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By Frosty Wooldridge
April 1, 2005

�National elections in 2006 will be a historic year,� said William Gheen, founder of Americans for Legal Immigration. �We will reshape the Congress of the United States into a reflection of what the citizens of this country expect and demand from their leaders.�

Gheen addresses the apathy of an unaware American public that has tolerated a massive invasion of 20 million illegal aliens that have brought a new form of lawlessness to our society. A growing momentum of outraged Americans will not brook the bromides and platitudes by Congress or this president that echo like a concussion against the American sense of justice: �They come for a better life�they do the jobs Americans won�t do.� These are insults against American citizens who built this country.

�The mid term election will be the year of the illegal immigration issue and this issue will change both the face and the legislative behavior of the US Congress,� Gheen said. �With public consciousness on this issue rising rapidly, the right combinations of message, methods, finances and activism will create a fire storm of action across the nation within the campaign season. Perhaps the pundits will look back on 2006 as they have on 1994, which many titled the �year of the angry white male� or the �Republican Revolution�. Neither of these older historic titles will apply to 2006 since the importance of this issue crosses racial and partisan lines in polling data.�

Gheen created Americans for Legal Immigration as a powerful tool for reshaping the next Congress. Call it Yankee Ingenuity or gutsy intuition, he knows how to motivate people and excite the political process in America.

�As a campaign consultant with over 40 campaigns under my belt, I�ve seen a lot of polls,� Gheen said. �Professional polls are very expensive and in 2004 it was common for Congressional candidates to spend over $10,000 on a comprehensive issue poll for their districts. Many issues such as gun rights, abortion, lotteries and such are tested by these polls and depending on the district the results will fluctuate. These issues often show traditional readings in the 60 to 40 percent ranges. It is seldom that you see an issue that generates an 80 to 20 percent reading, but that is exactly what two polls run by NC newspapers show in our state. These polls show that three fourths of our legal citizens, including blacks, whites, Latinos, Democrats, Republicans, and unaffiliated voters now want ALL immigration reduced!�

�My motivation for founding Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ( was that I have never seen the kind of disconnect between the public from law makers and media as we see on the illegal immigration issue,� Gheen said. �I consider all other issues secondary to illegal immigration for two reasons. One, this issue affects so many other issues such as taxes, crime, health care, and education. Secondly, if the will of 75 or 80 percent of the voters is successfully ignored by legislators then it does not really matter what your issue is then does it?�

Gheen brings a HUGE question to the table. Why are our president and Congress BENT on flooding our country with millions of illegal aliens? What is their purpose? Why won�t they pay attention to our needs instead of pandering to foreign countries and millions of illegal aliens who break our laws daily by using our roads, schools, medical services and welfare�against federal laws? Why won�t Bush and Congress enforce our laws? Why won�t our governors stand up against this invasion? Why does Governor Baldacci of Maine and Bill Owens of Colorado openly invite, aid and abet illegals in their states? Whose bright idea was it to give illegal aliens Special Order 40 that gives lawbreakers sanctuary in dozens of cities nationwide? It�s absolutely maddening that Bush and Congress violate their oath of office 365 days a year.

�Illegal immigration threatens so many things that Americans value in both our communities and our culture that voters must set aside other issues and partisanship to take action,� Gheen said. �We must put our nation and our form of government before Party. There are constitutional issues at risk here since our Representatives are not enforcing our existing immigration laws which would turn this crisis around. Time is of the essence since there will be another 3-6 million illegals in our midst on top of our current 20 million before the next Congress takes their seats.�

�There are four crucial ways that we can save our nation from the ravages of rampant Third World invasion,� Gheen said. �As Mark Krikorian of Center for Immigration Studies says �It�s like building a stool. Immigration reform won�t work without four legs.�

�I�d like to expand on Mr. Krikorian�s statement,� Gheen said. �The four legs of the stool are securing our borders, cracking down on employers that intentionally hire and recruit illegal labor, removing rewards, welfare and incentives that encourage illegal immigration, and enforcing our existing immigration laws that call for the removal of illegals when detected.�

Each one of these important steps is being trampled on in our nation while the majority of Congress and the President turn a blind eye or even worse�encourage lawlessness.

�In 2004, we saw the issue emerging around the US in places far beyond the Border States and it is no surprise that the campaigns addressing this very complicated issue met with mixed success,� Gheen said. �This past election season taught us some interesting things. After initial ridicule of candidates that brought the issue into the debate, it was common for their opponents to be singing the same �I'm your illegal immigration reform candidate" by the end of the race. North Carolina�s 5th Congressional district turned into one of the most expensive and hotly contested races in America over this issue. Vernon Robinson, although unsuccessful in the run-off, raised $2.8 million predominantly on this issue.�

In 2006, Americans MUST succeed in this struggle. For us to succeed there must be more cooperation and communication between immigration reform groups. The American public must come to the table and be willing to sacrifice time and money to support candidates that will stand up for America on this issue. We will be out-financed most of the way, but as we have seen in AZ with Proposition 200, we can win with less money since such a graphic majority of the public is with us on the issue.

�We should not have to fight this battle--our existing immigration laws should have been enforced before now,� Gheen said. �We are fighting because we must fight. The stakes are too high and the damages are too great. The American spirit that has defended our nation and our way of life before is rising and the US Congress would be well advised to get right with the public on this issue for they will feel the wrath of our legal citizens at the ballot box in 2006. Their wealth and their influence will not save them if they continue to promote or neglect illegal immigration.�

As a journalist and a man who has bicycled throughout much of the Third World, I�m here to echo William Gheen�s words. The line of immigrants from the Third World grows by 85 million annually. We can�t save them, but we can destroy our country. We cannot afford to allow this invasion to continue before it sinks us as readily as water sank the Titanic. Our nation is at grave risk.

As Gheen said, we suffer in every sector of our country. Our citizens are at risk from imported diseases, job losses, economic collapse, language chaos, medical systems collapsing and loss of our educational systems. The foundation of this Republic is being destroyed by our president and this Congress. Both sides of the aisle wear the same sombrero. It�s been a slow death for the past 30 years, but it is quickening and quickening fast. Three million illegals pour over our borders annually. Another one million legal immigrants hit our shores each year. Over 300,000 anchor babies usurp our hospitals at $7,000.00 per birth and immediate welfare. There�s no way we can absorb them, assimilate them or tolerate the sheer numbers because their line never ends.

All of you have seen it in your communities in one form or the other. It will get worse, unless you help William Gheen and all Americans reshape the Congress in 2006. This is our country. This is our yard. Over 20 million illegals are stomping on our Constitution and way of life. We will not tolerate it any longer. We are relentless in defense of our home, our children and the future of our nation.

�It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people�s minds.� Samuel Adams

� 2005 Frosty Wooldridge - All Rights Reserved

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It will get worse, unless you help William Gheen and all Americans reshape the Congress in 2006. This is our country. This is our yard. Over 20 million illegals are stomping on our Constitution and way of life. We will not tolerate it any longer. We are relentless in defense of our home, our children and the future of our nation.