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By Frosty Wooldridge
January 5, 2009

“It should be noted the LA Times is a publication dependent on corporate advertising. The big beneficiaries of the recently proposed legislation are employers that get a de facto amnesty. There are now over $250 billion in uncollected employer fines for immigration violations.” (Remember crime pays!) Larry Jordan

A long time friend of mine, Joe Guzzardi, editor and writer at on the forefront of the population-immigration crisis facing our country--recently wrote a piece on why an immigration amnesty cannot succeed 2009.

First of all, Roy Beck, director of closes in on 1.0 million active members. Beck may reach 2.0 million members this year to thwart any attempts at an amnesty. Additionally, Dan Stein at along with William Gheen at and Dr. Diana Hull at and Jason Mrocheck at and Barbara Coe at and dozens of other leaders work tirelessly to stop an amnesty while promoting a drastic reduction of the 1.2 million legal immigrants annually that swallow up our country with sheer unsustainable numbers.

Last year, Guzzardi fled California for the more pristine and lesser populated State of Pennsylvania. He’s spoken and written on forefront of the immigration invasion for many years.

Guzzardi said, “We need to maintain a positive attitude toward the potential 2009 "comprehensive immigration reform" battle. So I’m going to analyze, but spin in a positive, more reassuring light, a series of events and news stories from the last few months that have been widely pointed to as a sure sign of a looming amnesty disaster.

“Another happy note: since Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is foolishly hell-bent on trying to block Blagojevich’s legal and perfectly reasonable choice, his time will be otherwise occupied, too. Not that Obama planned to get behind amnesty anyway what with his already overflowing plate of disasters-in-progress.

“Included among the urgent messes that he promised to clean up are Wall Street, the auto industry collapse, the health care crisis, rising unemployment, the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War and America’s mounting trade and budget deficits. Shall I list more items of pressing national concerns that dwarf amnesty for lawbreakers or do you get the picture?”

Guzzardi continued, “No other federal policy would set off such a firestorm of protest directed at Obama at the exact moment he should be working toward establishing credibility. Despite the obvious political suicide that amnesty would be for Obama, many of my nervous Nellie Internet friends have worked themselves into quite a lather about what they feel are its very real prospects. Over the last several weeks, the main cause for concern has been Reid’s revelation that Obama and John McCain reached an immigration "understanding."

“Here’s Reid’s exact reply to a Detroit Free Press reporter who asked him about immigration’s prospects:

"On immigration, there's been an agreement between Obama and McCain to move forward on that. We'll do that. We have to get this economy stuff figured out first, so I think we'll have a shot at doing something on health care in the next Congress for sure.

"We've got McCain and we've got a few others. I don't expect much of a fight at all. Now health care is going to be difficult. That's a very complicated issue. We debated at great length immigration. People understand the issues very well."

Guzzardi’s take:

Reid wasn’t present at the conversation between Obama and McCain. The two are, by the way, enemies and not friends. At best, Reid’s information is second hand.

“But even if Reid correctly assessed that Obama and McCain concur on immigration, it doesn’t matter what they agreed upon privately. Hundreds of others in the House and Senate must vote amnesty into law—a hurdle that the other side hasn’t been able to overcome for since 2000.

I can’t imagine why Reid wouldn’t expect "much of a fight" since there was such an uproar in the Senate over which he presided during a long string of defeated amnesty efforts. So vocal and firmly committed was the anti-amnesty contingent that Reid didn’t dare bring the Dream Act to the floor in a last-gasp effort because he knew he didn’t have anywhere close to the votes he needed.

Reid may think that the Senate has "got" McCain but the defeated GOP presidential candidate doesn’t have any influence within the Republican Party, especially when it comes to immigration.
McCain’s peers clearly see that all his advocating for open borders for decades did him no good in the presidential election when it most counted. McCain’s stock is so low within the party that the Republicans may actually be sorry they ever heard of him.
Reid correctly states: "We debated…immigration." But he conveniently omits that his side lost the argument!

“For argument’s sake, let’s assume that I’m dead wrong about all my bullet points. The crux is this: "We have to get this economy stuff figured out first…According to Reid, the economy comes first, then immigration. And how long, exactly, will it take Congress to "figure out" the economy? Given that the initial step in correcting the economy is to stabilize it, my conservative estimate is five years. That in turn means amnesty debates would be put off until early during Obama’s second term, assuming he survives his first. Behind closed doors, Democrats confess that the party wants nothing to do with immigration reform.

“Even our long time thorn in the side Frank Sharry, former head of the National Immigration Forum, now executive director of America's Voice, can’t make a good amnesty argument. Seib cited Sharry’s lame case that if Obama fails to act, in the 2010 Congressional election Hispanic voters will abandon the Democrats. Where, exactly, would Hispanic Democrats go?

“But secondly, and more importantly, Hispanic voters who supported Obama are American citizens. Illegal aliens are not. By extension, Obama has no obligation whatsoever to aliens. The voters Obama "owes"— assuming he agrees that any obligation exists— are African Americans, 95 percent of whom voted for him but whose unemployment rates are the highest in the nation. If Obama feels compelled to repay a debt, an amnesty to aliens who would further increase black worker displacement would be his worst possible move.”

As you can see, Guzzardi illustrates by sheer reasonable condition that Obama cannot and will not succeed if he attempts an amnesty with the odds growing against him with our collected efforts.

“Yes, Energy, Homeland Security and Labor Secretaries designate Bill Richardson, Janet Napolitano and Hilda Solis are bad,” Guzzardi said. “They’re treasonous, shameless, and despicable. But having enemies in the presidential cabinet is old hat for us.

From the Bush administration:ttorney General Alberto Gonzales, a Hispanic, Mecha sympathizer and National Council of La Raza’s golden boy.

  1. Taiwan-born Elaine Chao, Labor Secretary, whose opinion of American workers is that they have body odor and bad attitudes.
  2. Cuban-born Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, opposed to deportation in all its forms.
  3. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice who, asked about the Minutemen, told a Mexico City Press conference that the "the United States Government would not condone any extralegal means to deal with immigration issues."
  4. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff who, before he became our friend, said outrageously that patriots would only be satisfied with capital punishment for illegal aliens.

"My point is this: whatever challenges Obama’s administration may present us with, we have beaten them all back before. And if we have to fight the same battle to save America over and again, then we will—annoying, frustrating and exhausting though it is. We’ll have to remain vigilant and, of course, keep donating and writing angrily to our Congressmen."

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On other point from this journalist: the more illegals migrate into this country-- the more costs, deaths and problems they create for all American citizens. Thus, our cause grows while their illegality defeats them via the ‘rule of law’ in our U.S. Constitution. Again, as Guzzardi said, we must remain vigilant and work for immigration law enforcement while we grow in numbers and power.

We shall never, never, ever give up!

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“My point is this: whatever challenges Obama’s administration may present us with, we have beaten them all back before. And if we have to fight the same battle to save America over and again, then we will—annoying, frustrating and exhausting though it is....