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By Frosty Wooldridge
March 19, 2009

Every 30 days, Congress injects 138,000 legal immigrants into the United States, month in and month out, year in and year out. They seek jobs, food, housing and services. They form a continual river of demands on the American taxpayer. They crowd into our cities, towns, hospitals and schools.

At this time, 15 million Americans stand in unemployment lines. Over 4.4 million Americans lost their jobs in the last five months. A whopping 31.1 million Americans feed themselves with government handouts in the form of ‘food stamps’—because they cannot find jobs.

Yet, the immigration flood into the United States continues without pause.

Today, you never know what your Congress may slip past you in its skull-drudgery, mendacity and outright fraud against the America people. That 535 member body fails on every aspect of the immigration debate to advance American citizens’ best interests. This U.S. Congress, bought and paid for by corporate America, translates everything that favors massive, unending immigration into the USA.

In a brilliant expose’, Washington DC writer, Donald A. Collins illustrated how our government undermines Americans at every juncture.

“You know how much our government cares about us citizens in its rush to print nearly a trillion in new debt?” Collins said. “As in the bill being signed by President Obama ASAP! Turns out that before the final vote in the Senate on February 13, Senator Christopher Dodd (D-CT) answered the question. He cried big salty tears about how he knew that some members were disappointed that their amendments had not received a vote. Dodd said he knew Senator Jeff Sessions (R-ALA) was particularly upset—and that when the Senate takes up the Continuing Resolution for the Budget in two weeks, the bill would include an extension of E-Verify until September 30th.

“Remember, you, but far more likely your children and grandchildren, have just been saddled with nearly another trillion dollars debt for the purpose of creating jobs. It is claimed that four million jobs will be created by this package. But the latest US Department of Homeland Security data reveals that our government is currently permitting 138,000 legal immigrants to enter the US every month on various work visas. That's over 1.5 million new legal aliens per year, folks!

“That means it's all the more important to stop illegal immigration! An estimated 500,000 or more arrive here every year. So even if four million new jobs are created, a huge number will be going to aliens, not US citizens.”


So one must ask, why would Dodd talk about only extending E-verify until September?

"It doesn't take an Einstein IQ to see what is happening here," Collins said. "Dodd and Senate Majority Leader Reid (D-NV) and many others all claim they support E-verify, but then say they will extend it for only six months. Why? So they can ram "Comprehensive Immigration Reform"—another huge AMNESTY—down the throats of American citizens.

"If you are not now outraged about this, it is either because you are illiterate or have recently come illegally to the US. Because most legal immigrants and US citizens completely understand that this is just another cheap labor ploy engineered by the multinational companies, who have gradually bought and paid for our Federal government.

“Remember Eisenhower's warning; beware the military-industrial complex? Eisenhower spoke before globalization, when these companies needed US citizen support. But now, doing huge business overseas, they see the US as only a place to use for their best interests—which are clearly not our best interests.

Abetted by the ethnic and ideological lobbies, these powerful forces have basically said: "We own you and you will stand there and let us strip-mine your jobs, schools, environment, and everything else because you are too lazy, stupid or pressed down by our earlier efforts to resist."”

“It is now patently obvious, the Congress is now holding E-verify hostage to allow the ramming through of another huge amnesty, which the Heritage Foundation's landmark report predicted will legalize 20 million now but millions more thereafter,” Collins said. “In a recent Migration Policy Institute statement, [PDF] former INS head (and open border advocate) Doris Meissner suggested that voluntary compliance with E-verify be the centerpiece in the bill to tackle ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Get it? Comprehensive immigration reform! Amnesty! [Advisory Group Urges Freeze on Construction of Border Fence.]

“I am not at all sure who made this YouTube segment, but if you have not seen it, please go there. I hope the optimism of the creators of this YOU TUBE are justified, but the odds are still with the Presidente—the leader depicted in the film)! (VDARE.COM note: this is a JOKE, $PLC!)

“If American citizens don't wake up now, there will be another big amnesty. This is a time for real hard ball politics. The Washington elite (both parties) want to sell us out. Writing them, jamming their switchboards, and telling them in any way possible remains urgent and important for us all to keep doing. However, understand that they are basically not working for you or me, but for the paymasters who re-elect them.

“Lewis H. Lapham, National Correspondent for Harper's Magazine wrote a seminal March 2009 Notebook piece on who these national leaders are. He calls them "Achievetrons" people who have the top degrees, are undeniably brilliant, capable and able to game play any system well. He concluded:

"As individuals they make very good company, and at the tables down at Mory's, the magic of their singing no doubt casts its spell, but if they have paid attention to their studies, they can be trusted to know, as does the ‘valedictocracy’ otherwise known as the national news media, that it's a far, far better thing to live in comfort they hold to be wrong than in discomfort under a government they hold to be right."

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Donald A. Collins is a freelance writer living in Washington DC, and is Co-Chair of the Federation for American Immigration Reform's (FAIR) National Advisory Board.

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Today, you never know what your Congress may slip past you in its skull-drudgery, mendacity and outright fraud against the America people. That 535 member body fails on every aspect of the immigration debate to advance American citizens’ best interests.