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By Frosty Wooldridge
June 30, 2008

Last week, ‘forever’ incumbent U.S. House of Representatives Chris Cannon (R-UT) suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of angry voters in Mormon country. In a state so dry, you can’t spit—voters discharged the beleaguered congressman for his violation of his oath of office, his lack of respect for the U.S. Constitution and his continued support for millions of illegal alien migrants from Mexico.

Bravo! This stellar action by our fellow citizens sets the boundaries that must be in place with so-called leaders of this republic.

Utah voters rejected further linguistic chaos in their schools, anchor baby costs, paying for medical services for illegals, free breakfasts and lunches for illegal school kids, hit and run illegal drivers, drunk driving and accelerating prison costs for thousands of convicted Mexican nationals. Voters rejected the loss of their jobs to hundreds of thousands of illegals. Voters stood against in-state tuition for illegal aliens!

Why did Cannon lose when he outspent his opponent seven to one? Why did Cannon take the exit when his pro-illegal stance in Utah brought over 300,000 illegal aliens to that state? Why did he lose when he enjoyed celebration and honors by La Raza, the most racist organization in the United States with their motto: “For everyone inside the Hispanic race—everything; for anyone outside the race—nothing!”

When I phone interviewed Cannon four years ago, he said, “The United States can hold one billion people…we can immigrate as many people into America as possible.”

Right then and right there, I realized I talked to a half-baked, out-of-touch, totally incompetent individual whose mission in the House of Representatives supported flooding the USA with Mexico’s and the world’s poorest.

The result of Cannon’s flagrant actions brought Utah to its financial, educational, medical, jobs and linguistic knees as the result of illegal alien migration.

New-comer Jason Chaffetz beat Cannon 60 percent to 40 percent, which is considered a landslide! What constituted the only difference between them? Cannon supported illegal immigration and Chaffetz stood for deporting illegal aliens along with stopping anchor babies and in-state tuition for illegals!

“Chaffetz has stated he wants illegal aliens deported, the borders secured, and our existing immigration laws enforced,” said William Gheen at “While Cannon supports a "guest worker program" for illegals inside America, Chaffetz wants to stop illegal aliens from exploiting birthright citizenship. The irony stems from Chris Cannon's next job traveling the country to help Republicans win elections. From the spanking Cannon just received, it would be better if they sent Jason Chaffetz out to advise GOP candidates instead.”

Why would a man who took an oath to support the U.S. Constitution, do everything in his power to negate that Constitution? Why would a man sworn to uphold the laws of Utah, do everything in his power to subvert those laws? Why would anyone in a position of respect so disrespect his own constituents by supporting La Raza?

A quick reminder of the mission of “La Raza” known as “Reconquista de Aztlan”: These Mexican stalwarts expect to reconquer the four border states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. They expect to do it, and continue succeeding by not firing a shot—but by de facto conquering via re-population by millions of Mexicans crossing our borders and taking up residence.

Thus far, over 2.1 million Mexicans now reside in ‘Colonias’ or ‘new neighborhoods’ on our side of the Rio Grande River per the New York Times “A third world reborn on U.S. borders”. Another four million inhabit California via Victor Davis Hanson’s book, MEXIFORNIA.

All totaled, in excess of 12 and as high as 15 million illegal Mexican nationals reside in the USA in 2008. Another 400,000 illegal Mexican mothers birth their children within the USA annually to obtain instant citizenship via a misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment for their child and themselves. Virtually all of them siphon into our welfare programs meant for America’s poor.

Further figures show from 20 to as high as 38 million illegal aliens and their descendents dwell within U.S. borders. In Dr. Otis Graham’s U NGUARDED GATES: A HISTORY of AMERICA’S IMMIGRATION CRISIS, he wrote, “Most Western elites continue urging the wealthy West not to stem the migrant tide, but to absorb our global brothers and sisters until their horrid ordeal has been endured and shared by all--ten billion humans packed onto an ecologically devastated planet.”

What results do we find as a result of Cannon’s activities to encourage illegals into Mormon country? Entire Utah communities now suffer crime, trash, rapes, drunk driving, cars parked on front lawns, degraded housing prices, chickens in back yards, car thefts, schools in chaos and hospital ERs overwhelmed.

What ensues most of the time? American citizens abdicate and run away. They vacate and flee. They succumb to third world cultures destroying their communities.

On the other hand, we citizens of this nation must stand up, speak out and take action. On a collective basis, as this illegal invasion advances, more and more Americans vote their anger, vote their frustration and vote their last chance to maintain their communities. It’s time to sweep-out the House and U.S. Senate in favor of men and women who will stand for the U.S. Constitution and enforced immigration laws!

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While Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado started it, men like Chaffetz must stop Mexico’s people from invading city after city, state after state—as well as our language, our culture and our nation.

Thus, Chris Cannon succumbs as a dead man walking on January 20, 2009—out of touch, out of Congress and back into the morass of the mess he created for the people of Utah and the rest of us who must live with his lawless legacy—as well as the rest of our present U.S. Congress.

To take action:

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Thus, Chris Cannon succumbs as a dead man walking on January 20, 2009—out of touch, out of Congress and back into the morass of the mess he created for the people of Utah and the rest of us who must live with his lawless legacy...