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By Frosty Wooldridge
March 25, 2005

While American citizens ponder why our nation�s leaders won�t stop this massive immigration tidal wave, our police officers stand in front of crashing consequences of this illegal armada.

The Russian Mafia, MS-13 Mafia, 18th Street Gang and Chinese Mafia operate with impunity because of Special Order 40 enacted in Los Angeles in 1979. That order stops police from determining the immigration status of anyone stopped. Since then, it has migrated to dozens of cities.

Doug Hamilton stops and arrests hundreds of illegals in the course of his shifts. He, like you ponders, why the �higher ups� refuse to lift a hand against illegal migration? Are they insulated in their gated communities?

�Here is a question asked numerous times. What exactly does the INS, now the

Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement do?� Hamilton asked. �I know what they are supposed to do and it has something to do with protecting our borders and enforcing immigration law, but they don�t do it. I know they now have a new name, and a wonderful new leader, but I still don�t see any action.�

Homeland Security--are you listening? The only color code we need is green. You either have a green card or you don�t. If you don�t, then you need to leave, not register to work as our president has proposed. I learned early on in my career that an INS agent, or whatever they are calling themselves now, virtually never shows up when called about an illegal alien. I assumed that they only responded to very serious felonies, but this doesn�t seem to be the case either.

�I learned about an example of this from a fellow officer last night during my shift,� Hamilton said. �We were talking about the massive problem of illegal immigration and the ineffectiveness of the BICE when he told me about a call he had several years ago. He had stopped a truck for a motor vehicle violation and discovered the truck was uninsured and unregistered. The operator was a previously deported felon and was placed into custody for the motor vehicle violations. While the car was being searched, a loaded handgun was found under the passenger seat. INS was notified and said they weren�t interested, but to call back if he was convicted. Interesting! A deported felon with a weapon is in police custody, but they are not interested. The illegal felon went to court and was convicted of the charges and he was sentenced to three years, suspended sentence, followed by three years probation. For those of you not in the criminal justice field, I�ll explain. HE WAS NOT GOING TO SERVE ANY JAIL TIME. The officer again contacted INS and guess what? Believe it or not, INS did not respond. A previously deported felon, with a loaded gun, is arrested by the police and neither the federal or local government care.�

�We�ve got a problem,� Hamilton said.

How can you expect police officers to do their jobs, if after making an excellent arrest, the response is to let the criminal loose? It demoralizes the cop and it encourages the illegal alien to continue breaking the law--knowing that there is no price to pay. If you wonder why there appears to be a breakdown of law and order, this is why.

This is an example of Third World Momentum accelerating into the United States. I�ve traveled in much of the Third World. Mail carriers will only deliver mail when patrons pay bribes. You must have your postcards and letters canceled at the window or they will be stolen. You can not trust a single mailed package to make it to its destination from thievery. Entire police forces are on the take. Many help drug peddlers. You can not trust the food to be free from diseases such as hepatitis. Milk and meat are exposed to hot air and flies in the market place. Extortion and racketeering are the norm. Citizens run red lights as a matter of course. Litter is thrown with impunity on streets, country roads and major highways. Garbage and trash along with plastic are tossed into streams, lakes and into the oceans. There are no rules, or if there are rules, they are not enforced�therefore not obeyed.

For example, in Lima, Peru, the major river flowing out of the mountains meanders through the city. On each bank for 10 miles above the city are hundreds of millions of cans, bottles, junk, trash and filth. Additionally, the same trash floats down the river in a never-ending stream of pollution. Thousands of shantytown people live in the squalor and defecate/urinate and throw any amount of poisons into the water. The mouth of the river underwater and in the Pacific Ocean is a pile up of humanity�s debris. It�s beyond sickening and revolting.

This Third World Momentum manifests itself in Officer Hamilton�s city.

�Illegal aliens in this country know that there is little chance they will be deported, so they keep sneaking in,� he said. �While it is nice to see that we are deporting some of those that over stay Visas in the war on terrorism, we are not deporting the domestic terrorists that are slowly eroding our infrastructure. No one wants to disarm and remove the ticking bomb that is illegal immigration before it destroys our economy permanently. Instead, the government has proposed the novel solution of granting amnesty again, although that is not what they are calling it. It�s a slap in the face to the thousands of Border Agents that risk their lives daily driving these migrant invaders back across the border. For what purpose? If the police and border agents are not supported on the state and federal levels respectively, with aggressive prosecution of these criminals to include deportation, morale will continue to fall. What incentive does the front-line soldier have to stop the enemy, if his country refuses to admit there is a war?�

This crisis is being multiplied in every city in America. Cop by cop, city by city, the march of illegal aliens and loss of law and order proceeds steadily, methodically and perniciously. Thousands of examples manifest themselves daily in our land. It�s like something or someone is planning the destruction of our country by applying an unknown force to crush law and order.

�This is the biggest obstacle officers face today, a lack of motivation and low morale because of our government�s refusal to take action,� Hamilton said. �You begin to develop an attitude of, �What is the point?� Why should I bother to do a good job, when ultimately it is for nothing. We still end up making the requisite arrests, but there is little satisfaction at the end of the day. We constantly make arrests and advise the people in charge of the problem, but the politicians don�t want to pass meaningful legislation. Instead they cater to these illegal aliens, hoping to win their votes and the support of the many Hispanic organizations popping up in this country. God forbid one of these elected officials takes a stand and demands that we stop trying to be empathic and start enforcing the laws of this country. He would be labeled racist, a political death sentence.�

�So, how did my shift end today?� Hamilton said. �Well, I observed a truck run a red light. The operator was from Guatemala and told me he had no ID. I then discovered the license plate belonged on a different vehicle. The vehicle was uninsured. The vehicle was unregistered. Magically, the illegal alien produced an ID card and a pay stub from a local nursery, once he was placed into custody. This would enable him to post bond, but I released him on a PTA. He won�t show up for court and somewhere down the road he�ll get arrested again. My head is beginning to hurt from banging it against the brick wall of our ineffective legal system.�

�As I enter the lobby of police headquarters to turn in my paperwork, I observe three Hispanics waiting for a Spanish interpreter so they can get some assistance,� Hamilton said. �I can�t help them because I don�t speak English. I guess I should learn Spanish. I asked a buddy of mine in the locker room if he knew what the capital of Guatemala was.�

He laughed and said, �Of course. We work in it.�

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�This is the biggest obstacle officers face today, a lack of motivation and low morale because of our government�s refusal to take action,� Hamilton said. �You begin to develop an attitude of, �What is the point?� Why should I bother to do a good job, when ultimately it is for nothing.