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By Frosty Wooldridge
December 4, 2008

Have American citizens lost their battle to remain a free and sovereign country? Have they lost their will to defend the United States of America? What does the future hold if Barack Obama, aided by Senator John McCain, succeeds in a massive amnesty given to 20 million illegal aliens?

An astute reader named Dawn said, “I have been reading your articles for a long time and I agree with every word you have written. I admire your tenacity--fighting a losing battle. However, I wanted to point out another angle on immigration.

“Illegal immigrants are clearly changing the landscape of the United States--making it UNRECOGNIZABLE as the country I grew up in. I grew up in Texas and I remember communities that had a similar culture. I know there were people that weren't white among us but I couldn't tell you how many or what colors they were as they were well assimilated. In fact, my best friends during school in a very affluent Dallas suburb were black, Filipino and Indian (from India). Yet, we shared the same values, the same culture, the same language, the same everything because we were all just "American".

“Fast forward about 10-15 years and I became a teacher. And I discovered that our schools had changed dramatically. I ultimately decided that I would never send my own children to any of these failing pre-prison environments. After a failed attempt to help my community and start a charter school, I decided to home school my own children.

“Better yet, we left the US. And there are millions of people doing this. Typically, to gain entry into another country, you need to be young, educated, financially sound and willing to provide criminal history and medical history. Ironically, every country in the world (and especially Central and South American) only wants you if you have something to offer them. And every country harshly punishes and deports those who overstay their welcome. No countries recognize babies as citizens UNLESS the parents are legally in the country (actually, Costa Rica also allows the "anchor baby" angle).

“So, what you have is a system in the US that allows anyone to crash its borders with no language abilities, skills, health or criminal checks. And that influx is driving out natural citizens. But since many can't or won't leave, only the affluent or the young and educated leave. Draining resources --especially brain drain!

“Did you know that the US doesn't track how many are leaving the country? I read an article last year before we left (but we were contemplating at that time) that stated that the US loses 5 million of the young (20s-30s) and educated each year--but that is an estimate.

“We have left successfully and we know of many, many others who have left, are leaving or are hoping to leave (the economy has trapped many).” Dawn now lives in New Zealand, and I can verify that country remains paradise on Earth with gentle folks, quiet pace and beautiful scenery. I bicycled both islands on my world travels.

As always, my nemesis, Commandante Pedro writes gritty letters telling me how Mexico continues its reconquest of the United States. Pedro said, “Oh Mr. Frosty! Can't you see the writing on the wall? Don't you see the signs of the times? The politicians know who to kowtow and cater to. The White vote is irrelevant. That was proven on 11/04. We are the future; therefore it is our bottoms which must be kissed. The fools in the Congress realize that within 20 years it is the Latinos who will be calling the shots, and that is the reason why they prostrate themselves before us in slavish devotion. I personally believe that deep down, most of these fat crackers feel guilty for the oppression that their ancestors visited upon the indigenous peoples, and this is their pathetic attempt at making amends for the White Man's crimes.

Did you know that at the southern Mexican border, those who attempt to enter Mexico illegally are shot on sight? It is lucky for us that the decadent gringos who run this nation are so soft and weak that they are incapable of enforcing the laws currently on the books. We will go down in history as the mighty conquerors of America, and we will do it without firing a shot. You gringos are truly pathetic. I feel emboldened to state this freely because I know that nothing will be done to stop us, we have already won. It is all over save for the shouting. In the meantime continue with your quixotic warnings, they make for an amusing read. Feliz Navidad!” Subcommandante Pedro, MeCHA Brown Berets Infiltration Brigades,LA, Alta CA Aztlan (Occupied CA)

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Interesting assumptions by Pedro. Would you like to weigh in on this debate? Are we going to allow our country to be displaced by foreigners or will we stand up? I look forward to your thoughts as to whether or not our country can or cannot survive this invasion.

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Did you know that at the southern Mexican border, those who attempt to enter Mexico illegally are shot on sight? It is lucky for us that the decadent gringos who run this nation are so soft and weak that they are incapable of enforcing the laws currently on the books.