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By Frosty Wooldridge
May 19, 2008

When you talk to American citizens rather than politically correct editors, publishers, TV producers and talk show hosts, you get to the heart of the matter. As illegal alien migration and mass legal immigration rage into this country like a “Human Katrina”, every American citizen pays financially. Other costs include cultural destruction, linguistic chaos, educational breakdown, incarceration and medical consequences.

From the heartland in Indiana, Jackie Murray gave several observations that stick in the reader’s craw. He said, “Immigration policies have changed for the worse since the 1960s. Prior to "diversity" being next to Godliness, we imported an orderly stream of people who were pretty much like us! Hardworking, skilled, healthy, freedom loving people who expected to work hard, and turn themselves into Americans. These hopefuls jumped through the hoops at Ellis Island, and in spite of great difficulties became proud Americans. Enter Teddy Kennedy, among others.”

In 1965, Teddy Kennedy authored the “Immigration Reform Act” that cascaded into adding 100 million people to America from the third world in 40 years with another 100 million arriving within 30 years.

“Suddenly we became the country of "diversity,” Murray said. "In order to have "diversity" we had to set our sights lower. The new class of “Americans” was needy. No longer were the traits of hard work, skilled labor, love of freedom, etc. necessary! Instead, only skin color and depth of “need” was assessed. These new diverse Americans weren't expected to pull their own weight. That eliminated the need to be healthy, the need to speak English, the need to have a skill or job. We were told that we must be magnanimous towards those who were less fortunate than ourselves. Clever trick! So we couldn't say anything about the drain on our society, because that made us hard-hearted and selfish.

“Our elected leaders were enamored of their own pseudo- benevolence. I'm sure they smiled and smirked and talked about how wonderful they were for bringing in all these poor uneducated people. In short order America turned from the "land of opportunity" to the "land of opportunists!" This "diversity" began to pit "Americans" against the new "hyphenated -Americans." The more we had to "tolerate" these new people who were elevated over us because of skin color or national origin, the more Americans chafed.

“We hardly import any would-be Americans any more. We import people who want to take advantage of the real Americans, and remain whatever they are. They EXPECT AND DEMAND that we support them because they are different. They are special and can't be expected to have gainful employment. They expect to have their health care needs provided for, their housing paid for, their children to take up space in our schools and be well fed. They expect for Americans to bow down and worship whatever God they decide is best for us. How can we have a cohesive country when "diversity" is more important than character?

“Our leaders seem to have a propensity for bringing in criminal elements as well. Look at the Muslim population that we are catering to! Footbaths and special schools at taxpayer expense while they plot to fly the "black flag of Islam over the universe." Don't say anything though or you could go to jail for "hate speech." The culture of Islam is incompatible with freedom, yet we import more and more Muslims every day.

For anyone who watched “60 Minutes” Sunday night, the U.S. takes in 1,000 Sunni Muslims every month. Over 2.5 million now reside in the America. They’re virtually taking over Detroit, Michigan. As their numbers grow, they will either demand Sharia Law or they will vote it into being within our republic. Sharia Laws stands violently opposed to democracy and women’s rights.

“We don't get to ban foreigners that are criminals either!” Murray said. “Look at the upsurge of violence perpetrated by foreigners. We have Russian gangs, Chinese Tong gangs, Vietnamese gangs, MS 13, the Surenos, the Nortenos, Somali gangs and Jamaican gangs. The list of foreigners who come to this country and defile and terrorize American citizens is shocking. Don't say anything though, because you are a BIGOT!

“Mexicans are by far the biggest problem simply because of the enormity of their numbers. They too are here to take advantage of the freebies! Hard work indeed! These groups of people that are only here to do work that Americans won't do are actually making $50 an hour, if you add all the free perks from the taxpayers into their salary. In return for our generosity we are told to get out of our own country, raped, murdered, robbed, hated and despised and made to press one for English. They are using our system of government against us and voting themselves into power over us. Don't speak out though because then you are a RACIST!

“Diversity as practiced in this country is nothing but a scam, perpetrated by our elected officials to further enslave the American population. It feeds the egos of our Senators, and Congressmen who like to feel that they are the saviors of the world. All it really does is create resentment in everybody, American and hyphenated-American alike. We are resentful because we are just slaves (human capital) for the "new" Americans, and they are resentful because we are not giving them enough, and we are balking at becoming whatever cesspool they came from. Forcing Americans to deal with lawlessness, incompatible cultures, irreconcilable lifestyles etc., just because they are different than ours is sheer lunacy.”

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The great philosopher Kant said, “The two great dividers are religion and language.”

The USA cascades into the same internal violence and separation as Lebanon. This journalist receives thousands of letters like this one. Tell me what’s on your mind so I can share it with the nation. As we endure 2.2 to 2.4 million more immigrants annually, when will this invasion of our country stop? The only answer: when you take action!

To take action:

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For anyone who watched “60 Minutes” Sunday night, the U.S. takes in 1,000 Sunni Muslims every month. Over 2.5 million now reside in the America. They’re virtually taking over Detroit, Michigan.