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By Frosty Wooldridge
October 13, 2008

A popular picture racing across the Internet last week depicted a man carrying a placard while demonstrating on Wall Street: “Jump you F******!” During the 1929 crash, a number of them leaped to their much deserved deaths!

When AIG gorged on an $85 billion bailout, their executives spent $442,000.00 on a weekend retreat to celebrate their fleecing of the American taxpayer. Soon after, Congress passed a whopping $700,000 billion bailout for the rest of the banking industry criminals who wrote five million fraudulent mortgage loans to illegal aliens at no money down.

Amazingly enough, both presidential candidates don’t know their financial butts from a gopher hole in the ground, but they, too, voted for the bailout using your money!

While in Washington, DC last week attending population-immigration conferences, I listened to a presentation by James Howard Kunstler, author of "The Long Emergency". If I wasn’t sobered at our economic meltdown, I’m down right depressed after hearing him. He said we face an inexorable decline within 36 months. And, he showed the symptoms affecting us today that map our slide into a dangerous future.

To make any understanding out of it, I talked to Mike Folkerth, author of "The Biggest Lie Every Believed." He said, “I have received the same e-mail no less than six times that reveals detailed plan which suggests that government should have taken the $85 Billion that was used to bailout AIG and instead to have distributed equally to all American families.

“On about line three of the plan; it states that there are approximately 200 Million households in the U.S., each of which would receive $425,000. The plan then goes on to list all of the benefits of such a division. People could pay off their credit cards, pay off their homes, send their kids to college, and so on. The end results would be that all of our problems would be fixed in on slick move.

“I only read to line three of the plan before I realized that the author had made a 100,000% error in his math. In reality, each family would have received $425.00. When numbers get into the billions and trillions, it’s hard to keep track of the decimal points and our government is depending on that. But then, using the simplified discipline of Mikemathics, it gets much easier to decipher.

“The real point I’m trying to make with the above example, is that if one sets out with a flawed plan, regardless of the intention, the results will not only be flawed, but terribly disappointing. America has a flawed plan.

“The collapse of the world monetary system was not a random event caused by pitiable U.S. home lending practices; it was the predictable results of a mathematically defective man-made monetary system that promised something for nothing.

“Stop and think for just a moment about what I just said. Do you personally believe that lax mortgage lending standards in the U.S. was capable of bringing down the world economy? If you do, you probably also believe that you can divide 85 billion by 200 million and come up with 425,000.

“So then, if mortgage lending didn’t bring down the world, what did?” I’m so happy that you asked. I was dying to tell you.

“I know that you get weary of seeing the word “exponential growth” in my writing, so I’ll change it for just today to “geometric growth.” Remember the old horror movie, “The Blob?” For those who don’t, the Blob came to earth from outer-space and looked like a small piece of gooey liver.

“The little Blob began eating everything in sight including people and continued to grow larger and larger. Nothing could stop the Blob and it was poised to eat up the whole world as it grew geometrically every day.

“Finally, the hero of the show determined that they could freeze the big sucker and put him out of action. As I remember, they flew the frozen Blob to Antarctica where it is un-thawing today due to global warming. Coming soon; BLOB-2.

“I’m pretty sure that the writer who invented “The Blog” got his idea from the FED. The FED (or our central banking system) was created in 1913 along with the IRS and they have been consuming everything in sight since that date…including people.

“In 1971, the FED-IRS BLOB couldn’t find enough to engulf under the feeding restrictions posed under the existing gold standard, so the Blob handlers (Congress) turned him loose on the world by closing the gold window forever. The un-tethered “FED-IRS Blob” was set free to consume the entire planet; which he did.

“Money, by virtue of compounding interest, grows geometrically, like the Blob. Interest is earned and money to pay the interest is then created by the FED and then taken away from us by the IRS.

“The newly created interest is then reinvested along with the original principal, and it too earns interest, at which point more money must be created to pay the interest on the former interest. The IRS then taxes the interest and the interest that was earned on the interest. This cycle continues and the necessary geometric growth of the money supply becomes larger and larger and larger…yeah, just like the Blob, with no end in sight. Bad plan.

“So then, why can’t the money supply just continue to grow like our leadership is proposing?” It could if we lived on a planet that grew at the same rate. Ya see, money has to be pegged to something from the real world, such as gold, iron ore, wheat, trees, water and yep, houses.

“Once the FED-IRS Blob had eaten everything on the planet by way of encumbering the physical world to a level of 100% of current value, there was nothing more to loan against (symptom of bad plan).

“Yet, due to the designed growth of compounding interest, the FED-IRS Blob continued unabated which necessitated three things; loaning MORE THAN 100%, continue to print more money, and increase the number of people to eat.

“So what’s the solution?” Interestingly enough, freezing Congress, the IRS, and the FED and shipping them to Antarctica would be a great start. Really!

“No problem can be effectively solved that does not involve changing the fundamentals that created the original dilemma. Our culture of money has a flawed mathematical basis. That basis must be revisited and totally revamped or the entire planet will, with mathematical certainty, pitch into depression. And I might add; that our government’s plan comes complete with your reserved front row seat ticket for admission to that depression.

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“Now, when someone tells you that housing has thrown the world into crisis, you can just smile and say, “No it didn’t; ‘The Blob’ did.”

To that I add, jump members of Congress, jump!

To take action:

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Amazingly enough, both presidential candidates don’t know their financial butts from a gopher hole in the ground, but they, too, voted for the bailout using your money!