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By Frosty Wooldridge
September 4, 2008

In a brilliant expose’ of America’s accelerating immigration crisis, Ms. Froma Harrop of the Providence Journal smashed the ‘silent assertion’ nightmare hushed-up by the main stream media. In her August 28, 2008 piece, “Shhh! This scares both parties”, she thrilled me by writing about what I’ve exposed for the past 20 years!

As a six continent world bicycle traveler, I can state emphatically that, “Immigration-driven population will become THE single greatest issue facing America and the world in the 21st century.” Additionally, as you saw in the DNC and most likely will at the RNC, it proves the MOST important and the MOST ignored issue in the United States.

Harrop said, “There’s a BURNING concern in the American West — almost an obsession — that Democrats do not dare touch in their convention here. Nor will Republicans in St. Paul. It is the U.S. population explosion. The West is feeling the brunt of it, as rolling lava of housing developments and big-box cruds-capes claim its cherished open spaces — and increasingly scarce water supplies.”

In the West, we suffer the driest summer in the last 100 years. We’re nostril-deep in problems, but the developers build, build and keep building without the common sense God gave a lemming! Dam the Cashe Poudre River in Colorado, dam every stream, dam common sense, dam rational thinking, dam critical thinking, dam reasonable actions, and dam us into an unsustainable civilization!

Harrop said, “The U.S. Census Bureau now expects America’s population to top 400 million by 2039, far earlier than previously forecast. The 300-million mark was hit only two years ago, so if this prediction is correct, (it’s worse as the PEW report projected 100 million added by 2035 or 28 years from now!), the headcount will have soared by 100 million people in 33 short years.

”America’s fastest growing region has been and will continue to be the Intermountain West. Its megalopolises — centered on Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City –– are set to add 13 million people by 2040, according to a Brookings Institution study. This would be a doubling of their population.”

In Denver, Phoenix, LA, San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and Houston—we’re SO gridlocked in 2008 that we drive through a wet-cement parking lot to work or play. Sheer misery, danger and frustration face every driver in every city. Yet, we build, grow and build some more! What causes this humongous growth?

To give you an idea, we fill up two Pasadena Rose Bowls with 200,000 people every 30 days, then, dump them into America to add to our already nightmarish problems in our cities, towns and communities. We repeat this action month after month, year after year, decade after decade. It must be labeled as a form of “national madness” brought to us by our own government—that continues via our own apathy.

Harrop said,” Hyper-growth still brings out happy talk in some circles. The Brookings report looks at the population forecasts for the urban corridor on the eastern face of the Rockies, spreading from Colorado into Wyoming, and enthuses, “Such projections point to a huge opportunity for the Front Range to improve on the current level of prosperity.” There are challenges, it says, but they can be met — and you can almost hear local hearts breaking — by new roads, bigger airports, more office parks.”

The people who wrote the Brookings report illustrate their own idiocy, moronic stupidity and lack of critical thinking. To keep growing population beyond carrying capacity shows our nation’s leaders fail to possess an ounce of common sense. Former presidential candidate Michael Dukakis spoke on a PBS documentary that “Growth is inevitable!” Yes, for lemmings, growth leads to overpopulation and they go crazy and run over a cliff and swim out to sea! But, humans may choose to stabilize their populations for a viable future! Lemmings cannot help themselves, but we can! Growth is not inevitable for humans!

“And where oh where are they going to find water?” Harrop said. “Every county in Colorado was declared a federal drought-disaster area in 2002, when the population stood at 4.5 million. It is expected to approach 8 million by 2035.

”As former Colorado Gov. Dick Lamm notes, the region is so dry that you can still see the wagon-wheel trails laid down in the 1840s. “This is an area that plans to add 13 million people?” Lamm said to me. “Crazy!”


Notice both McCain and Obama avoid this issue. They both voted for amnesty of 20-30 million illegals, continued chain migration and more anchor babies. Both candidates voted to DOUBLE legal immigration as if they failed sixth grade mathematics! All the while, the world population grows by 77 million annually. Additionally, I receive letters from well meaning Americans who think we should keep immigrating Mexicans while they do not understand Mexico’s unending population escalation will triple from its current population of 108 million to 300 million in this century! How ignorant is Mexico? Ask Calderon and the Pope! How totally out of touch are they?

”Why isn’t the population boom being discussed at the party conventions?” Harrop said. “Because its main driver is immigration — both the number of newcomers and their high birth rates. The region is also trying to accommodate people relocating from other parts of the country, many of them trying to escape the congestion in California.

”Promoters of open borders like to drag race into any discussion of immigration, so that even those who focus on numbers, not skin color, fear to speak. The Sierra Club has gone into total hiding on the matter. Even when you limit the subject to illegal immigration, they’re under the bed.

”In 2004, Lamm and two other environmentalists wanting to address population pressures ran for the Sierra Club’s board. They all lost after the club’s executive director, Carl Pope, announced that “they are clearly being supported by racists.” (One of them, Frank Morris, had been director of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.)

”The full story can be found at a Web site, .

SUSPS used to call itself Sierrans for U.S. Population Stabilization. Fred Elbel, a former director and Denver resident, describes himself as liberal Democrat who left the party in frustration over its failure to confront the demographic realities of immigration.”

“It’s called the third rail,” Elbel told Harrop. “But immigration and urban population growth will be the defining issue for our country in this century.”

“The parties do talk about immigration, he adds, but never its environmental implications,” Harrop said. “For sure, the two national parties will be jabbering on about the nation’s groaning infrastructure, global warming and, in deference to the West (and South), the water crisis. But you can bet that they won’t go near the thing that makes all these problems worse — America’s exploding population.”

Froma Harrop maintains membership in The Providence Journal’s editorial board and is a syndicated columnist.

Common sense and environmental responsibility dictates the USA close its borders to any further immigration in order to regain a sustainable future.

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Notice both McCain and Obama avoid this issue. They both voted for amnesty of 20-30 million illegals, continued chain migration and more anchor babies. Both candidates voted to DOUBLE legal immigration as if they failed sixth grade mathematics!