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By Frosty Wooldridge
September 11, 2008

“Civilizations die from suicide, not murder." -- Arnold Toynbee

No matter what the polls report, neither McCain nor Obama address the accelerating 20 million illegal aliens undercutting our laws, working in violation of our U.S. Constitution and degrading our language, culture, schools and medical systems.

Abetting this ‘silent’ McCain/Obama cartel, national media squelches every aspect of America’s most dangerous immigration topic.

Both candidates, while doing nothing to stop the invasion during their entire U.S. Senatorial careers, voted to give amnesty to 20-30 million illegal aliens in the June 2007 vote—with no idea of the ultimate number or the cost to American taxpayers. Both voted to double legal immigration from 1.2 million annually to over 2.4 million each year. Obama nor McCain promote any kind of a plan for defense of our borders from further illegal migration into the United States.

“About 70 percent of voters believe that controlling the U.S. borders is more important than legalizing illegal immigrants,” a new Rasmussen Report national phone survey reveals. “Only 21 percent think legalization is more important. Three out of four respondents said the government is not doing enough to secure the borders.

“Backers of Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain in the presidential race have differing views on immigration,” Rasmussen found. “Among McCain voters, 86 percent believe gaining control of the borders is more important than legalizing undocumented workers; only 53 percent of Obama voters feel that way. Nearly half of McCain supporters say they are angry about the current immigration situation, compared to just 19 percent for Obama backers.”

Whether the latest triple killing by illegal alien Francis Hernandez, with 16 prior arrests, in “Sanctuary City” Denver—or—millions of Americans displaced from their jobs by illegal aliens—or—rapes, auto theft, forged documents, fraudulent home mortgages, anchor babies, our paying for illegal alien children’s educations, horrific prison costs of convicted illegal felons—the media succeeds daily in burying anything and everything concerning illegal immigration.

Therefore, I denounce ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, NPR and major newspapers like the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Rocky Mountain News, Denver Post, Chicago Tribune, Atlanta Journal and all other newspapers who downplay or ignore the enormous damage to America by unrelenting, massive and endless lawbreaking illegal alien migration.

Further, I rebuke every single American citizen or company president or CEO that hires illegal aliens at slave wages in order to gain maximum profits at the expense of our sacred U.S. Constitution. Everything you enjoy in this nation, paid for by the blood of men and women from Valley Forge to WWII to Korea to Vietnam to the hellish sands of Iraq and Afghanistan-- you spit on the graves of James Madison, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, George Mason, John Adams, Ben Franklin, Betsy Ross, Susan B. Anthony, Dr. Martin Luther King and other Americans who gave their lives for the betterment of this country.

When you hire an illegal alien, you cheat, you lie, you forge, you commit a federal crime that undermines the foundation of your freedom, your right to speak, to worship, to assemble and to live free.

You undermine the rule of law which forms the foundation of everything you enjoy in this Republic.

You cheat your fellow citizens who lose their jobs and who must pay more taxes to subsidize your greed, to pay for your avarice, lack of personal accountability and lack of responsibility to your country. And, ultimately to your family!

To the media, your silence weakens this nation because you hide or obfuscate our national crisis. Every negative aspect of immigration multiplies every single day by thousands of illegals that invade our country against our laws. Those illegals create horrific consequences to our culture, language and civilization.

It’s as if Obama and McCain along with the national media promote a grand scheme to destroy the foundation of our country by their support of unending hordes of third world poor flooding into our country to destroy our communities, our language, our environment and our functioning society.

Your actions prove immoral, unethical, corrupt, dishonorable and in direct violation of your responsibilities to support the sovereignty of United States of America and our United States Constitution.

You CEOs, media, Obama and McCain and other elitists add 100 million people to our country within 30 years at a price that none of us will be able to pay as our cities choke with traffic, energy prices cripple us, our water vanishes with too many people, and we breathe thickening, toxic air as we downgrade our quality of life—America faces what Arnold Toynbee said, “Civilizations die from suicide, not murder."

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And, what remains as the prime directive for all you people who hire illegal aliens leading to the destruction of your own country: for the love of money!

Totally, completely, sickening!

To take action:

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America faces what Arnold Toynbee said, “Civilizations die from suicide, not murder."