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By Frosty Wooldridge
November 17, 2008

According to the New York Times, 524,000 Americans lost their jobs in September and October. Unemployment spiked at 6.5 percent. Additionally, 28 million Americans subsist on food stamps. Millions maintain heat and lights with assistance from ‘energy banks’ subsidized by other Americans who still enjoy jobs.

“The economy is slipping deeper into a recessionary sinkhole that is getting broader,” said Stuart G. Hoffman, chief economist at PNC Financial Services Group in Pittsburgh. “The layoffs are getting larger, and coming faster. We’re likely to see at least another six months of more job reports like this.”

For the past eight years, George Bush watched, and assisted as some eight to twelve million illegal migrants crashed U.S. borders to displace American workers while they wreaked chaos in American schools, hospitals and prisons. At press conferences, he said, “They do the jobs that Americans won’t do.” While reports show illegal aliens killed more Americans via drunk driving, murders and rapes than combat soldiers suffered death in Iraq and Afghanistan, Mr. Bush no longer speaks about illegal migrants doing the jobs that Americans won’t do. Gees! Can’t figure that one out now, can we?

At the same time, Bush and Congress gave away jobs by pushing for millions of H1-B and H2-B visas for foreign workers to displace American jobs. Bush worked hardest at offshoring, outsourcing and offshoring American jobs. He and Congress killed U.S. manufacturing. He finished the job that Clinton started!

But Bush’s most ominous act as president remains his lie of “Weapons of Mass Destruction.” He created it to foment the Iraq War that killed 4,300 young men and women while it lacerated 32,000 into lives fraught with pain, anguish and missing limbs. While an estimated 150,000 Vietnam veterans committed suicide after service in Vietnam, twenty years from now will bring chilling statistics of how many lives suffered irreversible emotional damage and suicide from war time service in Iraq. The personal carnage already piles up across this country.

Benjamin Franklin, one of our founding fathers, said, “A highwayman is as much a robber when he plunders in a gang as when single; and a nation that makes an unjust war is only a great gang.”

Bush’s odious ego, unbalanced emotions and lack of rational thinking—brought the planet an immoral-unethical war that degrades the United States in the eyes of the fellow nations. Bush promoted senseless slaughter with depleted uranium bombs and left millions as refugees.

When the door slams behind him as he walks out of the White House, the world rejoices.

“Bush single-handedly destroyed America’s image as a beacon of freedom,” said Simon Schama in Britain’s Guardian. “His administration inflicted mutilations on internationally agreed standards of humane conduct for prisoners—and on the protection of domestic liberties enshrined in the American Constitution. If the Statue of Liberty were alive, she would weep tears of blood.”

“It’s hard to fathom the damage bush has inflicted upon the planet,” said Jean-Claude Kiefer in France’s Dernieres Nouvelles d’Alsace. “He bequeaths the world the Iraq War, stalemate in Afghanistan, oil imperialism, financial crisis, U.S. debt weighing on the entire planet, and withdrawal from the Kyote Protocol—and the list is not exhausted.”

Raghida Dergham of Dar al-Hayat said, “The Bush strategy was based on undermining stability in the Gulf region. The result has been tragedy for hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and the rise of Iran as a regional power.”

What does Bush’s time in power mean to regular American citizens? I, for one, pity the man who killed enormous numbers of humanity and ruined so many lives. Beyond unconscionable depicts his legacy upon American and Iraq families. The global tragedy he created exceeds 9/11 by a factor of 100 and more.

He fought a “War on Terror” by getting our soldiers killed 10,000 miles away but left our borders as wide open as a 24-hour mall. The irony and insanity of Bush’s actions leave me breathless.

Bush usurped our sense of right and wrong as well as our ethics and morality. Instead of leading us toward employment and full exercising of the American Dream, he drowned us with millions illegally crashing into our country without warrant. Instead of solving our $700 billion annual trade deficit, he did nothing to stop our manufacturing base as it slipped off shore. He failed to take the lead on energy conservation or a plan for the Post Oil era.

Instead of paying down the national debt, Bush grew it to $9.4 trillion. We stand nostril-deep in a cesspool of debt, exacerbated by the Iraq War killing our kids and bank account for decades to come.

Instead of solving the “War on Drugs” costing us $70 billion annually, by placing troops on the border and fencing, he undermined the Border Patrol and ICE with ‘token’ enforcement. Worse, he jailed, with his political assassin Johnny Sutton, Border Patrol officers Campeon and Ramos for stopping a drug dealer by shooting him in the butt. Those two courageous agents languish in jail while their families suffer loss of their husbands and fathers. Yet the drug traffic increases into a miniature war as reported by the LA Times:

Mexico Under Siege: A Times Special...

While 400,000 illegal migrant mothers birth their instant ‘jackpot babies’ annually, our hospitals and medical systems collapse from lack of funding and non-payment by millions in this country illegally. Bush’s incompetence along with Congress exceeds comprehension.

Instead of enforcing our immigration laws to rid us of 20 million illegal aliens, he promoted the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty to not only give criminals a free ride and equal citizenship, he bragged, “I’ll see you at the signing!”

Instead, grassroots Americans collectively beat their sitting president by overturning the amnesty by sheer force of voices and numbers. Had Bush, Kennedy and McCain succeeded in passing their seven proposed amnesties, our situation would have worsened by a factor of 20 to 30 million more people leeching into our financial services paid for and meant for American citizens.

While Bush failed to enforce our laws, 350,000 convicted illegal aliens sit in our federal, state and city jails from horrific acts of violence, rapes, thefts, drunk driving and other killings of American citizens.

With our civilization facing horrific energy shortages, he failed to promote even a single plan for fuel efficiency, conservation or a strategic plan for our future.

Finally, with our schools overrun by 4.3 illegal alien children and our national language staggering via assault of the Spanish language, Bush accelerated our country into a fractured and Balkanized nightmare—yet to see its full destructive power upon our culture.

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Bush’s level of incompetence and duplicity leaves our country staggering into the 21st century--cut, bleeding, drained, exhausted, without borders and without a rudder. We face Hobson’s Choice on a scale unprecedented in modern times.

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Instead of enforcing our immigration laws to rid us of 20 million illegal aliens, he promoted the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty to not only give criminals a free ride and equal citizenship, he bragged, “I’ll see you at the signing!”