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By Frosty Wooldridge
August 11, 2008

A lady named Marge set down many of the reasons she’s tired of illegal aliens invading the United States of America. No doubt, every reader may add another dozen to the list from personal experiences.

She writes:

“I am tired of their demands and their refusal to assimilate.”

She finds it most disconcerting when they force their language onto our country while raising their flag up our flagpoles at our post offices and in our schools. If they’re so proud of the Mexican flag, why not raise it in their own country while making their own nation a better place to live?

”I am tired of the squalor they bring to our country.”

Few understand the amount of trash thrown everywhere by third world immigrants. It’s a way of life. It’s a cultural thing. It’s systemic to Mexico. Trash in our parks, raw paint thrown into our water ways, used oil dumped in streams, litter out car windows, three families living in one house with chickens, pigs and other wildlife in the backyard.

”I am tired of the crime and I am tired of Americans as their victims.”

We suffer 29 percent of our 2.3 million prison population as illegal alien convicted felons. That’s a lot of people that created a lot of death, rapes, thefts and misery for Americans.

”I am tired of the cost and the drain on our economy.”

As economist Edwin Rubenstein reported,, Americans pay out $346 billion annually across 15 federal agencies to pay for all services for illegal aliens.

”I am tired of their violent and militant behavior.”

Los Angeles may be our new war zone along with San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta and Miami. These people show increased arrogance against our laws, our police and our lives. As to the recent killing of the Bologna family:

"Any mayor, any board of supervisors that passes these laws should be prosecuted to the fullest," Frank Kennedy, family member, said in a recent interview. "This is not the United States of San Francisco . . . my family was the sacrificial lamb in this."

”Immigration activists have embraced the grieving family, using the June 22 deaths of Anthony, Matthew and Michael Bologna to call for change,” Maria LaGanga, reporter for LA Times, said. “Conservative broadcasters have vilified the city and its officials all week.”

Ramos enjoyed ‘Sanctuary Policy’ in San Francisco, too, with two felony convictions, but still drove a car, until he killed Mr. Bologna and his two sons with an AK-47.

”I am tired of their hands out demanding services which they are not entitled to while their middle finger is extended in contempt.”

La Raza laughs at us while the ACLU demeans US laws and the Ford Foundation pumps millions into helping illegal aliens along with 8,000 immigration lawyers that obstruct our immigration laws.

”I am tired of twelve year old mothers and people who consider that normal.”

At an estimated 400,000 anchor babies annually and 95 percent of the newborns at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas born to illegal alien mothers at taxpayer expense, it’s time we take action against such unbelievable irresponsibility.

”I am tired of them sitting in American class rooms next to American children and I am tired of the dumbing-down of the American educational system while our children are exposed to third world versions of normal morals and violence not to mention the diseases that are being re-introduced into America.”

As Brian Williams reported at NBC, “Detroit suffers a 76 percent flunkout rate in area high schools and that’s duplicated in many big city high schools.”

”Am I comfortable with their hygiene or when they cough on our children or when they disagree? NO! I am not at all comfortable.”

As TB, hepatitis, leprosy, tapeworms, lice, Dengue Fever and other diseases reappear via illegal aliens in America, the United States may become the next testing ground for third world diseases as more and more illegal migrants bring their culture, diseases and lack of personal hygiene into America by the millions.

”Civilized people settle disagreements differently than those from a third world country and we don't use knives or guns in grade school and consider it normal.”

As shown by illegal alien Edwin Ramos in San Francisco, June 22, 2008, he killed two sons and a father in the middle of the street because he didn’t like being caught in traffic. Thousands of illegals have killed thousands of Americans in cities and communities across America.

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As this invasion increases, all Americans stand at risk in a variety of ways. Marge’s worries may be multiplied by 20 million and then, if the amnesty passes, another 70 million third world immigrants. It will prove a rough ride for Americans down a bumpy, endless road to national suicide.

To take action:

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She finds it most disconcerting when they force their language onto our country while raising their flag up our flagpoles at our post offices and in our schools. If they’re so proud of the Mexican flag, why not raise it in their own country while making their own nation a better place to live?