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By Frosty Wooldridge
June 23, 2008

The more America imports millions of illegal alien migrants from the third world as well as legal immigrants from ancient cultures, the more the third world manifests itself within the United States.

California features in excess of four million illegal aliens as well as millions of immigrants arriving from third world countries. The predominant aspect of those cultures allows careless and endless tossing of trash anywhere at anytime.

Across America today, by adding 2.1 million third world new comers, mostly poor, uneducated and without any background for personal responsibility--America’s highways, cities, rivers, beaches, parks and most pristine areas suffer soiled baby diapers, tossed junk, used oil, chemicals and worse--tossed indiscriminately across our land.

Today, Los Angeles suffers 200,000 cubic yards of trash thrown everywhere annually without concern that must be cleaned up at a cost of millions of dollars. The video link below presents a grim picture of what every community faces with massive immigration loads, but be aware that this is not for the faint hearted.

“In the late 1990s I co-owned wrought iron fabrication business located in the heart of this area,” said Robert Spence. “It was just as disgusting and depressing as shown in this video, particularly after a weekend, when the industrial areas were deserted, and the 3rd worlders dumped unopposed. It was rare that we did not start a week on Monday without a dead dog or other animal, many of which we saw alive on Friday, littering the area.

“Large amounts of rotting garbage, obviously from the local catering trucks, was routine. Perhaps the most disgusting find was a full sized green plastic garbage can, full of what appeared to be human excrement.

“And one of the cruelest was a cardboard box full of baby kittens. We had ”factory cat" that had adopted us, and she had found the box of kittens and was in the process of carrying them, one by one, back into our factory. This is an ever expanding 3rd world cesspool that will rise like a flood until it eventually consumes those who now express apathy toward the illegal invasion, and even those who think that supporting the illegals will somehow buy them immunity.

“Let's see if our politicians and religious leaders are quite so smug when seas of rotting filth are lapping at the boundaries of their homes. Better yet, let's sentence L.A.’s Mayor Villagarosa's and Vance's of this world to relocate into the festering areas of South LA and Townsite. Kinda’ like making slumlords live in their own decaying apartments.”

The terrible aspect of this kind of human degradation stems from the fact that, as a nation, we cannot ‘rewire’ third world thinking. We cannot change millions who throw unused paint cans into rivers or liquid chemicals or used motor oil—anywhere they please. We cannot change their cultural ways even with education. We cannot change millions fast enough, but in fact, fail as their numbers overwhelm any chance to educate and ‘retool’ their mindsets.

Again, we import two Pasadena Rose Bowls filled with legal and illegal immigrants every 30 days, month in and month out, year in and year out. What you saw on the video manifests in every community across America where third world immigrants gather. They heave trash, bottles, cans, paper, sofas, dead animals and worse out their windows, into our alleys, our parks, beaches and anywhere they know they won’t get caught.

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At some point, their numbers, expected to grow by 70 million immigrants brought into this country within the next three decades will turn our beautiful cities, towns and states into third world trash bins. This reality faces us as surely as the coming of the dawn.

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The terrible aspect of this kind of human degradation stems from the fact that, as a nation, we cannot ‘rewire’ third world thinking. We cannot change millions who throw unused paint cans into rivers or liquid chemicals or used motor oil—anywhere they please.