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By Frosty Wooldridge
March 1, 2005

In the hit movie last year, "Perfect Storm" starring George Clooney, a captain and his crew foolishly pointed their boat into what meteorologists call the grand daddy of maritime nightmares. Three weather patterns gathered in horrific convergence to sink the boat and kill all on board. No one was immune to the stupidity of sailing into the deadly clutches of something that could have been avoided.

Today in America, Captain Bush and his pathetically clueless crew of congressional sycophants (save Tom Tancredo, Deal, Price and Sensenbrenner) steer America into the clutches of the deadliest �storm� this nation has suffered in 229 years. They encourage a lawless flood of foreigners into our country who refuse to speak English, spurn our laws, deluge our schools, sink our medical care systems, burst our infrastructure with sheer flooding of human bodies and kill us with their diseases.

Finally, the American crew that built this country, with more common sense than Bush-- organizes a Gathering Storm. Leaders in every state press for stopping the flood. D.A. King in Georgia heads while California�s Barbara Coe stands in the face of the flood with and Roy Beck in Washington swabs the decks with while Jim Gilchrist fights invaders leaking into Arizona with his starting April 1, 2005.

Ed Nelson fights with and Fred Elbel plugs the gaps in Colorado with You can report illegals at and if you want to stop further rupturing of our boat in Colorado, you may support Dr. Bill Herron who is in the process of bringing about another Prop 200 in For information on the border, Glen Spencer offers and for people outraged in California, listen to Terry Anderson and the For everyone who wants powerful and compelling discussion-- listen to the George Putnam Show in Los Angeles and Dr. Laurie Roth Show in Washington State. In New York, visit and in Nevada visit with Mark Edwards. For those in the Midwest: For everyone in New York visit and with Craig Nelson. He�ll show you how to create a billboard that will really upset senators and congressmen by exposing their pro-illegal alien records! We aren�t �hoping� our leaders will lead, we�re going to Linda Muller and Bay Buchanan at and to throw this derelict captain and crew out of office and replace with American statesmen.

What are individual Americans saying about this foreign invasion sinking our country? More and more citizens are sick and tired of excuses. They speak up from all over America:

"I am living right on the border in southeast Arizona. The country is being transformed without a coup or a civil is a de facto revolution of marching feet flooding into the country. Is it not the Federal government's sworn duty to protect these United States from foreign invasion? It surely is their Constitutional mandate. Clearly, Bush has given every single possible invitation to the illegals to come up. Since we are at war and it is obvious that any Al Qaeda operative could get into Mexico and cross the border, why is no one calling for Bush's impeachment?" Will

"It should be on numerous grounds. Isn't the government failing to enforce laws and allowing drug traffickers to enter the country? Phoenix is the car theft capital of the world because of illegals. Tucson has the highest number of crimes in the country; illegals are committing rape, murder and robbery all along the border." Jack

"We are talking about an invasion of millions of people, most of whom do not speak our language, know our customs or care about our form of government. Lie number 113 is that illegals only take jobs that Americans will not perform. Wrong! They work in construction, landscaping, motels, casinos, you name it. This is all about cheap labor for the wealthy and letting the country fall apart piece by piece!" Paul

"A quiet problem is brooding and with so many disgruntled/unemployed in the gangs it does not take a lot for "conversion" and enlistment. I am very worried for this country." Jon

"I am sick at my stomach. I thought I was just being paranoid. I cannot continue to live in my country. I never thought I would say that! God, I don't know what to do! I have written and called congressmen and senators. I never realized just how deeply greed has taken over the morals and ethics that once was a proud tradition of this country! My husband and myself take pride in our ethics and morals. We try to instill this in our children, but it is hard when society is pushing immorality, greed and corruption at every turn! God help us all!" Mary

"If Tom Tancredo ran for president, I would vote for him in a heart beat!" Beth

"Chittum, in the Coming Breakup of America, states, "Street gangs will doubtless form the core of future black and Hispanic urban militias�consider the following�they are well financed by drug trade�they are ethnically oriented�are heavily armed�organized and disciplined�and numerous beyond belief." First: In the future, please include the state of Nevada in your listings. Clearly, over one forth of Las Vegas itself is overrun with armed gangs. This week, a man was shot to death by these thugs merely on the basis of indoctrinational ritual. Clearly, Baghdad is no worse off, nor conversely safer, than Las Vegas. I am furiously ready to mow these thugs down and take back our nation." Bruce

"I lived in San Diego for 42 years and moved to East Tennessee almost four years ago. I moved because of many reasons, but one of the main reasons was of course that I was tired of hearing every other language except English, and feeling like I was living in a Third World Country.

It's very true that people who live in this part of the country have no clue as to the extreme seriousness of this INVASION. We the people MUST inform as many people as possible about what our leaders are doing to our country in terms of THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES TAKING OVER and DESTROYING AMERICA!" Nancy

"The county commission just passed a resolution to award driver�s licenses to illegal aliens by 9 to 0 vote. This is proof that we have truly lowered our standards to Third World status and qualify for Banana Republic of the USA. Our legislature convenes in March so it will be interesting how the North Florida Crackers take to this North Cuba threat. Yesterday's Herald finally admitted that MS 13 is deeply entrenched here as they shot and killed two people a couple of weeks ago. Your articles are being played out before my very eyes every day." Don

"I lived in Colorado for years and I can say that you are 100 percent right about what is happening with this huge invasion of illegal immigrants coming to our Country. Not only are they coming from Old Mexico but South and Central America as well. I was forced to move away from Colorado because we could not get our American born son on the CHIPS program (CHIPS is a program for low income families with no health insurance) The State of Colorado told us that we could not get on the program because there was no more money left. I was taken back because there were two people from Old Mexico standing beside us that had five and they were approved for the program. The reason I knew they were from Old Mexico is because I saw the couple get into a dodge caravan with Old Mexico license plates on the vehicle along with a Mexican flag on their dash!" Terry

"I have to laugh at President Bush when he say's that the Illegal immigrants only take jobs nobody else wants, either he has never worked a day in his privileged life, or he is so out of touch with the American worker that he needs to go to some construction sites and see for himself that they have taken over most trades. I know contractors personally that told me point blank that they only prefer hiring Illegal aliens. Its getting so bad I know of one Painting and Plumbing Contractor in Colorado that only wants to hire South American crews because he can get them for less money than the illegal Mexican alien workers." Richard

"When I was in the school office of a school in the fifth largest school district in the nation, I was constantly horrified that foreign-born doctors would send kids to school with diseases our parents were forbidden to do so. I am talking about highly contagious diseases such as impetigo, ringworm, live, etc. And no one could explain why the kids should not be in school because the doctors said it was okay! Care to guess what happened?" Melanie

"I lived in California for 51 years and the last ten years I felt as if I was living in a foreign land. In l994 we bought a house in Las Vegas. At that time you rarely saw a "Latino" around. Over the years the illegals have grown to over 350,000 (legal and illegal). My aunt in Minnesota tells me illegals have gown to a huge number there. I don't think you can escape the influx of illegals from across the border since our president encourages it. If our Congressmen don't wake up they may well find themselves replaced by Latinos some day. I am not prejudiced, but one has to be blind not to see what's happening to our country. It�s time we fight back!" Bea

Write for that 28-point action letter to stop this nation-destroying madness. For you West Coast night owls, every Thursday you can catch yours truly in Las Vegas, Nevada on Mark Edwards� "Wake Up America" talk show on 50,000watt KDWN-Am-720 10:00 PM to midnight PT, or on the worldwide internet at On the home page, click on heard around the world. Five nights a week, Edwards engages patriots from across the nation to bring you the latest on this nation-destroying invasion.

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Today in America, Captain Bush and his pathetically clueless crew of congressional sycophants (save Tom Tancredo, Deal, Price and Sensenbrenner) steer America into the clutches of the deadliest �storm� this nation has suffered in 229 years.