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By Frosty Wooldridge
February 5, 2009

Are democrats anti-American?

That’s the question crack journalist Xelan Bonn asked recently in a conversation with yours truly.

“If Congress amnesties 12-24 million criminal immigrants, then, under current law, they would have the right to bring in their families as well, which could happen over the next few years,” Bonn said. “The average immigrant would be expected to bring in four family members. If we assume there are only 20 million criminal immigrants in the US now that will get amnesty, then that means 80 million more get to come in for a total hit of 100 million---most in the poverty class, most a burden on society and taxpayers, yes, but the worse part... democracy dies and a one party system is created.”

[Reference Operation Safe America report]

Bonn talked on, “According to current statistics, there is about a 99% conversion factor for those who emigrate from Latin countries who now register as Democrats, once legalized to vote. If we assume 80% of all new immigrants under an unconstitutional amnesty bill are Latin, that's 80 million Latino immigrants, of which, 79 million will become registered Democrats. That would make the Republican Party essentially meaningless in terms of vote power---hence a dead party---hence remove the checks and balances of a two party system from our government. The Republican Party would become as impotent as other independent parties (Libertarian, etc.).”

Right now, Democrats make up about 40.9% of all registered voters ( reference AND) with Repubicans at 32.8% and Independents at 26.6% (169 million total of January 2009).

Bonn said, “After amnesty, the numbers would be dramatically changed: 60% Democrats (149 million), 22% Republicans (54 million) and 18% Independents (44 million). Even if the Republicans and Independents unite, they would be well short of having enough power to affect checks and balances on government.

“This means if amnesty passes, rewarding millions of criminal aliens with US citizenship for breakng our laws, then within 10-12 years (which is how long it will take to get everyone on the bus and legalized), the US will be under a one party system with the Democrats permanently in control.

“Hitler used the National Socialist German Workers Party to ensure a dictatorship---that was the ruling party from 1933 to 1945---they came to power in the aftermath of the Great Depression (the collapse of their economy and currency appears frightening similar to the US's state of affairs now). Joseph Stalin was the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union's Central Committee from 1922 until his death in 1953. Single works for socialist and fascist, but not for democracies. Yet the patterns seem to be repeating with only superficial changes to the players and their approaches.”

As our conversation wound down, I couldn’t help the sinking feeling that Americans do not understand their own predicament whether Democrats or Republicans. If the amnesty passes, millions of foreigners will displace Americans within their own country. The latest PEW report showed black and white America will become the new minority at 47 percent by 2042. In other words, Americans will become minorities in their own country and their culture and language displaced and obliterated. We stand like deer in the headlights, tied to the railroad tracks with a train bearing down on us, tip-toeing on glass at the deep end of the pool with our hands tied behind our backs, and worse, we disembowel ourselves with our own apathy.

“The question is,” Bonn said. “Will Republicans pull out all the stops and start educating the public to the pitfalls of an unconstitutional amnesty before Congress gets around to it, or will US citizens, Democrats and Republicans alike, stand up and fight for democracy--or will the new era regime cleverly disguised as "change you can count on" sweep over the country like a dark zephyr of fascism painted the colors of red, white, and Democrat? Will Harry Reid, Barack Obama, and Nancy Pelosi--aka Mad Uncle HOP--come to their senses, or by design, have they intended such an internal destruction of America and its two party system using treason disguised as humanity? What do you think?”

Man! I’m becoming more depressed by the day! When I think of every combat soldier from Valley Forge to the sands of Iraq—and how this Congress usurps our culture, language and borders—I wanna’ scream. This Congress dismantles our country by design. What ally do the most appreciate in their task?

The ubiquitous apathy of American citizens!

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As our conversation wound down, I couldn’t help the sinking feeling that Americans do not understand their own predicament whether Democrats or Republicans.