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By Frosty Wooldridge
August 28, 2008

Colorado Representative Douglas Bruce presented this approach to the massive illegal alien invasion of Colorado as follows. Colorado General Assembly; HB-1325 by Rep. Douglas Bruce: THE ALIEN IMPORTATION ACT OF 2008.

Note; the author, an official Member of the Colorado House of Representatives, was not allowed to offer this commentary on the floor. The Speaker of the House, Representative Andrew Romanoff, prevented the action. The subject legislation was offered by Representative Marsha Looper, in behalf of her local electorate. The Colorado General Assembly has always invited and encouraged discussion on each bill, until this day. Here is the brilliant tongue-in-cheek floor-speech that was prevented.

"Thank you for offering this important bill, Representative Looper."

Doug Bruce said, “Immigration is a very hot topic. Every time I go to Wal-Mart, I have constituents approach.

They say,

"Doug, you have to do something about immigration.

“The lines are too short at hospital emergency rooms. My children don't hear enough foreign languages in the classroom or during recess. Our school taxes aren't high enough to pay for building new classrooms for our guests. Our jails are not completely full.

“We have a shortage of communicable diseases. There is not enough traffic on the roads. We don't have enough people driving under the influence, or without licenses or car insurance. We don't have enough people with false identity cards. We aren't paying enough Social Security benefits to people retiring in foreign countries. We don't send enough dollars abroad.

“Our wages are too high. At the grocery store, there aren't enough people paying with food stamps. (Currently 28 million Americans live on food stamps) There aren't enough business signs in foreign languages. (50 languages in Colorado schools) We need to give immigration officers more paperwork and more cases to handle…and on and on and on.

“Now, I have something to tell them. Thank you, Rep. Looper. I can tell them to call you. Yes, we have a serious shortage of illiterate peasants in America. 10-20 million, or more is not enough.

“We can close this deficiency by passing CO HB 1325, the Alien Importation Act of 2008. As with foreign oil, let's increase our dependency on foreign labor.

“Do you recall the Defend Colorado Now immigration petition in 2006?

“All those mean Colorado citizens wanted to take welfare state benefits away from our foreign cousins visiting us here from our extended world family. Fortunately, the Colorado Supreme Court protected us from being able to vote on that ballot issue. Judge Martinez wrote the court opinion, telling us that one sentence of that short petition was two subjects, so those selfish citizens could not prohibit subsidizing this invasion.

“Now a second branch of state government, our responsive legislature, is also heeding the public will. HB 1325 proposes we phase in the importation each year of up to 5,000 additional aliens to live in work camps and undercut free market wages that would attract American workers. An act of sheer genius!

“You say Americans don't want this seasonal work at any wage?

“No wonder, since the CATO Institute estimated about eight years ago that the cash value of Colorado's total welfare benefits was the equivalent of $10.05 per hour. Eight years later, it's probably closer to $14 per hour. Pretty good income for doing nothing!

“Why work, when government will pay you not to work?

“Here we can show our international compassion and, at the same time, prop up the welfare state entitlements that created the wage rate distortion--- such a deal!

“Obviously, we can't use prison labor to pick crops, as other states do.

“The convicts might object, or get calluses on their hands. Or they might eat too much of the crops they are picking, and contribute to our obesity crisis. We wouldn't want that on our conscience.

“We can't let free market labor pricing work. That is too radical a concept.

“Once we implement this brilliant program for agriculture, can manufacturing, construction, and other labor sectors be far behind?

“Maybe we could also import our politicians! We couldn't do worse.

“Look how successful this program has been in Germany and other parts of Europe, which now are overflowing with Turkish, Greek, and other immigrants angrily creating their own subcultures. Look at the cultural peace in Quebec, with two main languages and daily disputes about which language's traffic sign should be on top.

“Nice foreign nationals who came here to work hard.

“We have plenty of examples of the results of our immigration tolerance, both legal and illegal. One man came here legally on a tourist visa. He wanted to learn how to fly a commercial jet. Take-off and navigation only, please; learning to land was not required. His name was Mohammed Atta, and he and 18 other visitors were America's guests, staying here unmolested when their visas expired, until their visit came to an abrupt end on September 11, 2001. Of course, they were just exercising their rights to self-expression.


“Nice foreign national who came to Colorado illegally to serve you.

“Another "gentleman" was hired to work in a local restaurant owned by Denver's mayor. Raul Garcia-Gomez also worked in the food industry, until he killed a Denver police officer. He then successfully fled to his native Mexico. He was extradited only after he was guaranteed that he would not face the death penalty. Now we are providing him free room, board and color-TV for life – he has no more worries. What a country!

“HB 1325 is an ingenious solution to the illegal alien problem.

“It makes them LEGAL because government gives them a piece of paper! Now why didn't I think of that? When WE import them, we save them the trouble of crossing the border at night. We will out-compete and out-exploit the slave traders, better known as coyotes, who charge the illegals for the trip. We will do it safely… and for free! Who says government programs can't replace the private sector?

“Of course, over the next five years, these 15,000 aliens will all go home when requested. For sure! We PROMISE!

“How do we know? Because HB 1325 plans it that way, and all laws work as intended, right? Also, we have their promises on paper! No one will skip out and disappear in the vast underground of our growing and anonymous subculture.

“Just because we already have more than 10-20 million examples to the contrary doesn't mean our failed immigration policy won't work this time. Besides, there's always the next amnesty.

“Both political parties should support this bill.

“Democrats should support this bill even though it is a precedent to further undermine organized labor. After all… when the next amnesty comes, these people are expected to register and vote Democrat.

“Republicans should support this bill to maintain their image of exploiting the little guy on behalf of Big Business. Another win-win-win for our noble and responsive political system.

“We cannot afford not to, right?

“From the halls of Congress, we learn that the social service costs for just the illegal aliens is upwards of $436 billion annually. We educate more than 4.2 million children of illegals at a cost of $13.8 billion. More than two million anchor babies have been born here since 2002. Taxpayer costs for their delivery is $3-6 billion. Nearly half a million illegal aliens are in our prisons and we have spent $1.4 billion on incarceration costs since 2001. They now demand benefits from our bankrupt Social Security system.

“These figures are relevant to this bill, because we will be importing our guests from the segment of third-world foreign societies that provides the same people who now invade illegally. We just bring them here first! We thwart their illegality by legalizing it! Ta-da!

“The America I knew growing up did not have these problems.

“We naively believed America had borders for a reason, and that we were not the dumping ground for other countries' workers trading their failed political, economic, and social systems for our own.

“Of course, we can't put up a border fence. Someone might say we were "mean-spirited." We can't turn them away because they might stay in their own country and change their own corrupt, socialistic, failed governments that we routinely prop up with foreign aid. Isn't it better that we help those governments by serving as a receptacle for their dissidents, their poor, their misfits and malcontents?

“Yes, colleagues, we can pass this bill as a responsive tribute to the more than 12-to-20 million enterprising aliens now roaming around America. Watch the voters' facial expression this fall as you proudly proclaim your achievement in importing into Colorado 15,000 more aliens over the next five years.

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“I'm sure our citizens will understand… right?”

As you can see Colorado Representative Douglas Bruce states the obvious! We don’t have enough illegal aliens. We need more of them in order to completely and totally destroy our language, culture and civilization. If 20 million fail to provide us with enough workers, how about 30 million of them, or 50 million illegal aliens?

As a nation, at some point, we will find out how many illegal aliens equal enough when we no longer sustain our own country. We shall become the Un-United States of Am-Mexico.

To take action:

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“Look how successful this program has been in Germany and other parts of Europe, which now are overflowing with Turkish, Greek, and other immigrants angrily creating their own subcultures....