants to work in the fields. Never mind Colorado already houses 500,000 illegal alien peasants!

By speaking up, "Crusader Rabbit" Bruce struck a nerve, said it like it is, and dumped a load of common-sense reality right into Colorado legislators' laps. He slapped them upside the head! Bruce branded their hides with a horseshoe full of straight lingo. He uttered what weighs on every Coloradan's mind!

"What would that question be?" Eastwood drawled as he spit another mouthful of chew to the floor?


Since Colorado already features more than 500,000 illegal aliens already in that state--sucking up $1.1 billion of their tax dollars for "fringe-benefits"--along with 12,000 illegal alien gang members--more than $38 million for babies born to illegal mothers every year--and other medical costs – why pray-tell, does Colorado need 5,000 more 'illiterate peasants' and their families working the fields?

Why not recruit from their 'already here' illiterate peasants?

Arriving mostly from Mexico, they're the parents of the more than 30,000 illegal alien students and an equal number of "instant citizen" siblings that contribute to the 67 percent drop out/flunk out rate in Denver Public Schools as reported by the Rocky Mountain News. Not only do the children of illegal immigrants recycle their illiteracy, they create collateral-damage illiteracy in native Colorado kids by degrading our classrooms into warehouses for non-learning. In addition, the cost-to-taxpayers and school crowding proves staggering: $654.1 million annually.

Colorado land-baron ranchers and farmers with their bulging wallets demand more "21st century slave labor" while taxpayers subsidize a half-million illegals already in Colorado and 20 million nationwide. Mexican nationals with graduate degrees in “stoop labor" and academic resumes equal to daffy duck--equal to Attila the Hun in their ability to create havoc on American society!

Thank gutsy "Crusader Rabbit" Douglas Bruce for his ability to stand up to the single most destructive force in America: politically correct horse s***! Denver KHOW 630 AM Radio talk jock Peter Boyles may be the only other man not afflicted by the PC disease. Yippee ki yea!

Colorado’s Governor Ritter used his D.A. office to comply with the edict from Bishop Chaput – help the "immigrants." Ritter and Deputy D.A. Stephanie Villafuerte concocted many nefarious schemes for reducing felony criminal charges to simple misdemeanors so the perps would not be deported.

The most outrageous concocted charge allowed illegal aliens to get off with "agricultural trespass" while they were bailed-out to return to "work" dealing heroin as in the case of Walter Ramos, and raping 10 year old girls or impregnating young teens--who then used your tax dollars to birth their babies.

Later, while in the Governors office this year, Ritter told Coloradans he wouldn't pursue enforcement of their immigration law, HB-2006-1023, because it's "too expensive." Why not take that money out of the more than $1.1 billion per year Coloradans ALREADY pay in social services, K-12 education, emergency medical and prison costs for those 'illiterate peasants' each year?


On top of that, Denver Mayor "Yellow-Flower John Wayne" Hickenlooper rides his scooter about town while he makes sure Denver cops don't enforce immigration laws--so illegals like Garcia Gomez can gun down, in the back of the head, Denver police officers like Donny Young. Or, run down citizens like Dale Englerth and former C.U. quarterback John Hessler!

Eastwood stepped out of the capitol chambers, “Ain’t no way that cowgirl Curry can rustle up enough grub to feed a hungry crew of cowboys…can’t figure out why the cattle won’t settle down tonight…they must sniff something wrong in the breeze.”

Criminal employers that entice and employ "immigrants" provide root-cause!

Meanwhile, down on the southern border – because Ms. Curry, Ritter and Hick won't do their jobs by enforcing our laws – Americans suffer a full scale war exploding daily in their neighborhoods. That's why the Rocky Mountain News reported that Denver features the "People Smuggling Hub of the West" and also the "Drug Smuggling Hub of the West."

Kinda' makes ya' proud to be a westerner with yer spurs jangling and your ten gallon hat tipped jist so--to make certain that the sun don't git in yer eyes, to mess up yer make-up if yer a cowgirl--or mess up yer hair if yer a cowboy!

Meanwhile, "How dare you!" Curry returns to work in the Colorado House assured that her kids receive a sound education in private schools where all students and teachers speak English. She resides in upscale housing not visited by those nasty illiterate 12,000 gang members that the rest of us must endure – stolen cars, hit-and-runs, rapes, trash in the streets or gunshots on a Saturday night.

"Oh, them illiterates – whall, you know, I jist want to keep them out of Colorada' because they’s a drain on my constituents," Crusader Rabbit Bruce lamented to the press while he tipped his 10 gallon hat to the lady journalists.

It makes you appreciate why Peter Boyles gets on his 'high horse' each morning at 630-KHOW, complete with spurs on his boots while riding hard for the truth while millions of patriots like ICE agent Cory Voorhis push for full disclosure, and stand-up citizens like Jan & Bill Herron battle to save this country from that expensive horde of 'illiterate peasants.'

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God help loyal citizens in this fragile republic if anyone should speak out of line and express their First Amendment rights! Someone like Curry might blurt, “How dare you!” Yippee ki yea!

Meanwhile, progressive laissez-faire government in Chicago resulted in 39 shot and nine killed last weekend. “Weren’t nuthin’,” Clint Fastwood said. “Jist a few folks from south of the border havin’ a little bit of their illiterate fun!

To take action:

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It makes you appreciate why Peter Boyles gets on his 'high horse' each morning at 630-KHOW, complete with spurs on his boots while riding hard for the truth while millions of patriots...