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By Frosty Wooldridge
June 2, 2008

An astounding 35.5 million Americans and 17 percent of our children live with hunger daily. On top of that 28 million American live on food stamps. Last week, Brian Williams showed an 18 percent rise in food bank use by middle class Americans.

According to America’s Second Harvest, one of the nation’s largest hunger relief organizations, 36 percent of the 25 million people served live in a household where someone works. “The working poor increasingly have to choose between rent, electricity, medicine and groceries,” said Ross Fraser of America’s Second Harvest. “When new hunger figures are released, the numbers will be much worse: a loaf of bread costs 15 percent more now than this time last year, and the price of milk has risen 13 percent.”

“To meet demand, one food bank in Maryland installed a commercial kitchen to turn perishables gleaned from restaurants or hotels into frozen dinners to accommodate working families,” said Fraser.

Let me get this straight! America leads the world in wealth! We enjoy the highest standard of living. We send $6 billion in foreign aid to Israel annually along with another $4 billion to Egypt. We spend $70 billion annually for the War on Drugs that’s been going on for 37 years—total waste of money as evidenced by drugs’ unlimited quantities across America today! We spend $12 billion a month for the War in Iraq. We spend $1 trillion annually for over 700 military bases around the world. We spend, according to with economist Edwin Rubenstein, $346 billion annually to pay for illegal aliens across 15 federal agencies. And, we spend $400 million a day paying for the $8 trillion federal debt.

Our citizens spend more money, something like $11 billion annually, trying to lose weight than the GNP of dozens of countries. At the same time, an astounding 14 million Americans remain unemployed.

Yet today in America, 35.5 million people struggle to eat! What do you think caused such a personal crisis for that many Americans inside the richest country in the world?

For starters, last week, U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein proposed legalizing three million illegal aliens in a bill that suffered defeat via the actions of many fed-up citizens, through the education of and a dozen other immigration web sites. Additionally, Ms. Feinstein, in her fraudulent behavior tried to pass another giant leap in quota numbers for more 2-HB visas. Again, defeated by millions of faxes and phone calls! This behavior does not merit her being paid by U.S. taxpayers.

While our people starve, Congress imports 182,000 legal immigrants and illegal alien migrants every 30 days—all of them take jobs away from American citizens. In fact, our money pays for the breakfasts and lunches for their illegal alien children. Oh, that’s why our citizens don’t eat! Silly me for thinking our elected officials work for us! Total diverted funds for this caper annually exceed $28 million.

While our people hang in unemployment lines, Congress out-sourced, in-sourced and off-shored three million jobs in the past 10 years. They killed one million IT jobs for American citizens. Congress remains liable for our $700 billion annual trade-deficit with China and other third world countries because Congress obliterated our manufacturing base. When, pray-tell, will Congress present us with a “Strategic Economic Business Plan” for their conjured fiasco now devastating so many millions of our lives?

Does anyone get the idea that our own U.S. Senators and House representatives do everything in their power to degrade, destroy and vanquish America’s middle class? Is it possible the president of the United States fails his nation while he builds Iraq’s society in the face of our disintegrating under the loss of jobs, wages and the ability to feed our families? Even if you support Bush, it’s your civic duty to call him out on his lack of leadership.

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Would you say that malfeasance, corruption, sleaze and outright multiple violations of oath of office applies to our president and Congress? It’s time to elect new, smart and fresh minds to replace people like Diane Feinstein, John McCain, Teddy Kennedy, Arlen Specter, Ken Salazar and others who continually degrade the Constitution while working against the interests of America’s middle class.

We need to send Feinstein and her cronies to serve in soup kitchens for their new jobs after we boot them out of Congress!

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According to America’s Second Harvest, one of the nation’s largest hunger relief organizations, 36 percent of the 25 million people served live in a household where someone works.