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By Frosty Wooldridge
September 29, 2008

Can you hear the clock ticking on the demise of America? Yes, Congress expects to pass a package bailout deal to save all those bankers, realtors and lenders from their dirty deals for the past 15 years. They might as well tighten a tourniquet around America’s arm while her legs fall off.

A reader said, “I admire your efforts, and I admire your passion. I hate to say it, but I think the cause is lost. I don't say it because I think the causes you push are unjust. Far from it. I say it because the globalists have done their work very well.

“Americans have been ‘enstupidated’. Having read John Taylor Gatto's seminal work, and several thousand other books on history and political subjects, it just appears to me that the main goals have been achieved. The communist party agenda has largely been enshrined in State and (especially) Federal laws. Rule of law is dead, as well as is obedience and fealty to our Constitution. Most people, especially so called elected officials and law enforcement, are ignorant as to what is actually written in our Constitution.

“One thing struck me recently as I was re-reading John Taylor Gatto's book. The goal of public schools is not education, but social control. It was to make revolution impossible by dumbing the populace down, and making them dependent upon their leaders. Previous generations of Americans (and other nations) often found their political leadership superfluous as they were more than capable and confident of seeing to their affairs without government direction.

“I don't know what the long haul holds for western civilization. Having read a number of sources and prognostications, it does NOT look good. In the end, I don't think I can participate in saving a civilization that seems committed to killing itself, and punishing those that try to save it. In the end, all I think I can do is try to wage the battle of ideas, and secure the future of my family. I no longer see that future in the USA. The tyranny is no longer creeping. It is running forward at a full gallop. People are cheering it on. People don't want to be free; they want the illusion of security. They are no longer free spirited yeomen, but peasants of the technological age. I want my kids growing up free, self-interested, moral, educated free agents whose loyalty and patriotism are not used to get them to support tyranny, but are used to allow them to explore freedom. If they can't have freedom where they are, I want them to have the intellectual and moral fortitude to seek it anywhere in this world they can. At one point, Americans all came from somewhere else. I don't consider it wrong to follow the example of my own ancestors. The only difference is that instead of coming to the USA seeking freedom, we now flee it, seeking freedom.

“To that end, we'll probably just move around the globe like gypsies, no longer calling the USA, or the UK, or Dubai, or anywhere, "home." Places we go are places to see, and make a living. To us, America resides in its ideals, which were expressed in its Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, and the Articles of Confederation even. Unfortunately, teaching those is almost a crime in many schools in the USA (all those "racist" Founding Fathers, and the way they dared to believe in the Christian God).

“Western civilization had a good run, and the USA was a great experiment. It has now devolved, and will soon end in abject failure. I wonder if the civilizations the Chinese and Indians build will eventually rise in freedom, or will we just enter a long, technologically advancing, but philosophical Dark Age? All I can say is that expat families like ours will do our bit to keep the philosophies of freedom alive, but I don't hold much hope that nations like the USA will remain fertile soil for those ideas. Maybe someday things will recover, but if and until the Federal Government implodes and collapses, and then only if enough people value not only their own liberty, but respect the rights of their neighbors to be left alone, will true and real freedom ever flourish. Modern Americans, by and large have no clue what being free actually is, so I don't expect that they will do anything to reconstruct it should the chance arise.”

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He makes cogent points. He makes depressing points. He made me think. What about you? Will we survive depth and level of corruption manifesting within America today from the president and Congress?

We face an interesting election and outcome in 2009. I know one thing: if we refuse to participate in our country’s future, I see the continuing demise of our country.

To take action:

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“Western civilization had a good run, and the USA was a great experiment. It has now devolved, and will soon end in abject failure. I wonder if the civilizations the Chinese and Indians build will eventually rise in freedom, or will we just enter a long, technologically advancing, but philosophical Dark Age?..."