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By Frosty Wooldridge
April 9, 2009

Let’s face it! Most Americans today realize that the United States finds itself nostril-deep in trouble—on many fronts. We confront financial chaos, energy, jobs, immigration, climate change, species extinction, water shortages, unending war, racism and a laundry list of mounting dilemmas.

Many feel helpless, most frustrated, some have given up and others don’t care. Yet, the ones that do care need direction.

As you all know, I write about legal and illegal immigration as the most important issues facing our civilization in the 21st century. Both create an unsustainable society within the next 30 years by 2035.

In all great social change, it takes men and women with ideas, solutions and actions to create ‘consciousness shift’ which leads to ‘critical mass shift’ and then, on to ‘tipping point’. That’s when a civilization changes course or collapses.

We Americans stand at the crossroads of our own demographic Waterloo, Katrina, Mount St. Helens, Crossing the Rubicon or fall of the Roman Empire. If we continue on our current path, projections show an added 70 million immigrants added to the USA within 26 years.

Anyone with half a brain understands carrying capacity, sustainability, limited water, quality of life and other factors facing our country.

So what shall we do? Sit back and accept a bleak future? Or change it to a positive future? I vote for changing course. I need your help.

As a 100,000 mile, six continents, and six times across the USA long distance touring bicyclist, I know the power of a bicycle. With spokes strapped to a metal wheel and covered with rubber tires, and a steel frame with handles—men and women have traveled all seven continents.

I possess funding for a grand bicycle tour across America for the summer of 2009 from San Francisco to Washington DC. To pull it off, I need your help. Please send this article across the country to all your friends. To local bicycle clubs! I intend to create discussion and debate across the nation by visiting hundreds of cities to gain extreme media attention.

What can you do?

1. This journey needs one RV and two drivers for the advance media team. We’re asking for retired couples, ex-military or someone to donate an RV for three months. Pay 50 cents a mile and meals.
2. We need a graphic artist to create a log for T-shirts.
3. We need ideas for a website title. Example title, but I know you can do better.
4. We need three more veteran cyclists who expect to camp out 95 percent of the time.
5. We will pay food and transport to San Francisco and return from DC.
6. We need volunteers who will fax press releases to cities.

Bicycle coast to coast 2009: June 1st through September 1st. Three month, 3,800 miles, slow moving, media grabbing bicycle ride across America. San Francisco, CA to Washington, DC. Instead of reading the news: become the news!

Can the U.S. sustain the projected 100 million added persons in the next 30 years? Can this civilization withstand the consequences of water shortages, energy and climate change caused by massive hyper-population overload? Answer: no! How can we change the future?

Looking for two men, two women, articulate, long distance bicycle touring veterans with an environmental approach! Reach large and small cities from one end of the country to the other. Engage a fax, email, phone calling crew to connect local media in every town across America

T-shirts to sell along with environmental groups to support the journey and a web site and moving history presented to engage the public. Engage the bicycle clubs of America and all environmental groups. Note: most every town in America has a bicycle club!

Main theme: “National Sustainable Population Policy;” “National Water Usage Policy;” “ National Carrying Capacity Policy;” “National Environmental Impact Policy;” “National Sustainable Immigration Policy.”

Predicted to reach: 20 to 40 million and MORE Americans via newsprint, radio and TV. Could snowball big time and reach 100 million.

Educate, inspire and motivate Americans as to their situation and actions to move toward sustainability. Create national consciousness shift and move more frustrated Americans onto the membership rolls of which is bi-partisan as well as;;;

Major Objectives

The “21st Century Bicycle America for a Sustainable US Population” carries a major objective for connecting the dots for Americans of all walks of life, in small towns and big cities across America as to the dangers of unending expansion and population growth. One team of 5 bicyclists will reach millions of Americans via 100--200 radio interviews, 100 TV interviews and an estimated 150 to 200 newspaper interviews from small town dailies to big city papers. We expect to reach in excess of 50 million Americans concerning the dangers of continued population growth that exceeds 'carrying capacity' within the United States.


1. We are forming a team to ride from San Francisco, California to Washington DC. We will zig zag across the nation to reach as many cities and towns as possible. Average 50 to 60 miles per day. 4,000 miles, 15 states, 3 months.

2. We need one donated RV of any size. We expect retired military officers to become the advance teams that move into each town, city and capitols to alert radio, TV and newspapers for interviews. Bicycle riders will follow into the towns.

4. RV drivers may go the whole 3 months or leave off after a month and allow the next team of drivers.

5. RV teams will be briefed in all facets of media and carry press kits to give off to media. RV teams will be speaking with press. Each RV will be outfitted with magnetic signs that will bring much attention: "US SUSTAINABLE POPULATION POLICY: ASK ME HOW."

6. RV teams will have advance information on bicycle clubs, horsemen clubs and antique car clubs to bring pageantry to the events in the big cities.

7. At least one person on RV team needs to be able to speak articulately to the press. You can count on being on national TV such as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CNN as well as other big networks.

8. This will give any military veterans a chance to serve their country at this moment in history.

9. Bicycle riders will be paid $20.00 a day for meals as well as transport to and from destination.

Three Major Aspects

A. Adding 100, 200 or 300 million more people to America will create an unsustainable society mired with water shortages, environmental dilemmas as to polluted air, loss of farmland, non-renewable resources, diminished quality of life, lower standard of living, species extinction and many more consequences.

B. When an expanding population exceeds carrying capacity, it is a recipe for the breakdown of any civilization. Riders will address water shortages, climate change, quality of life, energy crisis, species extinction and a dozen other consequences.

C. Each encounter with media will allow us to arrange and give citizens information to contact local organizations to further work to affect national immigration limits.

1. Main audience: We expect to reach Middle Class America, who will, in turn, impact local, state and federal elected leaders.

2. Connecting the dots: We expect to center on the negative impacts hyper-population growth thrusts on all Americans, their communities, cities, schools and language.

3. Major media contacts: Frosty Wooldridge/David Paxson will serve as primary media contact persons. Both bring unequaled media experience.

4. Supporting this coast to coast bicycle ride will be one donated RVs equipped with computers, press kits, magnetic signs created for maximum exposure. All riders will wear T-shirts: "US SUSTAINABLE POPULATION POLICY: ASK ME HOW.” Those interviews will be picked up and a video will be created of the entire ride. Sponsoring web sites will gain maximum press.

5. Great moments in American history exploded with such Americans as Paul Revere and his famous ride. Others include the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Betsy Ross stitched and Jefferson wrote. Franklin advised. John Adams guided along with James Madison the great constitutionalist. Men gave their lives at Valley Forge. Later, Susan B. Anthony stood for voter rights for women. Dr. Martin Luther King stood for human rights.

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All that needs to be asked is what is the value of our nation, of our way of life and the prospects for our children: the future of the United States? Final question give to all media interviewers: “Name one advantage of adding 100 million people to the USA in 30 years!”

Contact: 21st Century Bicycle Ride for US Sustainable Population c/o Frosty Wooldridge,, POB 207, Louisville, CO 80027

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We Americans stand at the crossroads of our own demographic Waterloo, Katrina, Mount St. Helens, Crossing the Rubicon or fall of the Roman Empire. If we continue on our current path, projections show an added 70 million immigrants added to the USA within 26 years.