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By Frosty Wooldridge
August 14, 2008

20 Million Listeners Stunned at America's Future

On Monday, August 11, 2008, at midnight Mountain Time, George Noory on interviewed yours truly for three hours. You may engage the link to listen to the archived interview at his website.

The audience of 20 million sat stunned while George and I discussed America’s future—IF--we allow legal and illegal immigration to add 100 million people into this country. Everything we take for granted today will not be there for future generations.

Our culture, language, communities, identities as Americans and our civilization stand in the cross hairs of history. Our educational systems, medical services, social security, prisons and every functioning aspect of our society await the guillotine of mass immigration. Americans see themselves being displaced out of their own country. They see their president, presidential candidates and Congress representing everyone in the world BUT American citizens and their interests. Our sovereignty hangs in the balance!

Immigration finds itself buried by the media, Obama and McCain, while third party candidates like Baldwin, Barr, Keyes and Paul who would stand up for our Constitution---never see a line of ink or a national camera. “Do ya’ think we’re bein’ lied to Andy?” Barney asked.

“Don’t rightly know, Barn,” Andy said. “Seems like them folks writin’ the stories want to keep us all in the dark.”

One Coast to Coast caller asked, “What are we going to do about it? Are we just going to crumple up and die? Or, are we going to fight for our country?”

Frosty’s Press Agent Corps

I am looking for 1,000 press agents, anyone who owns a computer, who will spend several hours every month, or more if possible, to send out personal emails based on the template below. You may become part of my Press Agent Corps list by emailing me at I’m looking for retired folks, grandmas and grandpas, students, housewives and anyone who cares about their children’s future. We’re going to send thousands upon thousands of emails and make phone calls until we ‘inspire’ the major TV networks, newspapers and radio talk show hosts to report on this massive immigration invasion. We shall force it to the front burner of the presidential debates. We demand our borders secured. We remain relentless in our passions for our country!

Dear American citizen:

Thank you for volunteering your precious time to move America’s greatest crisis into the national spotlight. All presidential candidates, governors, U.S. Senators and media ‘run, ignore, deny and censor’ the immigration/population connection.

Unfortunately, legal and illegal immigration drives our overpopulation juggernaut to add 100 million people by 2035, which is less than 30 years from now. If allowed to continue, it will add another 300 million by 2070 and drive this civilization over a cliff as we head toward 1 billion. If we suffer an amnesty, our way of life cannot survive the mega numbers pouring into our country.

It will take all of us, repeatedly, to push top speakers and experts into the national media as to radio and TV. As long as you like, I will keep giving assignments to query all media. Below is a template letter that will give you an idea on one page to get their attention and give them names to invite to interview on radio and TV. Radio talk show hosts always look for new guests. However, we need to make the multiplier effect via TV even more so by getting these experts onto TV. You can rearrange the letter as you wish to make it your own.

If some of the addresses of the media are incorrect, please check and then, send me the corrected addresses. If you have more addresses of other media, please inform me. Also, if you brainstorm and come up with an idea to make this quest more effective, please forward your ideas. If you have other friends or connections who might like become a part of this press agent corps, please send them this letter to begin work.

Sample letter to editors, producers, TV shows, radio shows:

Dear Mr. Lou Dobbs, Charlie Rose, Charles Gibson, Harry Smith, Diane Sawyer, Ann Curry, Laura Ingraham, Oprah, etc.

In the great debate over immigration, no national leaders stand up to speak out on the overpopulation crisis facing America.

At the current rate of legal and illegal immigration-driven growth, our country expects to add 100 million people within 30 years. Since the American female averages 2.03 fertility, it’s not U.S. citizens driving this population juggernaut. You may check Fogel/Martin 2006 “US Population Projections” or the PEW report or the US Census Bureau.

Every crisis facing America today whether it revolves around water shortages, crowded cities, quality of life, species extinctions, energy crisis, climate change, poisoned oceans, acid raid, air pollution—all stem from further population increases.

I invite you to interview top national experts on overpopulation like former Colorado Governor Richard D. Lamm author of “How to Destroy America;” Dr. Diana Hull at director of, Frosty Wooldridge author of “Immigration’s Unarmed Invasion: Deadly Consequences” and “The Next Added 100 Million Americans: Nation on the Brink” at at; Lindsey Grant author of “TOO MANY PEOPLE”; William Dickerson author of “Bio-Centric Imperative” at; Dr. Albert Bartlett of Colorado University at author of “Sustainability, Growth and Population;” Roy Beck, director of at; Kathleene Parker at in New Mexico, environmental journalist; Don Collins at International Family Planning; Tom Tancredo in the U.S. House of Representatives; Brian Bilbray in the U.S. House of Representatives from CA.

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If the United States continues on this path, our children face a daunting future with water shortages, energy crisis, mega crowded cities, climate change and worse consequences all attributed to unrelenting immigration-driven population growth.


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Let's get busy America!

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Immigration finds itself buried by the media, Obama and McCain, while third party candidates like Baldwin, Barr, Keyes and Paul who would stand up for our Constitution---never see a line of ink or a national camera.