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By Frosty Wooldridge
August 21, 2008

Why must the world blow its nose into the United States of America when we already suffer double pneumonia? Why do other countries back their busses up to our borders and unload their excess population into America? Why does the world feel that it can bombard the United States with its problems? When will the countries and peoples of the world solve their own problems in their own lands? When will world leaders get a grip on reality by advancing their people into the 21st century?

Again, you’re invited you to listen to the archived interview with George Noory and Frosty Wooldridge,, August 11, 2008. Emails continue pouring into my computer with angry, frustrated and exasperated Americans as they see their country inundated with unending legal and illegal immigration.

Responses include:

“I have realized the destruction of overpopulation for many years. I have been a Land Surveyor for over 40+ years. We would show up for the original boundary survey, and remain throughout all phases of construction, then dip the running sewers to build the next phase. I now work at the State of UNafornia where they have 'diversity celebrations' monthly!! I have belonged and donate to for years and help with Barb Coe at rallies when elderly citizens were getting beaten. I realized what you stated about the ironic twist of Capitalism depending on massive population growth and wrote Reagan, Greenpeace & Sierra clubs stating the problem, but got sideways answers. You are the ONLY one that I hear outside of CAPS stating the obvious. We are literally drinking treated sewage water here in UNafornia as they have no choice. Today, all of Long Beach is off limits due to sewage at the beaches. We don't need anymore feces generators!” Dave, Huntington Beach, CA

“Aside from the younger generation and the "Bee-Hive" life style I am also concerned that my generation will in some way be the last to be duel-classed for lack of better terms. I lived in Arizona for about 15 years and watched as the spirit of the west swiftly eroded to become just an extension of East L.A. That’s why I moved farther north to Idaho. But sure enough the same stuff is happening in small areas even up here. We need to clean this mess up and drop that press ‘1’ for Spanish crap. I’m not prejudice and in fact lived in Florida for about 5 years and was the only white kid in a class.” Chris, Middleton, Idaho

“I listened to you on Coast to Coast last night and hung on every word. Finally someone who REALLY gets it! I too, believe this is without a doubt, the biggest crisis current and future generations of U.S. citizens are facing. I will be putting into action steps mentioned on your site. Thank you for all you are doing to combat the misinformation by the main street media and educate the suicidal ignorant on this critical issue.” Reed, Mobile, AL

“The US is teaching that apples are really oranges. Liberal means close-minded. First off I am an artist and a single parent. I find many in the creative fields are liberals that talk about wanting diversity, yet live in their white community near by a multi- cultural neighbor and send their kids to private schools. They don't even socialize with poor ethnic people but they support crossing our borders illegally. They may eat their food and have an impressive amount of foreign stamps in their passport, but living in a diversified community is an oxymoron. It is all frustrating that so many Americans want to give away the freedom and rights of country to the masses that have little respect for this country. They may live here illegally and wanted to be here but the disrespect is common and so is the American that is not sticking to values that this country was founded.” Wende

“Knife fight in Mt. Angel, Oregon. Five sent to hospital. Mexican gang involved. Hardly any coverage in the media.” John, Gervais, OR

“Heard you on C2C. I am from Sweden. Seems like you in the Americas are starting to experience the same problems with the Muslims as we have had for at least 15-20 years now. Wherever they settle down it doesn't take long before problems of all sorts arise. Teenagers get robbed of their cells and money, girls get sexually harassed, they throw rocks at the fire brigade, ambulances and those often will not answer calls to those ghettoes unless they are first protected by police. Group rapes are common now and crime has skyrocketed in recent years. They demand special treatment in all walks of life. Public baths are now segregated and this summer they even introduced an alternative to the bikini, called the burkini. Media is covering up all crimes where the perpetrators are not ethnical Swedes. So far we can read between the lines, if they are real Swedes they usually write about them as either Nazi’s or skinheads and if they don't do that, there you go...

“Let's just say that I was myself very tolerant just a couple of years or so back but by now my patience is wearing thin to say at least. Today I wish I had never even heard about Islam or Muslims. In fact, I'm so sick and tired of these a**holes that are using the system against us, thus making whole nations to rot from within, gladly supported by PC-politicians and media. We the peoples of Europe are now second rate citizens in our own countries. Never let them grow as strong in your country as they have here. If that happens they will rob you all blind by suing the crap out of you. As we all now they can make a lot more money on suing in the states than here in Europe and they will do it if they get the chance. I wouldn't be too surprised if you will have to save us from ourselves yet another time. Quite frankly I don't think you have much choice. If they take over certain countries then they will suddenly have a lot of nukes and France and UK are among the countries most infested with these lunatics.” Renee, Landskrona, Sweden

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“The plan is for the USA to get bigger and bigger, it’s essential to the survival of a socialist empire. All the social programs need today funding from taxpayers and the USA's birthrate is not high enough to support the massive funds needed for Medicare, social security and the other pay as you go programs. Also, our politicians need more bodies for their various wars and war mongering activities. War and welfare are the lifeblood of the state and both require more payers. Overpopulation, immigration and declining living standards are baked into the cake, that's the plan.” John, Harbeson, DE

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“I listened to you on Coast to Coast last night and hung on every word. Finally someone who REALLY gets it! I too, believe this is without a doubt, the biggest crisis current and future generations of U.S. citizens are facing....